The first ever video I made was my A level music video. I worked in a group of 4 to choose a song and create a video idea for it. The song we chose was Human by Daughter. We made up our own group/band name which was Kitsune which means fox in Japaneses as this is very fitting to the narrative of our video. We wanted to create something unique and thought provoking and came up with the idea of using animal masks. I wont give too much away as you can make your own opinions and interpretations of the story line.   I filmed and edited a lot of the footage as well as stared as the drummer for the band because everyone we asked kept dropping out so I had to step up. Although it was very stressful I also thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, it taught me what its like to work to a deadline as well as work in a group on a production project. Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions, hope you enjoy it 🙂

The next major video I made was for one of my first modules at Uni. I had to create a 30 second- 1 minute advert, advertising anything I wanted and in what ever way I wanted. I filmed, directed and edited the ad giving me full creative control. I really enjoy music so I wanted to do something music related so I chose to make a headphone advert calling the product Pulse. My original idea was better than the actual out come but due to a lot of technical difficulties, my lack of experience with the editing software I had to use and my pickiness about finding the right music track, I quickly ran out of time leading up to my deadline. I’d love to do something like this again and aim higher. Please leave any comments or feedback you might have, hope you enjoy 🙂

My most recent video that I have put together is a portfolio of shots from my moving camera module in second year at uni. This is the portfolio that I handed in to be graded and received a 1st for! The portfolio had to include a range of different steadicam shots, both single shots and linked shots, as well as at least two shots using the crane, track and dolly, doorway dolly and slider. This module was by far the best module I’ve done so far at uni, it was technically and physically challenging but so much fun! It made my love for camera operating even stronger and make me think about a possible path of being a steadicam operator.