Busted – May 2016

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks back I lived out my childhood dream and went to see BUSTED!! Now anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love McFly, and growing up you were either a fan of McFly or Busted and to me the choice was obvious, but anyway, I still loved Busted but I never got to see them live before they split up – don’t worry Charlie I don’t hold it against you. Then McBusted happened and I was over the moon, but as I said I’ve always been a McFly fan, so although I loved the idea of them both coming together it really annoyed me when it turned into more than just a novelty tour. But then Busted announced a reunion tour and I finally got to see all 3 of them perform their hits together.

The name of their tour was Pigs can Fly, which i think was really fitting as it seemed Busted would never get back together but they did and they sounded amazing.  They played all there big hits, a few favourites and a few new songs, which was nice to hear because it means they’re writing songs together again, so we never know they could have a new album before we know it!  They even had Wheatus support them who were great, it was also incredible to hear Teenage Dirtbag live.  Anyway me being me, regardless of how much of great time I was having I was still taking picture, so here is a few of my favourite pictures from the night, please comment and share 🙂