The 1975 – Dec

Another month, another gig. Ive liked The 1975 since they came out really, however I never really thought of them as a band I wanted to go and see live. Then when they brought out their new singles, The Sound and Love Me, it gave me a new perspective on them because I really liked the songs. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to go see them when they come to Newcastle I was like, actually, yeah I do!

We went for standing again, which once we got there we regretted, I’m pretty small, but Lauren is even smaller, so standing at the back of a big crowd, well, lets just say we had a great view of the back of peoples heads! It wasn’t too bad, when people moved about and went for drinks etc we did manage to get a slightly better view but not great, which was a shame.

I’d listen to the album before we went, because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I hate going to concerts when I don’t know the words, but a lot of the songs were slower and not really what I expected after hearing their new singes so I found it hard to listen to the album actively so I still didn’t know a lot of the songs when I went. I still really enjoyed the concert but it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting, especially considering their previous alum, the concert was a lot more chilled than I had hoped it would be, and made me confused more than it should have really.

It was definitely an amazing experience and they were incredible, just not what I expected and the fact I couldn’t seem them was a bit disappointing too. As always I took photo, but I can’t guarantee how good they will be because of how far back we were and the view I had, but heres a few of the good ones anyway. Let me know if you agree with me about their new album/ tour or if you completely disagree, would love some feedback 🙂

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