Fun In The Sun

Hey everyone,

Over the last few days we’ve been having lush weather in Newcastle and everyday up until today I’ve either been at uni or at work so haven’t really been able to enjoy it. So me and Jess decided that today we were going to make the most of it and go out with our camera’s. We went to The Rising sun country Park, which is well, a country Park as the name suggests, got our camera’s out and started snapping. Since myself and Jess love being behind the camera so much its not very often we get our picture taken, so we both decided it would be a nice idea if we took a few pictures of each other with our camera’s. Here’s a few of my favourite shots. Please comment and share 🙂

The Vamps – Apr 2016

Hey everyone,

On the 6th April I went to see The vamps in Newcastle for the third time. They were absolutely amazing! I had a wow pit ticket so I was very close to the stage and runway which made me very happy. We set of pretty early, meeting around 11 because my friend Jess wanted to see all her Vamps friends before she went to meet and greet at 4 (very jealous), and although I didn’t know any of them I had such a lovely time meeting them all and hanging out. We vlogged for Jess’ YouTube, made Laura a birthday sash out of birthday banners (which was very funny to watch especially with it being windy) and went for some food at the center for life cafe. At around half 4 Jess had left for her meet and greet so Myself, Laura and Kirsty went for food before going back to the area to try and see Hometown. When we got to the area they where already out taking pictures with people and despite my best attempts to get a picture with Cian I missed out by like 2 seconds 🙁

It was finally time to go in and since we had wow pit we missed the ques and got in pretty early . We met Jess and Emily inside and waited for the first support act to come on which was Hometown. Then there was Conor Maynard and The Tide. I loved all the support acts and would defo recommend giving them a listen. And then of course it was time for the Vamps. They where great as always and even invited Conor Maynard and New Hope Club to the stay to sing with them which was a nice surprise.

Being at a concert is one of my favourite hobbies, there’s nothing better than hearing the artists and music you love live and surrounded by people who have the same love as you do. But of course there’s another reason I love it and that’s to take pictures. So here’s a few picture I took on the night, they aren’t great because as I’m sure you all know its not easy to take great pictures at a concert especially when standing with everyone dancing and singing, including myself, but it doesn’t stop me taking them. Hope you enjoy them, please comment or share with a friend who also likes The Vamps 🙂

March Photograpy

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks back me and my friend Jess went out with out cameras to the seafront to take some pictures. We dragged Ellie and Beth out to be our models for a few hour since it was a sunny day.I haven’t had a lot of experience with taking pictures of people mainly because none of my friends are happy to model for me so this was a great chance for me to get some practice in. We didn’t stay by the sea front for too long because although it was sunny it was very windy and freezing so we quickly decided to move into the amusements. Here’s some pictures from my day


Little Mix- March 2016

Hey Everyone,

So in March I went to see Little Mix on their Get Weird tour in Newcastle and it was amazing! I’ve been a fan of Little Mix ever since they where on X Factor but this is the first time I’ve seen them at their own concert. We had great seats, near the front of the second block of the floor, so pretty close! However since we where on the floor and I’m rather small it was quite difficult to see at times but it didn’t stop me have a good time or taking pictures. I was also very excited that Nathan Sykes joined them as a support act however I didnt get any good photos of him, only videos. I think the girls created an amazing show and they’ve come so far they’re such an inspiration especially with Perry and Jade being from the North East they should be so proud of themselves. Here’s a few photos I took from the night


Children In Need 2015

On Friday 13th November last year I volunteered for BBC’s Children in Need in Keswick. Lucky for me my friends mum is one of the producers for Children in Need (Jane) which is how I got this amazing opportunity. Although children In need was the Friday, since my friends mum was being Jane’s assistant for the duration of CIN me and my friend got called into the office on the Thursday bright and early to help with any last minute things that needed doing. On arrival at BBC Newcastle we where given a tour so we knew where everything was before going to meet Jane to find out how we could help.

Our first job was to print and laminate the number cards that Pudsey would be using during the count down of the lights being turned on. After that I was given a few numbers to ring to check everything was ready for the next day, which was pretty scary but very fun ringing on the behalf of the BBC. There was a few other jobs I did, creating prompt cards for the presenters, sorting through boxes to make sure we had everything, making cups of tea for people and painting some “gold coins” which involved us running back and forth through the news room. Nearer the end of the day when we had little to do we managed to find the “Diddy Dick and Dom” puppets from the CBBC show “Dick and Dom in the Bungalow” and naturally we had to try them on, it was so funny we couldn’t get over it, here’s a few pictures we took of us dressed up:

(I apologise for the quality of the photos)



After meeting some very important people and being treated to a take away we eventually headed home. It was a very tiring and long day but it was so much fun and such a great experience.

On the Friday it was yet again another early start but I was so excited I didn’t mind. Once we got to BBC Newcastle it was a case of gathering up all the boxes we sorted the day before and loading them onto the coach. My friend was making an appearance as “Anna” from Frozen so she had to meat “Elsa” to get her on the coach as well as finding all the other volunteers and then we were ready to head to keswick.

After arriving we had to unload everything and then head straight to Greggs and some other local supper market which I cant remember the name, and collected loads of food for all the crew and volunteers that they had donated. After an introduction to what was happening over the next few hours and a few safety briefings we where all assigned a crew member to help and shadow. Since the area I want to go into is camera I asked for a camera role, which is exactly what I got 🙂 After running around to find the camera man I was helping I was shown how to put all the bateries for te cameras on charge and when i know they were charged etc. I was given a radio headset so I could hear everything that was going on which I was very excited by especially since I was one of the only volunteers who got one. I met a few other volunteers who where also helping cameras so we all stuck together so no one got lost or left out.

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We were given a schedule of when everything was going live and when the rehearsals for each section was going to be.  When it was time for a run through I follow my camera man to his positions exactly as we would for the live thing only with less pressure. Before each live broadcast it was my job to run back to to where all the equipment was and grab a fresh and fully charged battery and put the old one back on charge and then we got to watch the live broadcast in person! It was so much fun especially since I had the headphones, I knew exactly what was happening and heard the count down to going live everytime.

It was such an amazing experience, I got to talk to an expert cameraman and ask his all about his area of work and how he got into it, I got to meet some of the BBC presenters as well as a few producers and other important people from the BBC. Fingers crossed I get to do it all again next year!




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Hey Everyone,

For anyone who doesn’t know me or hasn’t read the rest of my site, I’m Hannah and I love all things media and music. I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages but never got round to it, but now since I had to make an online portfolio style website for Uni I decided what better time to start than now. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to blog about yet but it will most probably be on things I like or have done. However I don’t have much coming up at the minute to talk about so instead my first few posts are going to be on things I have done within the last year which I think you’ll find interesting to read about, or hope you do.

Please look around the rest of my website and let me know what you think of my work, and if you like it or know someone who would, give it a share 🙂