McFly Anthology Tour!

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If any of you know me or have read my previous post from when I went to see Busted you’ll know just how much I love Mcfly. They were my favourite band during my childhood and as they grew up and developed their sound, I also grew up and changed my style of music and they haven’t made a single song I don’t like. They’re all such good mates, which if you’ve ever watched Tom Fletchers wedding speech I’m sure you already know, (if you haven’t, go watch it, its amazing) they’re all nice genuine guys, most of which are married and have their own family. Since half of them do have their own families it was very much a wonder if Mcfly would ever tour or write music together again, but then McBusted happened, which was good and all at first but then they released their own album and did an arena tour which gave me half hope that maybe Mcfly would come back, and half dread that they were going to stay McBusted forever. But then Busted got back together and a few months after their tour Mcfly announced they were going to tour at 4 cities, 3 nights at each with the idea that the first night would be their first album, the second night would be their second and third album and then the third night would be their fourth and fifth album. I was over the moon! The last time I saw them was their last album tour which was 6 years ago maybe, so I was determined to go see them and go to every night.

The day of ticket release came round and I was ready, 3 tabs open signed into all the accounts with my card at the ready. It hit 9 and every site said the tickets had sold out as soon as I refreshed, I nearly cried. I kept trying and reshfresing trying all the cities until I got a call from my Mum asking if i had got any tickets and I said no, the sites are saying they’re sold out already, and she said the same thing, until one of her work colleagues shouted out that she had managed to fine some and it was for all 3 nights too, so without hesitation I asked her to get them. Within that week I’d booked train tickets and a hotel, I was fully prepare and ready to go, until a few weeks before I was meant to see them, they made an announcement that they were going to have to postpone the tour until September because Harry had injured his neck, of course I was sad but the boys health are the most important thing. This lot me in a difficult position because original my mum was going with me but the date that it had be rescheduled to was when she was on holiday so I had to ask everyone I knew who might want to come to go with me and they all said either they didn’t have the money or that they were back at uni, I was about to give up and sell my tickets until my friend who previously said she couldn’t come because she had no money said that she would go, she isn’t a massive Mcely fan, she knew their singles and popular songs and that was about it but I didn’t care as long as I could go.

Fast forward to 12th September where myself and Hannah were on the train to Manchester. We arrived, walked to the hotel, checked in, got changed and went straight back out for food before heading to the first night. We got to the venue and joined the back of the queue. While I was standing in the queue just chatting and whatever I tweeted about being excited for the first night in Manchester, a few minutes later I had loads of people liking it and retweeting it and I was really confused, I have next to no followers on twitter, so I mentioned it to Hannah she said took my phone of me and found that Mcfly had retweeted my tweet!! I genuinely didn’t believe it, I was so happy I didn’t know what to do with myself. Shorting after we were in the venue waiting for the support to come on and most importantly Mcfly.

They were just as amazing as always, I had almost lost my voice at the end of the night because I had been screaming and singing that much. Since it was only their first album night one they did a few extra songs at the end which was a nice surprise. They aren’t just a band they’re performers they always put on a great show, whether its through having a joke with each other and the audience between songs or just jumping and running around the stage, they  really put on a show and get the crowd going. After the show, I tweeted again about how I had almost lost my voice and much to my surprise, Mcfly liked it! As I’m sure you can imagine this was probably the best day of my life.

Second night came round and of course we went for food before hand again, we just thought we would pop into Weatherspoons for a quick cheap meal and they get their earlier than last night to get a better view. This idea was great and going well up until we came out of Spoons where the heavens had opened, it was thunder and lighting and chucking it down with rain. We made a mad dash back to the hotel across the road but even with an umbrella we were drenched. We decided to change clothes and leave it until doors had opened before getting a taxi, so thats what we did. Only when we tried to book a taxi the closest one was going to be half an hour from them which meant we’d get there maybe after the support act which I wasn’t happy with because we would have been right at the very back. So we asked the guy at reception and he said there is a bus just round the corner that will take us where we want to go and for cheaper than a taxi. So still in the rain and thunder we ran down the road to the bus stop trying to figure out which stop it actually was while trying our best to stay as dry as possible. After a rather stressful bus journey we got there just on time for the support act and managed to get a fairly decent view, well as decent as a short person can get. Second nice was again amazing. They kept apologising for messing up because they haven’t played together as a band for quite a while and some of the songs they had never actually placed live, but no one even noticed and especially didn’t care about any mistakes they made, it just made the show funny and created banter between them all.

Night three was by far my favourite night. They played the last two albums and their fourth album, Radio Active is my favourite album. The night was a little less eventful, we went with the plan to eat early and get there earlier again like we tried to do the previous night, and this time we were successful. We arrived at the venue only to find the queue wasn’t small at all in fact it was longer than the first night and we were earlier, I was rather disappointed but when we eventually got inside we managed to get a fair decent view again, not as close as I would have liked but I still could see the boys between all the tall peoples heads in front of me. Again they mentioned their mistakes with a few songs but I honestly had no clue and still thought they were amazing.

After three nights in Manchester getting to see my favourite band three nights in a row I was rather emotional and it didn’t help that they closed every show with “The heart never lies” where they change the lyric “its not always easy, but I’m here forever” to “Mcflys here forever”, and I nearly cried every single time, especially the last night, silly I know but to hear that your favourite band who inspires you, you admire, and have helped you through life, believe that they will always stay a band really touched my heart. Ive heard them sing it that way before but after the long gap they took out it, it meant more to hear them sing it again.

And of course I wouldn’t be me without going to a gig and taking lots of photos. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me, it was too risky and I wanted to enjoy myself more than focus on taking pictures…well I tried too. I still took photos and videos on my phone to post but they aren’t that great quality which I apologise for, but never the less Mcfly are still amazing.

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