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Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve had a lot on recently, but hopefully now I’m move into my new flat and starting back at uni soon I should have some more time to post.

A few weeks ago, maybe more like a month ago, me and my mum packed up our car and drove nearly 6 hours down to London to visit family. The plan for the trip was to have a nice catch up with some of the family we hadn’t seen in a while and go for a nice relaxing night at a spa, which was amazing!

The first full day we had before going to the spa, most of the family was working which meant me and my mum where at a bit of a loss what to do. Since my mum used to live in London, and hasn’t seen the city for a good few years and I have only really been when I was younger we thought it would be a great opportunity to be tourists for a day. We bough an all day tube and train ticket and off we went, luckily my mum had a pretty good memory of how to get around, so we didn’t really get lost. Naturally I took my camera with me and took some photos. We though the first good touristy place that would also be good for photos would be Tower Bridge, with the Shard just opposite and a lovely river walk with some interesting lamp posts to photograph.





After walking up the river and back again, my mum remembered that St Pauls Cathedral would be a good place to take pictures of. So with her vague memory or where to go and google maps, we shortly arrived there, where I had loads of fun testing out my newish lens with being able to zoom right in to the top of the Cathedral, and theres was some pretty street art for the BFG.

top_11 cath_125statues2_97 butterfly-head_219


After a quick lunch break, we decided to head up to Camden, to take a look around the market. We were pleasantly surprised with the amazing wall art on the front of the shops, I can certainly say its like nothing I’d seen before, so there was another fun thing to photograph apart from all the people walking infant of my camera. Further down the street we found a small lock and canal with a canal boat passing through, which was interesting to watch since they had to let the water drain and then fill back up, but it took quite a while so I got bored and just took pictures of random things around me to pass time until it got moving again.

shoes_35 fruitandveg_74






After we’d finished looking around the market we heading back to the tube station and up to covent garden, where unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as it was mainly shops and street performers, which we didn’t watch for very long as we wanted to wonder about and get food.

We had some tea and then headed back to my family’s house that we were staying in. The rest of my trip in London I was at a spa so of course I didn’t really take and pictures, but the experience was fantastic. It was the first spa I’d been to and I loved just walking around in a robe and slippers, although it did feel a bit weird. I went swimming and in the steam room which was an experience, but the next day I had a facial which I didn’t realise consisted of a massage too, it was so relaxing and my skin felt amazing for the next few days. I’d definitely recommend going to a spa even if its just for a day rather than an over night stay, it’s a great way to relax and destress as well as spend some quality time with the person or people you go with.

If you liked any of my photos or are interested in getting in touch with me feel free to leave a comment or contact my through any of my social media accounts. Maybe show a friend who likes photography or someone who’s thinking about visiting London soon 🙂

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