Linzi and Stuarts Wedding Photos!

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve been quite a busy bee. I’ve been an assistant filmmaker at a summer streets festival, I went to London for the week and of course I photographer a wedding (other posts coming soon).

Photographing this wedding was a huge deal for me and I was so grateful for the opportunity, I love photography and weddings and to be the official photographer for someones wedding was just amazing! Since I wanted to do a good job, especially since it was my first time, I went out and bough a new lens especially, it was a Sony E-mount 55-210mm, which for those of you how don’t understand camera talk basically means, could could zoom in really far, which was idea for getting close up and personal shots without actually being that close to the couple.

At the start of the day I met the Groom and his family to take some family photos down by the river just along the road from where the ceremony was taking place. We were so lucky that it was a beautiful day, making the photos just that bit more special. Since he has that much family, and I have so many photos I’d like to share with you, I’m going to show them to you a bit at a time.

DSC01334 DSC01343


DSC01351 DSC01363



I then headed to the city Hall to get pictures of the bridesmaids, any other guests and of course the bride arriving with her family.



DSC01450 - Copy DSC01456



Then it was time for the ceremony and I was so nervous, I’m quite a shy person so to be the one standing up and walking round taking pictures whilst everyone was watching the ceremony was really nerve racking for me, but I was determined to get some good shots, especially since I had my new lens. The couple had specifically asked me to take black and white photos as well as colour, which will explain why a lot of the next photos are in black and white. I personally think black and white wedding photos look beautiful so I was more that pleased with this request.

DSC01554 DSC01562


DSC01601 DSC01618



The venue had a beautiful stair case, so after the ceremony had finished and everyone had stopped crying, I got some photos of the two of them on the stairs as well as a photo of everyone! It took a lot of patience to say the least, but we got there in the end.

DSC01635-1 DSC01652



After the emotionally ceremony, where I was getting a bit chocked up myself, we headed to the reception to get the newly weds photo with their wedding car and some pictures of the venue and cake before the guests arrived.

DSC01724 DSC01756





Once everyone had helped themselves to the buffet it was time for the speeches, and shortly after the cutting of the cake, and of course not forgetting the first dance.

DSC01844 DSC01889






The rest of the evening was simply taking pictures of the guests having a good time, dancing and even singing. Unfortunately since I have a mirror-less camera I don’t have a flash  which meant when the disco started it was making it very difficult to take clear images in the low light setting, but I tried my best, and now know that hopefully when there’s a next time, to make sure I buy a flash!

It’s fair to say it was an amazing opportunity and I loved every second of it! It’s made me more confident in myself and as a photographer especially after the couple giving me great feedback for my work. I hope that I can continue to do more events like these and keep improving my confidence and my work because I just simple love it!

P.S If you like my photography and want to see more, I’ve started a photography Instagram so please go check it out and give me a follow – hannahredheadphotography, I will hopefully try and link it to my website soon, and as always feel free to share and tell a friend about my work 🙂

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  1. Eeeee, there they are, the most amazing beautiful work by an amazing beautiful young woman! We cant thank u enough for making are memories even more special. I will and already have recommended you to a lot lol and not forgettin I have a 21 and 18 comin up . Thank u and ur family again for all u have done. It was an emotional perfect day ❤ xxxx

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