Winter Photography- Part 2

If you read my previous post you’ll know all about the photoshoot I did a while back with my intended winter theme, and that the photos didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted and didn’t really look very winter-esk. My previous post showed you my final images but I wanted to show you how different some of the original images were compared to what they looked like after they were edited. I still like the original photos but the colours give a more spring feeling to the image than winter. The sizes of the images are a bit off because I cropped a few of them to fit the composition I wanted. Here’s a few  of my favourite images.


                     Before                                                                                  After








Winter Photography

Before Christmas, last year, I took Tonicha on a little photo shoot, as I’d been looking at Autumnal themed photography and felt inspired, however, it was no longer autumn, there was no golden leaves, just muddy grass, so instead we went for a Winter themed shoot. Tonicha decided she wanted to give a few of the photos to her Mum as part of a Christmas present so I held of on writing this post to make sure I didn’t ruin the surprise, but then it was christmas and then New Year and then January deadlines at Uni and then second semester started and so on!  I also decided since I recently got the student deal on all adobe products, that I’d edit my favourite photos too, and of course that took a fair bit of time. But finally, only like 2 months later I’m finally able to make this post.

The shoot wasn’t all that well planned, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, just that I wanted some form of woodland background, and living in the city centre of Newcastle that’s pretty difficult to find, especially since we didn’t have all that much time for the shoot. I eventually remembered Leazes Park,it’s not all that woodland but theres enough grass land and trees that e could make it work, there’s also a fairly decent lake which seemed like a nice idea, apart for the horrific amount of geese and swans!

I really enjoyed this shoot, it wasn’t at all serious, and Tonicha was super confident in from of the camera which made my job so much easier, we even had a random guy on his bike keep asking us questions about her modelling career which was pretty hilarious.

The photos didn’t really turn out very wintery, there was too much colour and it just wasn’t the style I was going for. However I managed to learn a few tricks on photoshop which meant that I could give them the aesthetic I was hoping for. I won’t bore you with the whole process I went through, but I might post a continuation post in a few days of my before and afters, to show you how much different some of them turned out. Anyways, heres my favourites, let me know what you think 🙂

(click on an image to enlarge)

Birthday Present Photography

2 weeks ago I turned 20! Which means I’m now a fully fledged adult. I can’t say it feels much different from being 19 but it certainly feels strange to say out loud. Anyway as I’m getting older, I ask for less presents but more expensive things and as always my mum spoiled me. I got lots of bits and bobs for my flat such as a cute ‘home’ sign, a decretive pot and jar, a laundry basket and a few toiletries.

home_240 sparklejar_61


The rest of my presents were Mac makeup and Pandora Jewellery., and because the following presents are just so beautiful I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some photographs, especially since its been a while since I’ve done any beauty photography.


I got lipsticks in the shades, Velvet Teddy, Yash and Viva Glam 3 and a lip liner to match viva glam in the colour Absolutely it. I wanted these shades because I currently have perversion, which is quite a dark matte nude colour and I wanted a lighter matte colour for day to day but I ended up finding two nude colours I liked. Velvet Teddy is a colour I know which is very popular and never used to see the hype about because I wasn’t really into nude lipsticks, but one I bought a cheap nude lipstick just to try out the colour I realised what I’d been missing out on. Anyway it’s a very good day to day lip colour that looks quite natural and I just love it. Yash I’d never really heard of before and the colours quite similar to velvet teddy but different enough to make your over all make up look different. Yash is more brown where as Velvety teddy is more pink, so it looks slightly less natural but just as good. (Velvet Teddy left, Yash Right)

2lipstick_134 3lipsticks_103



I also wanted a dark brown/plum colour and I was suggested to take a look at viva glam 3 which I just love, its great for adding a more dramatic look to your overall makeup look especially for a night out. The lip liner Absolutely it, goes with the colour so well as just gives the extra touch to the lipstick to make it really pop.


My final Mac product was a highlighter called lightscapade. I’ve had my eye on this for quite a while, since me and my friend went shopping in Mac and she wanted a foundation and the women working their suggested a powder, bronzer and highlighter to go with it. It has like a marble look effect and its just so pretty. It’s really easy to build so depending if you like your contour and highlight to be subtle or quite bold it works well for either and its got the right amount of shimmer to give you a nice glow but not make you sparkle too much.


Next if my pandora ring. Rings are probably my favourite form of jewellery and I thought it was time to add another to the collection. When me and my mum went shopping to look for it I struggled so much trying to decide which one I wanted. I knew I wanted a thumb ring so I tried all the ones I liked on my thumb to see how it looked and then though about price because I know they aren’t cheap. I eventually decided on the infinity ring, its so pretty and elegant and is actually quite comfortable to wear.

ring2_87 ringbox_118


My second Pandora product is my leather strap bracelet. I’ve been looking at this bracelet for ages now but could never justify buying it. I already have a standard pandora bracelet but I just don’t wear, I find it too chunky and it’s a bit big for my wrist so it just annoys me and i thought having a leather bracelet might look nicer and I will probably wear it more because it’ll be comfier. I went for a black bracelet and chose the double rather than the single strap which basically means it wraps around the wrist twice which I personally think looks better. My final present from pandora was the cutest little charm. I really can’t get over how much I love it, its a tiny camera! I found it one day on a random site and didn’t think it was an actual pandora charm until we were in the shop and found it in the booklet and I’m sue you can imagine my excitement. It is just so perfect for me.




The last little thing I want to show you is a gimmick type present that us just adorable. A mini bottle of Disaronno and Chambord. They’re only 50ml which is about 2 shots worth of alcohol but I feel like I’ll never actually drink them because they’re just too cute.


I’m so grateful for all my presents, I had a great birthday despite the fact I’m now 20 and I had lots of fun photographing all my pretty gifts. If you liked this post or my photography please share and comment. 🙂

Summer Streets Festival

Hey everyone,

At the beginning of July I saw an advert from Cultural springs asking for an assistant filmmaker for there upcoming family festival in Sunderland, I though it was an amazing opportunity as well as great fun, so I sent my CV with a cover letter to my uni and the company. A few weeks passed and Id heard nothing so just assumed I hadn’t got the job. Until I received an email early on in the week of the weekend it was scheduled for, congratulating me on getting the job. So after quickly ringing work and asking for the weekend off, I replied to the email asking for further details on the event.

Myself and another girl which had been chosen were assisting the filmmaker Robin, on a short film of the even, as well as stills for their flicker and website, and a few voxpop type interviews from members of the public about their thoughts of the event and if they think there should be more like it around sunderland.

On arrival at the place, we were taken to what would be the equivalent of back stage, well technically it was a tent behind the main stage, but it was for all the volunteers and workers as well as the actual acts, either way it made me feel really important and professional. There was cute little pack lunches for all the volunteers as well as tea, coffee and snacks for everyone to enjoy. After finding out what they wanted us to to and getting all our equipment sorted we heading up to a local primary school which is where the streets parade was starting and travelling around the town befogging hearing to the main park. I was using a handheld DJI Cosmo which was the coolest piece of filming equipment Ive ever seen! It’s basically a small circular camera on a stick that around depending on what you tell it do do and where to look. The images that were being recorded showed up on your phone so I could walk along recording the parade from a birds eye view while still being able to see what I’m filming and walk forward. I got some great shots and it was loads of fun.

After we were back at the main park to film the rest of the day I was given a small camera to focus on taking mainly stills of all the acts and crowd shots. I also helped out Robin recording voxpops, while he filmed, I recorded the sound. It was quite scary approaching random members of the public and asking them if they would participate but it helped me build confidence as I’ll need to be able to do these things if I ever become a photographer etc.

The second day, we had a bit more free reign as to what we could do since Robin was a bit late turning up so me and the other girl filmed and photographed a few of the acts together and then we all kept together and did a bit of everything for the rest of the day. There was a great group of children from a young age to maybe 20’s that were dancing, which were really good, as well as a few singers. My favourite act of the weekend would definitely be the New York Brass Band, they were a brass band that played modern songs and were generally very jazzy.

Cultural springs had asked us to cover certain acts more than others and for the images to be festival like e.g. tilted, which I wasn’t a fan of as it doesn’t come naturally to me to take pictures of a weird angle, but some of them actually look pretty good. Unfortunately I don’t have any of tho footage from the weekend and I can’t seem to find the finished video on their website, but if your interested in the event keep checking the cultural springs website and hopefully  it will appear soon. However I do have some stills so heres a collection of photos from over the weekend.


Trip to London

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve had a lot on recently, but hopefully now I’m move into my new flat and starting back at uni soon I should have some more time to post.

A few weeks ago, maybe more like a month ago, me and my mum packed up our car and drove nearly 6 hours down to London to visit family. The plan for the trip was to have a nice catch up with some of the family we hadn’t seen in a while and go for a nice relaxing night at a spa, which was amazing!

The first full day we had before going to the spa, most of the family was working which meant me and my mum where at a bit of a loss what to do. Since my mum used to live in London, and hasn’t seen the city for a good few years and I have only really been when I was younger we thought it would be a great opportunity to be tourists for a day. We bough an all day tube and train ticket and off we went, luckily my mum had a pretty good memory of how to get around, so we didn’t really get lost. Naturally I took my camera with me and took some photos. We though the first good touristy place that would also be good for photos would be Tower Bridge, with the Shard just opposite and a lovely river walk with some interesting lamp posts to photograph.





After walking up the river and back again, my mum remembered that St Pauls Cathedral would be a good place to take pictures of. So with her vague memory or where to go and google maps, we shortly arrived there, where I had loads of fun testing out my newish lens with being able to zoom right in to the top of the Cathedral, and theres was some pretty street art for the BFG.

top_11 cath_125statues2_97 butterfly-head_219


After a quick lunch break, we decided to head up to Camden, to take a look around the market. We were pleasantly surprised with the amazing wall art on the front of the shops, I can certainly say its like nothing I’d seen before, so there was another fun thing to photograph apart from all the people walking infant of my camera. Further down the street we found a small lock and canal with a canal boat passing through, which was interesting to watch since they had to let the water drain and then fill back up, but it took quite a while so I got bored and just took pictures of random things around me to pass time until it got moving again.

shoes_35 fruitandveg_74






After we’d finished looking around the market we heading back to the tube station and up to covent garden, where unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as it was mainly shops and street performers, which we didn’t watch for very long as we wanted to wonder about and get food.

We had some tea and then headed back to my family’s house that we were staying in. The rest of my trip in London I was at a spa so of course I didn’t really take and pictures, but the experience was fantastic. It was the first spa I’d been to and I loved just walking around in a robe and slippers, although it did feel a bit weird. I went swimming and in the steam room which was an experience, but the next day I had a facial which I didn’t realise consisted of a massage too, it was so relaxing and my skin felt amazing for the next few days. I’d definitely recommend going to a spa even if its just for a day rather than an over night stay, it’s a great way to relax and destress as well as spend some quality time with the person or people you go with.

If you liked any of my photos or are interested in getting in touch with me feel free to leave a comment or contact my through any of my social media accounts. Maybe show a friend who likes photography or someone who’s thinking about visiting London soon 🙂

Linzi and Stuarts Wedding Photos!

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve been quite a busy bee. I’ve been an assistant filmmaker at a summer streets festival, I went to London for the week and of course I photographer a wedding (other posts coming soon).

Photographing this wedding was a huge deal for me and I was so grateful for the opportunity, I love photography and weddings and to be the official photographer for someones wedding was just amazing! Since I wanted to do a good job, especially since it was my first time, I went out and bough a new lens especially, it was a Sony E-mount 55-210mm, which for those of you how don’t understand camera talk basically means, could could zoom in really far, which was idea for getting close up and personal shots without actually being that close to the couple.

At the start of the day I met the Groom and his family to take some family photos down by the river just along the road from where the ceremony was taking place. We were so lucky that it was a beautiful day, making the photos just that bit more special. Since he has that much family, and I have so many photos I’d like to share with you, I’m going to show them to you a bit at a time.

DSC01334 DSC01343


DSC01351 DSC01363



I then headed to the city Hall to get pictures of the bridesmaids, any other guests and of course the bride arriving with her family.



DSC01450 - Copy DSC01456



Then it was time for the ceremony and I was so nervous, I’m quite a shy person so to be the one standing up and walking round taking pictures whilst everyone was watching the ceremony was really nerve racking for me, but I was determined to get some good shots, especially since I had my new lens. The couple had specifically asked me to take black and white photos as well as colour, which will explain why a lot of the next photos are in black and white. I personally think black and white wedding photos look beautiful so I was more that pleased with this request.

DSC01554 DSC01562


DSC01601 DSC01618



The venue had a beautiful stair case, so after the ceremony had finished and everyone had stopped crying, I got some photos of the two of them on the stairs as well as a photo of everyone! It took a lot of patience to say the least, but we got there in the end.

DSC01635-1 DSC01652



After the emotionally ceremony, where I was getting a bit chocked up myself, we headed to the reception to get the newly weds photo with their wedding car and some pictures of the venue and cake before the guests arrived.

DSC01724 DSC01756





Once everyone had helped themselves to the buffet it was time for the speeches, and shortly after the cutting of the cake, and of course not forgetting the first dance.

DSC01844 DSC01889






The rest of the evening was simply taking pictures of the guests having a good time, dancing and even singing. Unfortunately since I have a mirror-less camera I don’t have a flash  which meant when the disco started it was making it very difficult to take clear images in the low light setting, but I tried my best, and now know that hopefully when there’s a next time, to make sure I buy a flash!

It’s fair to say it was an amazing opportunity and I loved every second of it! It’s made me more confident in myself and as a photographer especially after the couple giving me great feedback for my work. I hope that I can continue to do more events like these and keep improving my confidence and my work because I just simple love it!

P.S If you like my photography and want to see more, I’ve started a photography Instagram so please go check it out and give me a follow – hannahredheadphotography, I will hopefully try and link it to my website soon, and as always feel free to share and tell a friend about my work 🙂

Manchester fun!

Hey guys,

So the other weekend me and my mum went for a long weekend in Manchester. The original reason for the trip was because we were going to see Mcfly as they were doing a special 3 night concert which I was super excited for, only a few weeks after we’d bought tickets Harry (the drummer) injured himself meaning tey had to postpone the concert till September 🙁 Regardless we didn’t want to waste the hotel or train tickets so we decided to go for a girly shopping weekend instead. Rather than telling you what we did start to finish, I’ve taken some pictures of all my favourite purchases, since it’s been so long since I’ve taken photography like this, I thought it was the perfect opportunity and I can tell you about my weekend along side.

So we arrived on the Friday night around tea time, we were both shattered and hungry so we just went to Pizza express and unpacked our backs with an early night ready to hit the shops tomorrow.

Saturday morning we got ready, had breakfast and hit the streets of Manchester. I didn’t particularly  want anything but I knew I wanted to look in Selfridges at Tiffany’s and Mac as well as look in the Guess and of course Disney shop. However the first place we went was Primark purely because its sooo big we needed a lot of time to get round it all. I came out with a pair of jeans, a few tops and a pair of heels. Next we went to Debenhams cafe for food since it was now lunch time. My mum also wanted to look around the clothes first and then we looked around the make up where I found Two faced which my friend Jess had mentioned to me was amazing and she also wanted me to buy her a lipstick, so I tested all the colours myself and decided I too wanted the same lipstick. Its a nice sparkly brown nude colour, which I haven’t used yet but I am very excited to try it. Here’s my photos of it.

DSC01151 DSC01161

Next up was Selfridges, I have had my eye of a Tiffany’s necklace for quite a while, since I already have a ring and a bracelet I thought it was only right to get the necklace too, so I tried a few on and settled for this one, which I absolutely love!!  And my mum ended up buying the same bracelet as mine. In terms of photography this was one of my favourites to take pictures of purely because the packaging is such a lovely colour and is in general just so pretty.

DSC01169 DSC01178



Second stop in Selfridges was Mac. I’ve been after a matte dark nude lipstick for ages and I haden’t been able to find a shade i like. I asked one of the people who worked there what colour they’d suggest and she brought me a nice dark brown colour, which I tried on and really liked, its a big change because I normally wear more pinks and reds than nudes and browns but with my new dark brown hair i prefer a nude lip instead. I haven’t yet worn this lipstick, but again very excited to try it.

DSC01117 DSC01132



Next we had a little look in Topshop and Riverisland but i didn’t find anything I liked so we moved on to the Guess shop instead. I was desperately trying to find a bag or purse I liked in the sale, but i couldn’t find anything, so I ended up getting a t-shirt instead, oh and not to forget a perfume too. We then headed to the Disney store, where I was 100% in my element, I just wanted to buy everything! Luckily for me they were having a sale on a selected few things and I managed to find a Rapunzel mug which I was very excited about because Tangled is my favourite Disney film. I’m not going to describe it to you, you can see how pretty it is for yourself.

DSC01056 DSC01059



DSC01217 DSC01224


That was everything for Saturday shopping, we were exhausted and in need of some food, so of course we went to the hard rock cafe, and oh my the food and cocktails were a-ma-zing ! I couldnt finish everything, it was so filling but it was too good to stop eating. Even better still we got to keep the glasses our cocktails came in!

13621454_10201781175727065_1305913585_o (1) 13616354_10201781180407182_1750481898_o

After staying out late for a few drinks Saturday night, we had a slightly later start Sunday morning but there was still plenty of shops left. We went to Select, Schuh with no luck of finding anything nice, then headed to New Look where I got a top. After a quick lunch in Costa we then went to Hollister, where I got a long sleeved t-shirt and yet another perfume, which smells very nice!

DSC01090 DSC01099


Our final stop was this small little bits and bobs shop which sold jewellery, makeup and fancy dress stuff. I’ve been looking for some belly bars for quite a while but they’re all quite expensive, however in this shop I found 6 for less that £15. I was in there ages trying to decide the few I wanted and in the end just got them all.

DSC01252 DSC01262



That was it for our shopping, we had a final night out for tea and an early night after packing ready for the journey home the next day. I had a great time, was lovely spending some quality time with my mum and getting loads of nice goodies. Hopefully next time I’m in Manchester it will be to see Mcfly!!

Fun In The Sun

Hey everyone,

Over the last few days we’ve been having lush weather in Newcastle and everyday up until today I’ve either been at uni or at work so haven’t really been able to enjoy it. So me and Jess decided that today we were going to make the most of it and go out with our camera’s. We went to The Rising sun country Park, which is well, a country Park as the name suggests, got our camera’s out and started snapping. Since myself and Jess love being behind the camera so much its not very often we get our picture taken, so we both decided it would be a nice idea if we took a few pictures of each other with our camera’s. Here’s a few of my favourite shots. Please comment and share 🙂

March Photograpy

Hey Everyone,

A few weeks back me and my friend Jess went out with out cameras to the seafront to take some pictures. We dragged Ellie and Beth out to be our models for a few hour since it was a sunny day.I haven’t had a lot of experience with taking pictures of people mainly because none of my friends are happy to model for me so this was a great chance for me to get some practice in. We didn’t stay by the sea front for too long because although it was sunny it was very windy and freezing so we quickly decided to move into the amusements. Here’s some pictures from my day