The 1975 – Dec

Another month, another gig. Ive liked The 1975 since they came out really, however I never really thought of them as a band I wanted to go and see live. Then when they brought out their new singles, The Sound and Love Me, it gave me a new perspective on them because I really liked the songs. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to go see them when they come to Newcastle I was like, actually, yeah I do!

We went for standing again, which once we got there we regretted, I’m pretty small, but Lauren is even smaller, so standing at the back of a big crowd, well, lets just say we had a great view of the back of peoples heads! It wasn’t too bad, when people moved about and went for drinks etc we did manage to get a slightly better view but not great, which was a shame.

I’d listen to the album before we went, because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I hate going to concerts when I don’t know the words, but a lot of the songs were slower and not really what I expected after hearing their new singes so I found it hard to listen to the album actively so I still didn’t know a lot of the songs when I went. I still really enjoyed the concert but it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting, especially considering their previous alum, the concert was a lot more chilled than I had hoped it would be, and made me confused more than it should have really.

It was definitely an amazing experience and they were incredible, just not what I expected and the fact I couldn’t seem them was a bit disappointing too. As always I took photo, but I can’t guarantee how good they will be because of how far back we were and the view I had, but heres a few of the good ones anyway. Let me know if you agree with me about their new album/ tour or if you completely disagree, would love some feedback 🙂

Jess Glynne – Nov 2016

In November, almost two weeks after Bastille I went to see Jess Glynne. I was super excited because I wanted to see her previously when she came to Newcastle but I had no one to would go with me and then tickets sold out by the time I had found someone, any way, I havent seen many female artists, only Taylor Swift a year or so back and then Little Mix so I couldn’t wait.

Just as I expected she was amazing, her outfits and voice were insane. I was standing again and we managed to get pretty close to the front especially near the end of the show when people started to leave early and she came of stage and along the barrier, we were so close!

I always worry when I go to see individual acts if I’ll get bored with it being just them singing but she put on such a show! She had a full on band like the normal drums, bass, guitar and keyboard but then a full on brass section too, and back up singers, all dancing around and having fun. They all put on such a great show, I’d definitely want to see her again.

As always I took plenty of photos, so heres a few of my favourite.