Birthday Present Photography

2 weeks ago I turned 20! Which means I’m now a fully fledged adult. I can’t say it feels much different from being 19 but it certainly feels strange to say out loud. Anyway as I’m getting older, I ask for less presents but more expensive things and as always my mum spoiled me. I got lots of bits and bobs for my flat such as a cute ‘home’ sign, a decretive pot and jar, a laundry basket and a few toiletries.

home_240 sparklejar_61


The rest of my presents were Mac makeup and Pandora Jewellery., and because the following presents are just so beautiful I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take some photographs, especially since its been a while since I’ve done any beauty photography.


I got lipsticks in the shades, Velvet Teddy, Yash and Viva Glam 3 and a lip liner to match viva glam in the colour Absolutely it. I wanted these shades because I currently have perversion, which is quite a dark matte nude colour and I wanted a lighter matte colour for day to day but I ended up finding two nude colours I liked. Velvet Teddy is a colour I know which is very popular and never used to see the hype about because I wasn’t really into nude lipsticks, but one I bought a cheap nude lipstick just to try out the colour I realised what I’d been missing out on. Anyway it’s a very good day to day lip colour that looks quite natural and I just love it. Yash I’d never really heard of before and the colours quite similar to velvet teddy but different enough to make your over all make up look different. Yash is more brown where as Velvety teddy is more pink, so it looks slightly less natural but just as good. (Velvet Teddy left, Yash Right)

2lipstick_134 3lipsticks_103



I also wanted a dark brown/plum colour and I was suggested to take a look at viva glam 3 which I just love, its great for adding a more dramatic look to your overall makeup look especially for a night out. The lip liner Absolutely it, goes with the colour so well as just gives the extra touch to the lipstick to make it really pop.


My final Mac product was a highlighter called lightscapade. I’ve had my eye on this for quite a while, since me and my friend went shopping in Mac and she wanted a foundation and the women working their suggested a powder, bronzer and highlighter to go with it. It has like a marble look effect and its just so pretty. It’s really easy to build so depending if you like your contour and highlight to be subtle or quite bold it works well for either and its got the right amount of shimmer to give you a nice glow but not make you sparkle too much.


Next if my pandora ring. Rings are probably my favourite form of jewellery and I thought it was time to add another to the collection. When me and my mum went shopping to look for it I struggled so much trying to decide which one I wanted. I knew I wanted a thumb ring so I tried all the ones I liked on my thumb to see how it looked and then though about price because I know they aren’t cheap. I eventually decided on the infinity ring, its so pretty and elegant and is actually quite comfortable to wear.

ring2_87 ringbox_118


My second Pandora product is my leather strap bracelet. I’ve been looking at this bracelet for ages now but could never justify buying it. I already have a standard pandora bracelet but I just don’t wear, I find it too chunky and it’s a bit big for my wrist so it just annoys me and i thought having a leather bracelet might look nicer and I will probably wear it more because it’ll be comfier. I went for a black bracelet and chose the double rather than the single strap which basically means it wraps around the wrist twice which I personally think looks better. My final present from pandora was the cutest little charm. I really can’t get over how much I love it, its a tiny camera! I found it one day on a random site and didn’t think it was an actual pandora charm until we were in the shop and found it in the booklet and I’m sue you can imagine my excitement. It is just so perfect for me.




The last little thing I want to show you is a gimmick type present that us just adorable. A mini bottle of Disaronno and Chambord. They’re only 50ml which is about 2 shots worth of alcohol but I feel like I’ll never actually drink them because they’re just too cute.


I’m so grateful for all my presents, I had a great birthday despite the fact I’m now 20 and I had lots of fun photographing all my pretty gifts. If you liked this post or my photography please share and comment. 🙂

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