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Age of Ambition Chasing Fortune Truth and Faith in the New ChinaUnd political economic and cultural upheaval In Age of Ambition he describes the greatest collision taking place in that country the clash between the rise of the individual and the Communist Party's struggle to retain control He asks probing uestions Why does a government with success lifting people from poverty than any civilization in history choose to put strict restraints on freedom of expression Why do millions of young Chinese professionals fluent Age of Ambition won the National Book Award for Nonfiction in 2014 and no wonder Nothing I’ve read about the rise of China for many years has immersed me so deeply into the texture of life in that country or memorably portrayed its yawning contradictionsTwenty years ago the extraordinary husband and wife reporting team of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn published China Wakes The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power Based on five years of work in China — they won the Pulitzer for their reporting on the Tiananmen Suare massacre — China Wakes introduced American readers to the dynamism and the clashing contradictions unleashed a decade and a half earlier by the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping Now two decades further on Evan Osnos ably updates the story with Age of AmbitionOsnos brings to bear the insight that comes only with extended experience and facility with the language in an alien culture the sort of understanding that no reader can glean from the daily news no matter how deeply reported “The Party had always prided itself on articulating the ‘central melody’ of Chinese life” Osnos writes in a perfect example of this insight “but as the years passed the Party’s rendition of that melody seemed increasingly out of tune with the cacophony and improvisation striking up all around it It was impossible to know what ‘most Chinese’ believed because the state media and the political system were designed not to amplify public opinion but to impose a shape on it Nationalism like any other note in the melody might surge to the surface at one moment and fade into the background at another but was it the mainstream view The nationalists didn’t think so”Osnos focuses his penetrating repertorial eye on ten or a dozen central figures whose stories resume from time to time through the pages of this brilliant survey of contemporary China A heroic young captain in the Taiwanese Army who defects to the Mainland and later — much later — becomes one of the country’s most celebrated economists garnering the job of chief economist at the World Bank A self promoting English teacher who builds a nationwide adult education empire based on urging his students to shout English at the top of their lungs A PhD candidate in philosophy at a leading university who spearheads an ultranationalist campaign online The sad story of the driven railroad man who rises to preside over one of the most corrupt ministries in a country of legendary corruption building China’s network of high speed trains along the way — and is nearly executed for his achievements These and so many other fascinating characters bring the reality of present day China to life in ways that episodic journalistic reports so rarely can Evan Osnos knows his subjects and he follows them for years Read Age of Ambition and you’ll get to know them tooStill shy of 40 Evan Osnos reported from China for The New Yorker from 2008 to 2013 Earlier as a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune he was part of a team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting Age of Ambition is his first book

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MOBI ´ DOC Age of Ambition Chasing Fortune Truth and Faith in the New China 9780374280741 FREE À From abroad we often see China as a caricature a nation of pragmatic plutocrats and ruthlessly dedicated students destined to rule the global economy or an addled Goliath riddled with corruIn English and devoted to Western pop culture consider themselves angry youth dedicated to resisting the West's influence How are Chinese from all strata finding meaning after two decades of the relentless pursuit of wealth Writing with great narrative verve and a keen sense of irony Osnos follows the moving stories of everyday people and reveals life in the new China to be a battleground between aspiration and authoritarianism in which only one can preva An interesting look at contemporary China by a journalist who has spent over a decade living there Documents the cultural changes of a country in great flux and tells the story of national changes through individual narratives I was especially taken with the stories of educated young Chinese nationalists reviving traditional Eastern thought and insisting on a uniue place for China in the world aloof from blind Westernization This was interesting in the suggestion that Third Worldism is still an animating force for many Chinese behind the market driven consumerism projected to the outside worldOne of my favourite subjects is the upheaval of China's Cultural Revolution during Mao's time and while this is very much a book about the present moment those events still reverberate Chinese history and culture was mostly wiped clean and people are only beginning to try and rediscover it Moreover they are being forced to develop a new morality to cope with their present moment and to fill the spiritual void created by the national ideology of production and consumption mixed with obviously discredited paeans to socialismWell written even humorous at times offers a good window into the hopes and aspirations of contemporary Chinese people especially young strivers who are wholly a product of this age

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From abroad we often see China as a caricature a nation of pragmatic plutocrats and ruthlessly dedicated students destined to rule the global economy or an addled Goliath riddled with corruption and on the edge of stagnation What we don't see is how both powerful and ordinary people are remaking their lives as their country dramatically changes As the Beijing correspondent for The New Yorker Evan Osnos was on the ground in China for years witness to profo This book so than any other I've read on China best captures the country's current situation challenges and contradictions Osnos did a good job of weaving together the characters and themes that he explores built around the triad of fortune truth and faith capturing the way that prosperity and development co exist with political dissent and spiritual explorationI lived in China from 2007 to 2011 and like many aspiring Western 'half pats' in China learned a great deal about my surrounds from reading the reportage and books of Evan Osnos Peter Hessler his predecessor as the New Yorker's Beijing correspondent and others Many of us were partly inspired to visit China because of Peter Hessler's “River Town” and a 'Hessler versus Osnos' debate made for common conversation For those fellow Hessler enthusiasts you'll find Osnos by comparison in book length to be similar to his longform journalism macro inclined focused on bigger issues and mover shaker types less personal and comical While I loved reading Hessler on China for all the adventure and insights into the working class he provides Osnos excels at analyzing the grand themes and intellectual debates that China observers engage in For those who haven't read Hessler and want a personal street level insight into contemporary China I suggest the entire trilogy preferably in chronological orderOsnos does an above average job of balancing between the biases of various sides the domestic and Western media Chinese liberals and conservatives etc While his own politics appear clear he comes across as a pragmatic liberal he presents competing beliefs at least beyond the official Party line in an insightful unobstructed manner I would love to hear what Chinese readers think of the book I'm sure that translations arewill make their way to the curious