Manchester fun!

Hey guys,

So the other weekend me and my mum went for a long weekend in Manchester. The original reason for the trip was because we were going to see Mcfly as they were doing a special 3 night concert which I was super excited for, only a few weeks after we’d bought tickets Harry (the drummer) injured himself meaning tey had to postpone the concert till September ūüôĀ Regardless we didn’t want to waste the hotel or train tickets so we decided to go for a girly shopping weekend instead. Rather than telling you what we did start to finish, I’ve taken some pictures of all my favourite purchases, since it’s been so long since I’ve taken photography like this, I thought it was the perfect opportunity and I can tell you about my weekend along side.

So we arrived on the Friday night around tea time, we were both shattered and hungry so we just went to Pizza express and unpacked our backs with an early night ready to hit the shops tomorrow.

Saturday morning we got ready, had breakfast and hit the streets of Manchester. I didn’t particularly ¬†want anything but I knew I wanted to look in Selfridges¬†at Tiffany’s and Mac as well as look in the Guess and of course Disney shop. However the first place we went was Primark purely because its sooo big we needed a lot of time to get round it all. I came out with a pair of jeans, a few tops and a pair of heels. Next we went to Debenhams cafe for food since it was now lunch time. My mum also wanted to look around the clothes first and then we looked around the make up where I found Two faced which my friend Jess had mentioned to me was amazing and she also wanted me to buy her a lipstick, so I tested all the colours¬†myself and decided I too wanted the same lipstick. Its a nice sparkly brown nude colour, which I haven’t used yet but I am very excited to try it. Here’s my photos of it.

DSC01151 DSC01161

Next up was Selfridges, I have had my eye of a Tiffany’s necklace for quite a while, since I already have a ring and a bracelet I thought it was only right to get the necklace too, so I tried a few on and settled for this one, which I absolutely love!! ¬†And my mum ended up buying the same bracelet as mine. In terms of photography this was one of my favourites to take pictures of purely because the packaging is such a lovely colour and is in general just so pretty.

DSC01169 DSC01178



Second stop in Selfridges was Mac. I’ve been after a matte dark nude lipstick for ages and I haden’t been able to find a shade i like. I asked one of the people who worked there what colour they’d suggest and she brought me a nice dark brown colour, which I tried on and really liked, its a big change because I normally wear more pinks and reds than nudes and browns but with my new dark brown hair i prefer a nude lip instead. I haven’t yet worn this lipstick, but again very excited to try it.

DSC01117 DSC01132



Next we had a little look in Topshop and Riverisland but i didn’t find anything I liked so we moved on to the Guess shop instead. I was desperately trying to find a bag or purse I liked in the sale, but i couldn’t find anything, so I ended up getting a t-shirt instead, oh and not to forget a perfume too. We then headed to the Disney store, where I was 100% in my element, I just wanted to buy everything! Luckily for me they were having a sale on a selected few things and I managed to find a Rapunzel mug which I was very excited about because Tangled is my favourite Disney film. I’m not going to describe it to you, you can see how pretty it is for yourself.

DSC01056 DSC01059



DSC01217 DSC01224


That was everything for Saturday shopping, we were exhausted and in need of some food, so of course we went to the hard rock cafe, and oh my the food and cocktails were a-ma-zing ! I couldnt finish everything, it was so filling but it was too good to stop eating. Even better still we got to keep the glasses our cocktails came in!

13621454_10201781175727065_1305913585_o (1) 13616354_10201781180407182_1750481898_o

After staying out late for a few drinks Saturday night, we had a slightly later start Sunday morning but there was still plenty of shops left. We went to Select, Schuh with no luck of finding anything nice, then headed to New Look where I got a top. After a quick lunch in Costa we then went to Hollister, where I got a long sleeved t-shirt and yet another perfume, which smells very nice!

DSC01090 DSC01099


Our final stop was this small little bits and bobs shop which sold jewellery, makeup and fancy dress stuff. I’ve been looking for some belly bars for quite a while but they’re all quite expensive, however in this shop I found 6 for less that ¬£15. I was in there ages trying to decide the few I wanted and in the end just got them all.

DSC01252 DSC01262



That was it for our shopping, we had a final night out for tea and an early night after packing ready for the journey home the next day. I had a great time, was lovely spending some quality time with my mum and getting loads of nice goodies. Hopefully next time I’m in Manchester it will be to see Mcfly!!