Morphe Palette Review

Hey Everyone,

I’m super ashamed of how long its been since I’ve posted! I’m not going to bother with excuses and just say that I have a few posts lined up to make up for my absence. Starting with my first ever make-up review! (see what I did there). Anyway, I’ve became a bit of a make up hauler over the last year and been trying a lot of new brands and products. Rather than bombarding you with loads of products at once I’m going to try and split them up over a few days (or weeks, depending how productive I am).

I’m going to start with, what has been by far, my most favourite make up purchase in the last six month. My Morphe eyeshadow palette 35OS. This is my first Morphe palette and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

I’ve never been very good at eyeshadow, I’ve had previous palettes mainly the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but they never inspired me enough to try new looks or experiment with colour but this palette has changed everything. There is a matte and shimmer version of this palette however I chose to go for the shimmer version and I just preferred the colours more. Theres a great mixture of nude colours, from dark browns, to light brown and almost peachy colours, to bright and dark reds. Theres so many colours to choose from and I’m still trying them all out but there are a few colours that I absolutely love.

I took these photos both with and without flash as i found that a lot of the colours tend to look different in different lightings. The top colour is my all time favourite, its very shimmery and has a great impact when a lot of colour is applied. It’s in-between a light brown and pale pink colour although it might not look it on the photo due the the high shimmer it gives off, you can tell more on the previous picture of the palette (third row down, second from the right). The next two colours I chose pretty much speak for themselves, the swatches are very accurate to what the colour looks like on, I often pair these two colours with the previous, using the darkest in my eyelid crease, the lightest on my lid and then the middle shade the blend the two together, which is currently my favourite eyeshadow look, perfect to wear with just mascara or glamed up with some eyeliner and false lashes. (second colour is one below the first and the third colour is then one left from the second)

The four colour down is quite hard to see but it is beautiful. Again it is very high shimmer but the colour is quite hard to describe on the palette it is a very light pink if not almost a cream colour, but when applied it has a hint of gold to it. This colour is perfect for a casual day to day look if you want to add some shimmer to your look but don’t want an intense colour. (second row down third from the left). The second last colour is perfect if you want to try out gold eyeshadow but without diving in at the deep end, its more of a soft brown with a hint of gold, I often use this colour in my crease and use one of the stronger gold tones on my lid. Before this colour I never would have thought about trying gold eye shadow but now I love it. (third row down first on the left). Last but not least, my favourite red from the palette. Now i don’t really like bold coloured eye shadow, I never really thought it suited me,  and I could never put it on well enough to look good. But I had to give it a try just to see,  and of course I now love it. Although it is quite a bright red I still feel it has quite a brown undertone too it so when its on its not as full on assay a bright red lipstick would be, its still red but subtle (Third row down, first on the right).

The only bad thing I could say about this palette is that some of the colours aren’t quite as pigmented as I had expected, meaning I have to apply a fair bit of shadow to get my desired colour, however I am yet to try using an eyeshadow primer with the palette.

Thats about all I have to say on this palette, I would highly recommend it especially if your like me and love have sparkly eyes but don’t really bright colours. As its my first review I would love any feedback you might have or if theres any other eye shadow palettes you might recommend please get in touch with me via and on my social media or through the contact park of my website. Stay tuned for more reviews to come!


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