The Vamps – Apr 2016

Hey everyone,

On the 6th April I went to see The vamps in Newcastle for the third time. They were absolutely amazing! I had a wow pit ticket so I was very close to the stage and runway which made me very happy. We set of pretty early, meeting around 11 because my friend Jess wanted to see all her Vamps friends before she went to meet and greet at 4 (very jealous), and although I didn’t know any of them I had such a lovely time meeting them all and hanging out. We vlogged for Jess’ YouTube, made Laura a birthday sash out of birthday banners (which was very funny to watch especially with it being windy) and went for some food at the center for life cafe. At around half 4 Jess had left for her meet and greet so Myself, Laura and Kirsty went for food before going back to the area to try and see Hometown. When we got to the area they where already out taking pictures with people and despite my best attempts to get a picture with Cian I missed out by like 2 seconds 🙁

It was finally time to go in and since we had wow pit we missed the ques and got in pretty early . We met Jess and Emily inside and waited for the first support act to come on which was Hometown. Then there was Conor Maynard and The Tide. I loved all the support acts and would defo recommend giving them a listen. And then of course it was time for the Vamps. They where great as always and even invited Conor Maynard and New Hope Club to the stay to sing with them which was a nice surprise.

Being at a concert is one of my favourite hobbies, there’s nothing better than hearing the artists and music you love live and surrounded by people who have the same love as you do. But of course there’s another reason I love it and that’s to take pictures. So here’s a few picture I took on the night, they aren’t great because as I’m sure you all know its not easy to take great pictures at a concert especially when standing with everyone dancing and singing, including myself, but it doesn’t stop me taking them. Hope you enjoy them, please comment or share with a friend who also likes The Vamps 🙂

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