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Summary Rise of the Federation A Choice of Futures Star Trek Enterprise #15 107 ×       A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War; The United Federation of Planets an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all Admiral Jonathan Archer — the former captain of the      A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War; The United Federation of Planets an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all Admiral Jonathan Archer the former captain of the Earth starship USS Enterprise whose efforts made this union possible envisions a vibrant Fed­eration promoting galactic peace and a multi species Starfleet dedicated to exploring strange new worlds       Archer’s former crewmates including Captain T’Pol of the USS Endeavour and Captain Malcolm Reed of the USS Pioneer. Really good start to the Rise of the Federation Can't wait to read the others in this series

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On’s leaders seize the opportunity to build their reputation as an interstellar power But Archer fears the conflict is building toward an unnec­essary war potentially taking the young nation down a path it was never meant to follow Archer and his allies strive to find a better solutionbut old foes are working secretly to sabotage their efforts and ensure that the great experiment called the Federation comes to a uick and bloody end This novel is the first in the Rise of the Federation series outlining the early years of the United Federation of Plane. My initial review of this book was all of four words Bring back Michael Martin However since I'm well aware that doesn't do the book justice I will make an attempt to throw a few sentences together in a way that best describes my experience But where to begin Should I cover the extra long descriptions of things that were totally unnecessary or should I mention how I covered my face with embarrassment as certain characters went well beyond their norm and did things that were totally against their character such as making ship wide advertisements of their physical ailments If you are a fan of Enterprise and devoured Michael Martin's books on the Romulan War then rushed out to pick up Choice of Futures thinking it was going to continue from where the others left off you're rushing out for the wrong reasons This series needed on the War and less of a jump from the Romulans into whatever this was Don't get me wrong A Choice of Futures is full of memorable moments from the series that fans will enjoy but that is basically the entire premise of the book It was like the author was given a challenge How many scenes from the TV show can you throw into one 336 page novel and still manage a pinch of plot I was eager to settle down with my favorite series not relive episodes I could watch on DVDWhat little bit of a new plot that was there scattered among the lengthy useless uniform and ship descriptions Who's going to pick up this book and not already know enough about Star Trek to know that stuff was all right and somewhat interesting I couldn't say that the character development went too far in fact it might have gone backwards but at least said characters are recognizable and somewhat back together again I did like that they had moved on in their careers even if it does seem a little soon for some As a work of fanfiction this wouldn't have been too disappointing as a novel it made me wish I wasn't so addicted to the series that I was literally desperate for anything officialMy heart rose when I saw the note at the end will continue Spring 2014 It sank when I realized who the author would be At this point my only hope for enjoyment of the rest of the series is that someone will study the previous books a little to find out what works and remember that the readers picking up any Enterprise novels are already fans of the series We don't need hand holding we just need a visit with our favorite characters and another great story

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Rise of the Federation A Choice of Futures Star Trek Enterprise #15Work with him to secure that bright future Yet others within the Federation see its purpose as chiefly military a united defense against a dangerous galaxy while some of its neighbors view that military might with suspicion and fear And getting the member nations their space fleets and even their technologies to work together as a unified whole is an ongoing challenge      When a new threat emerges from a force so alien and hostile that negotiation seems impossible a group of unaligned worlds asks Starfleet to come to its defense and the Federati. This book essentially starts the Enterprise relaunch series afresh with a new author new fictional era and new storytelling approach While the five previous relaunch installments by Martin and Mangles were based on material that could have conceivably been covered in the TV series had it continued for a few years this book felt like the first true Enterprise relaunch novel; it takes the premise of the series and follows each of the show's main characters as their Starfleet careers and personal lives progress The story begins with the signing of the Federation charter and decommissioning of the NX 01 in 2161 consistent with the final episode of the TV series Archer is promoted to Admiral and T'Pol is made captain of what is essentially another NX Class ship with some minor modifications it's uite obvious the author would have preferred to continue using the NX 01 but thanks to Brannon and Braga that wasn't possible Half of the existing Enterprise crew joins T'Pol and the other half are elected to serve on the brand new USS Pioneer both ships of which are under the supervision of Admiral Archer While this 'split' seems implausibly convenient it nicely complements the book's fresh but familiar plotlines and adds enough change without alienating itself from the TV series Additionally the way The Romulan War To Brave the Storm ended also made me worried that Trip may not appear in the relaunch again but much to my relief he showed up early on and played a part in the storyAs far as the plot goes the novel follows the crews of the two ships plus Archer and Trip as they attempt to combat a force that is determined to undermine the newly formed Federation a story that is simple enough to be easily followed but complicated enough to keep those pages turning More hardcore Trek fans will also appreciate the book's vast references to people species and planets from TOS TAS and the other Trek spin offs but even though the references are not always subtle you don't necessarily need to recognise or understand them to follow the story Bennett's pace and style was also a welcome change While Martin and Mangles spent most of their books slowly building up to a massive page turning climax this book was much evenly paced It was much easier to understand and follow and although it wasn't uite as exciting as it's predecessors it was still a consistently good read The novel also spent a lot of time carefully laying the groundwork for the rest of the Rise of the Federation series so it's understandable that it didn't have a large buildup and climax All in all this book was nothing super special but it was definitely an easy enjoyable read that set up and made me excited for the rest of the series