Morphe Palette Review

Hey Everyone,

I’m super ashamed of how long its been since I’ve posted! I’m not going to bother with excuses and just say that I have a few posts lined up to make up for my absence. Starting with my first ever make-up review! (see what I did there). Anyway, I’ve became a bit of a make up hauler over the last year and been trying a lot of new brands and products. Rather than bombarding you with loads of products at once I’m going to try and split them up over a few days (or weeks, depending how productive I am).

I’m going to start with, what has been by far, my most favourite make up purchase in the last six month. My Morphe eyeshadow palette 35OS. This is my first Morphe palette and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

I’ve never been very good at eyeshadow, I’ve had previous palettes mainly the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but they never inspired me enough to try new looks or experiment with colour but this palette has changed everything. There is a matte and shimmer version of this palette however I chose to go for the shimmer version and I just preferred the colours more. Theres a great mixture of nude colours, from dark browns, to light brown and almost peachy colours, to bright and dark reds. Theres so many colours to choose from and I’m still trying them all out but there are a few colours that I absolutely love.

I took these photos both with and without flash as i found that a lot of the colours tend to look different in different lightings. The top colour is my all time favourite, its very shimmery and has a great impact when a lot of colour is applied. It’s in-between a light brown and pale pink colour although it might not look it on the photo due the the high shimmer it gives off, you can tell more on the previous picture of the palette (third row down, second from the right). The next two colours I chose pretty much speak for themselves, the swatches are very accurate to what the colour looks like on, I often pair these two colours with the previous, using the darkest in my eyelid crease, the lightest on my lid and then the middle shade the blend the two together, which is currently my favourite eyeshadow look, perfect to wear with just mascara or glamed up with some eyeliner and false lashes. (second colour is one below the first and the third colour is then one left from the second)

The four colour down is quite hard to see but it is beautiful. Again it is very high shimmer but the colour is quite hard to describe on the palette it is a very light pink if not almost a cream colour, but when applied it has a hint of gold to it. This colour is perfect for a casual day to day look if you want to add some shimmer to your look but don’t want an intense colour. (second row down third from the left). The second last colour is perfect if you want to try out gold eyeshadow but without diving in at the deep end, its more of a soft brown with a hint of gold, I often use this colour in my crease and use one of the stronger gold tones on my lid. Before this colour I never would have thought about trying gold eye shadow but now I love it. (third row down first on the left). Last but not least, my favourite red from the palette. Now i don’t really like bold coloured eye shadow, I never really thought it suited me,  and I could never put it on well enough to look good. But I had to give it a try just to see,  and of course I now love it. Although it is quite a bright red I still feel it has quite a brown undertone too it so when its on its not as full on assay a bright red lipstick would be, its still red but subtle (Third row down, first on the right).

The only bad thing I could say about this palette is that some of the colours aren’t quite as pigmented as I had expected, meaning I have to apply a fair bit of shadow to get my desired colour, however I am yet to try using an eyeshadow primer with the palette.

Thats about all I have to say on this palette, I would highly recommend it especially if your like me and love have sparkly eyes but don’t really bright colours. As its my first review I would love any feedback you might have or if theres any other eye shadow palettes you might recommend please get in touch with me via and on my social media or through the contact park of my website. Stay tuned for more reviews to come!


Winter Photography- Part 2

If you read my previous post you’ll know all about the photoshoot I did a while back with my intended winter theme, and that the photos didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted and didn’t really look very winter-esk. My previous post showed you my final images but I wanted to show you how different some of the original images were compared to what they looked like after they were edited. I still like the original photos but the colours give a more spring feeling to the image than winter. The sizes of the images are a bit off because I cropped a few of them to fit the composition I wanted. Here’s a few  of my favourite images.


                     Before                                                                                  After








Winter Photography

Before Christmas, last year, I took Tonicha on a little photo shoot, as I’d been looking at Autumnal themed photography and felt inspired, however, it was no longer autumn, there was no golden leaves, just muddy grass, so instead we went for a Winter themed shoot. Tonicha decided she wanted to give a few of the photos to her Mum as part of a Christmas present so I held of on writing this post to make sure I didn’t ruin the surprise, but then it was christmas and then New Year and then January deadlines at Uni and then second semester started and so on!  I also decided since I recently got the student deal on all adobe products, that I’d edit my favourite photos too, and of course that took a fair bit of time. But finally, only like 2 months later I’m finally able to make this post.

The shoot wasn’t all that well planned, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, just that I wanted some form of woodland background, and living in the city centre of Newcastle that’s pretty difficult to find, especially since we didn’t have all that much time for the shoot. I eventually remembered Leazes Park,it’s not all that woodland but theres enough grass land and trees that e could make it work, there’s also a fairly decent lake which seemed like a nice idea, apart for the horrific amount of geese and swans!

I really enjoyed this shoot, it wasn’t at all serious, and Tonicha was super confident in from of the camera which made my job so much easier, we even had a random guy on his bike keep asking us questions about her modelling career which was pretty hilarious.

The photos didn’t really turn out very wintery, there was too much colour and it just wasn’t the style I was going for. However I managed to learn a few tricks on photoshop which meant that I could give them the aesthetic I was hoping for. I won’t bore you with the whole process I went through, but I might post a continuation post in a few days of my before and afters, to show you how much different some of them turned out. Anyways, heres my favourites, let me know what you think 🙂

(click on an image to enlarge)

The 1975 – Dec

Another month, another gig. Ive liked The 1975 since they came out really, however I never really thought of them as a band I wanted to go and see live. Then when they brought out their new singles, The Sound and Love Me, it gave me a new perspective on them because I really liked the songs. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to go see them when they come to Newcastle I was like, actually, yeah I do!

We went for standing again, which once we got there we regretted, I’m pretty small, but Lauren is even smaller, so standing at the back of a big crowd, well, lets just say we had a great view of the back of peoples heads! It wasn’t too bad, when people moved about and went for drinks etc we did manage to get a slightly better view but not great, which was a shame.

I’d listen to the album before we went, because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I hate going to concerts when I don’t know the words, but a lot of the songs were slower and not really what I expected after hearing their new singes so I found it hard to listen to the album actively so I still didn’t know a lot of the songs when I went. I still really enjoyed the concert but it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting, especially considering their previous alum, the concert was a lot more chilled than I had hoped it would be, and made me confused more than it should have really.

It was definitely an amazing experience and they were incredible, just not what I expected and the fact I couldn’t seem them was a bit disappointing too. As always I took photo, but I can’t guarantee how good they will be because of how far back we were and the view I had, but heres a few of the good ones anyway. Let me know if you agree with me about their new album/ tour or if you completely disagree, would love some feedback 🙂

Jess Glynne – Nov 2016

In November, almost two weeks after Bastille I went to see Jess Glynne. I was super excited because I wanted to see her previously when she came to Newcastle but I had no one to would go with me and then tickets sold out by the time I had found someone, any way, I havent seen many female artists, only Taylor Swift a year or so back and then Little Mix so I couldn’t wait.

Just as I expected she was amazing, her outfits and voice were insane. I was standing again and we managed to get pretty close to the front especially near the end of the show when people started to leave early and she came of stage and along the barrier, we were so close!

I always worry when I go to see individual acts if I’ll get bored with it being just them singing but she put on such a show! She had a full on band like the normal drums, bass, guitar and keyboard but then a full on brass section too, and back up singers, all dancing around and having fun. They all put on such a great show, I’d definitely want to see her again.

As always I took plenty of photos, so heres a few of my favourite.



Children In Need 2016

If you know me or have read my previous posts you will know this time last year I volunteered to help out with BBC Children In Need in Keswick, well I did it again this year in Prudhoe! It was a very long and eventful day but I had a great time.

It was an early start, leaving the house at 7:30am to get to a first school in Prudhoe before 9. At 10 o’clock we were set for 4hours to try and beat a world record for the most faces painted in 4 hours, and my job was to take photos of every child before and after they had had their face painted, which was a lot more stressful than I expected it to be, if I didn’t get both a before and after shot with their given number they wouldn’t count towards the record, and we all wanted to beat it for Children In Need. Amazingly, we were only half way through the time when we hit the previous record but with more schools to come and more faces to paint we kept going for the full 4 hours and managed to smash the record with nearly 1000 faces painted! Of course we didn’t know for sure if we had beaten the record because everything had to looked at by the official World record people, and with every face paint needing to be different and documented it was almost certain some of them wouldn’t be excepted but we were miles past the previous record we had a lot of confidence we had done it.

At about 3 O’clock we headed to the castle ready for our briefing for the evening at 4. I was given my role of camera assistant, which was the same as what I did last year but I was assigned to a different camera operator. After all the safety briefings and a nice cup of soup there was a bit of time to spare before we started doing run throughs for the live opts (which for anyone who doesn’t know is when we go live into the main programme on BBC1), so I stocked up on food and got wrapped up ready for the cold night ahead.  By working for a different camera op this year I had the chance to ask questions about their career path and the sort of jobs they do, It was so amazing just to hear the type of work I could one day get into.

The first opt was for Look North and the 3 after that were for the Children In Need programme. We did a run though of every opt at least 20 minutes before we were going live so everyone knew what we were doing, what jobs they had to do, how the shots were going to play out and the presenters knew what they were doing too. As a camera assistant I has a help the camera op get the shots he needed which is some cases mean guiding him through the shots. Durning on shot he had to walk backwards up a hill on cobbled ground so I had to hold onto him and lead him to make sure he was safe while during the broadcast. Another job I was given was to look after the equipment when he needed a rest or had to talk to another member of the crew or production team, which basically meant I was in charge of holding a big, very expensive and heavy camera. It was a lot of pressure not to break anything but it gave me an idea of what it would be like to work in live tv having to operate a camera like that.

I was lucky again this year in that I managed to get myself a talk back, which myself and the guy who was a lighting assistant took turns in using. Its a great way to understand whats happening and get and idea of a live production because you can hear everyone else who has one, all the presenters, production team, director, producer etc and it makes the whole experience that little bit more exciting, especially when you can hear them counting down until we go live!

A few hours later and its all over, we are all freezing and very tired from the long day but it didn’t stop there, we had lots of equipment to help pack up, so if I wasn’t tired before I certainly was after. I had an amazing day working with the BBC and getting to talk to industry professionals, it just makes me want to work in the industry even more!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get many photos of the day and it was pretty dark so the photos I did get aren’t great quality, but heres a few anyway 🙂 If you enjoyed this post please comment and share 🙂

img_1668img_1672fullsizeoutput_1591 fullsizeoutput_1598fullsizeoutput_159cfullsizeoutput_158c fullsizeoutput_1588

Bastille – Nov 2016

A couple of weeks back I went to see Bastille at Newcastle Metro Radio arena. It had been ages since I’d been to a more indie style gig as the last few concerts have been more pop artists so I was pretty excited. I must admit I hadn’t listened to a lot of their new music until the week or two before the concert mainly because I just haven’t had the time, but once I did start listening that was the only album I listened to up until the concert because its just so good! (that and I feel silly going to a concert and not knowing the words to the songs) The weather was awful so it was a tough decision on wether to wrap up warm for the outside weather or dress down for the heat in the arena, in the end we just got a taxi there and back to save getting cold and wet and meant we didn’t need to wear coats.

They had two support acts the first group I wasn’t too keen on however the second group called Rationale were fantastic! Very blues, soul but also techno and the main guy was just so funky, would definitely recommend a listen. Through out the show Bastille had this sort of news presenter on the screens introducing the acts and then doing random bits in between. I think we were all quite confused what this was meant to be because it was behind the scenes stuff of him eating food or reading lines but it all seemed very sarcastic and jokey but I think it was meant to represent their idea of the way news is told or something along those lines because their songs have a similar sort of message, anyway if thats what it was meant to be it was very clever, if not it was very bizarre.

I was standing which I was so glad about, we managed to get pretty close to the front and the whole atmosphere was great, especially for a few songs where everyone was jumping up and down and dancing, it felt more like a club or party than a concert. I had a fantastic time and they were amazing, and of course I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t taken any photos,  couldn’t get many good ones because them and the audience were jumping around so much but here’s a few anyway.

img_1600 img_1605 img_1597img_1642img_1614img_1649

Summer Streets Festival: Part 2

If you’ve read any of my recent posts you might have came across something I wrote a few months back about some work experience I had with Cultural Springs on the Summer Streets festival in Sunderland. At the time the video hadn’t been finished or published but now, the film maker I was working for, Robin, has posted the final edit on his youtube. I personally think it looks really good and sells the whole weekend. I’ll leave the link below if you want to check it out and as always feel free to share or leave me a comment 🙂

Birthday Present Photography

2 weeks ago I turned 20! Which means I’m now a fully fledged adult. I can’t say it feels much different from being 19 but it certainly feels strange to say out loud. Anyway as I’m getting older, I ask for less presents but more expensive things and as always my mum spoiled me. I got lots of bits and bobs for my flat such as a cute ‘home’ sign, a decretive pot and jar, a laundry basket and a few toiletries.

home_240 sparklejar_61


The rest of my presents were Mac makeup and Pandora Jewellery., and because the following presents are just so beautiful I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some photographs, especially since its been a while since I’ve done any beauty photography.


I got lipsticks in the shades, Velvet Teddy, Yash and Viva Glam 3 and a lip liner to match viva glam in the colour Absolutely it. I wanted these shades because I currently have perversion, which is quite a dark matte nude colour and I wanted a lighter matte colour for day to day but I ended up finding two nude colours I liked. Velvet Teddy is a colour I know which is very popular and never used to see the hype about because I wasn’t really into nude lipsticks, but one I bought a cheap nude lipstick just to try out the colour I realised what I’d been missing out on. Anyway it’s a very good day to day lip colour that looks quite natural and I just love it. Yash I’d never really heard of before and the colours quite similar to velvet teddy but different enough to make your over all make up look different. Yash is more brown where as Velvety teddy is more pink, so it looks slightly less natural but just as good. (Velvet Teddy left, Yash Right)

2lipstick_134 3lipsticks_103



I also wanted a dark brown/plum colour and I was suggested to take a look at viva glam 3 which I just love, its great for adding a more dramatic look to your overall makeup look especially for a night out. The lip liner Absolutely it, goes with the colour so well as just gives the extra touch to the lipstick to make it really pop.


My final Mac product was a highlighter called lightscapade. I’ve had my eye on this for quite a while, since me and my friend went shopping in Mac and she wanted a foundation and the women working their suggested a powder, bronzer and highlighter to go with it. It has like a marble look effect and its just so pretty. It’s really easy to build so depending if you like your contour and highlight to be subtle or quite bold it works well for either and its got the right amount of shimmer to give you a nice glow but not make you sparkle too much.


Next if my pandora ring. Rings are probably my favourite form of jewellery and I thought it was time to add another to the collection. When me and my mum went shopping to look for it I struggled so much trying to decide which one I wanted. I knew I wanted a thumb ring so I tried all the ones I liked on my thumb to see how it looked and then though about price because I know they aren’t cheap. I eventually decided on the infinity ring, its so pretty and elegant and is actually quite comfortable to wear.

ring2_87 ringbox_118


My second Pandora product is my leather strap bracelet. I’ve been looking at this bracelet for ages now but could never justify buying it. I already have a standard pandora bracelet but I just don’t wear, I find it too chunky and it’s a bit big for my wrist so it just annoys me and i thought having a leather bracelet might look nicer and I will probably wear it more because it’ll be comfier. I went for a black bracelet and chose the double rather than the single strap which basically means it wraps around the wrist twice which I personally think looks better. My final present from pandora was the cutest little charm. I really can’t get over how much I love it, its a tiny camera! I found it one day on a random site and didn’t think it was an actual pandora charm until we were in the shop and found it in the booklet and I’m sue you can imagine my excitement. It is just so perfect for me.




The last little thing I want to show you is a gimmick type present that us just adorable. A mini bottle of Disaronno and Chambord. They’re only 50ml which is about 2 shots worth of alcohol but I feel like I’ll never actually drink them because they’re just too cute.


I’m so grateful for all my presents, I had a great birthday despite the fact I’m now 20 and I had lots of fun photographing all my pretty gifts. If you liked this post or my photography please share and comment. 🙂

McFly Anthology Tour!

Hey Everyone,

If any of you know me or have read my previous post from when I went to see Busted you’ll know just how much I love Mcfly. They were my favourite band during my childhood and as they grew up and developed their sound, I also grew up and changed my style of music and they haven’t made a single song I don’t like. They’re all such good mates, which if you’ve ever watched Tom Fletchers wedding speech I’m sure you already know, (if you haven’t, go watch it, its amazing) they’re all nice genuine guys, most of which are married and have their own family. Since half of them do have their own families it was very much a wonder if Mcfly would ever tour or write music together again, but then McBusted happened, which was good and all at first but then they released their own album and did an arena tour which gave me half hope that maybe Mcfly would come back, and half dread that they were going to stay McBusted forever. But then Busted got back together and a few months after their tour Mcfly announced they were going to tour at 4 cities, 3 nights at each with the idea that the first night would be their first album, the second night would be their second and third album and then the third night would be their fourth and fifth album. I was over the moon! The last time I saw them was their last album tour which was 6 years ago maybe, so I was determined to go see them and go to every night.

The day of ticket release came round and I was ready, 3 tabs open signed into all the accounts with my card at the ready. It hit 9 and every site said the tickets had sold out as soon as I refreshed, I nearly cried. I kept trying and reshfresing trying all the cities until I got a call from my Mum asking if i had got any tickets and I said no, the sites are saying they’re sold out already, and she said the same thing, until one of her work colleagues shouted out that she had managed to fine some and it was for all 3 nights too, so without hesitation I asked her to get them. Within that week I’d booked train tickets and a hotel, I was fully prepare and ready to go, until a few weeks before I was meant to see them, they made an announcement that they were going to have to postpone the tour until September because Harry had injured his neck, of course I was sad but the boys health are the most important thing. This lot me in a difficult position because original my mum was going with me but the date that it had be rescheduled to was when she was on holiday so I had to ask everyone I knew who might want to come to go with me and they all said either they didn’t have the money or that they were back at uni, I was about to give up and sell my tickets until my friend who previously said she couldn’t come because she had no money said that she would go, she isn’t a massive Mcely fan, she knew their singles and popular songs and that was about it but I didn’t care as long as I could go.

Fast forward to 12th September where myself and Hannah were on the train to Manchester. We arrived, walked to the hotel, checked in, got changed and went straight back out for food before heading to the first night. We got to the venue and joined the back of the queue. While I was standing in the queue just chatting and whatever I tweeted about being excited for the first night in Manchester, a few minutes later I had loads of people liking it and retweeting it and I was really confused, I have next to no followers on twitter, so I mentioned it to Hannah she said took my phone of me and found that Mcfly had retweeted my tweet!! I genuinely didn’t believe it, I was so happy I didn’t know what to do with myself. Shorting after we were in the venue waiting for the support to come on and most importantly Mcfly.

They were just as amazing as always, I had almost lost my voice at the end of the night because I had been screaming and singing that much. Since it was only their first album night one they did a few extra songs at the end which was a nice surprise. They aren’t just a band they’re performers they always put on a great show, whether its through having a joke with each other and the audience between songs or just jumping and running around the stage, they  really put on a show and get the crowd going. After the show, I tweeted again about how I had almost lost my voice and much to my surprise, Mcfly liked it! As I’m sure you can imagine this was probably the best day of my life.

Second night came round and of course we went for food before hand again, we just thought we would pop into Weatherspoons for a quick cheap meal and they get their earlier than last night to get a better view. This idea was great and going well up until we came out of Spoons where the heavens had opened, it was thunder and lighting and chucking it down with rain. We made a mad dash back to the hotel across the road but even with an umbrella we were drenched. We decided to change clothes and leave it until doors had opened before getting a taxi, so thats what we did. Only when we tried to book a taxi the closest one was going to be half an hour from them which meant we’d get there maybe after the support act which I wasn’t happy with because we would have been right at the very back. So we asked the guy at reception and he said there is a bus just round the corner that will take us where we want to go and for cheaper than a taxi. So still in the rain and thunder we ran down the road to the bus stop trying to figure out which stop it actually was while trying our best to stay as dry as possible. After a rather stressful bus journey we got there just on time for the support act and managed to get a fairly decent view, well as decent as a short person can get. Second nice was again amazing. They kept apologising for messing up because they haven’t played together as a band for quite a while and some of the songs they had never actually placed live, but no one even noticed and especially didn’t care about any mistakes they made, it just made the show funny and created banter between them all.

Night three was by far my favourite night. They played the last two albums and their fourth album, Radio Active is my favourite album. The night was a little less eventful, we went with the plan to eat early and get there earlier again like we tried to do the previous night, and this time we were successful. We arrived at the venue only to find the queue wasn’t small at all in fact it was longer than the first night and we were earlier, I was rather disappointed but when we eventually got inside we managed to get a fair decent view again, not as close as I would have liked but I still could see the boys between all the tall peoples heads in front of me. Again they mentioned their mistakes with a few songs but I honestly had no clue and still thought they were amazing.

After three nights in Manchester getting to see my favourite band three nights in a row I was rather emotional and it didn’t help that they closed every show with “The heart never lies” where they change the lyric “its not always easy, but I’m here forever” to “Mcflys here forever”, and I nearly cried every single time, especially the last night, silly I know but to hear that your favourite band who inspires you, you admire, and have helped you through life, believe that they will always stay a band really touched my heart. Ive heard them sing it that way before but after the long gap they took out it, it meant more to hear them sing it again.

And of course I wouldn’t be me without going to a gig and taking lots of photos. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me, it was too risky and I wanted to enjoy myself more than focus on taking pictures…well I tried too. I still took photos and videos on my phone to post but they aren’t that great quality which I apologise for, but never the less Mcfly are still amazing.

14550592_10202118829688203_1155057831_o14513818_10202118829768205_1355908027_o14536684_10202118829528199_203236576_o 14536737_10202110124630582_1052523675_o14550694_10202110124950590_703150253_o 14550812_10202110124270573_1584192283_o 14513543_10202110123910564_254504764_o 14513538_10202118829728204_385924922_o



14488968_10202110124590581_1483143936_o 14467042_10202110124190571_1183049819_o