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Almost a Bride Turtleback Beach #1 kindle Þ ebook read ß hannahredhead Ì Can he love herAnd keep her safe? No one in Turtleback Beach knows that veterinarian Grayson Zale is in the witness protection program—not even the woman who left him at the altar When a joint inheritance brings Mandi Rivers Can he love herAnd keep her safe? No one in Turtleback Beach knows that veterinarian Grayson Zale is in the witness protection program not even I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy from the Prism Book Tours This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewAlmost a Bride by Rula Sinara is a sweet romantic book about trying to bring two people that are in love together Will Mandi ever trust Gray without him not telling her about his past? Grayson Zale Grayson Zale is the primary male love interest and he is the local veterinarian He is all about saving the marine wildlife that visits Turtleback Beach  He is into saving the sea turtles well except for the healthy preditors Gray is also trying to keep his heart from being hurt by Mandi again These two have a lot of issues to work out and the best way to do that is by trying to make Nana's house beautiful again Along with discussing a big secret that Gray has been keeping for the past five yearsWhat I like about Gray is that he is a great character He is already trying his hardest to keep moving forward but his past is continually affecting his present Another thing that I like about him is that he knows that even if he can't have the girl if he wants to keep her safe  Mandi Rivers Mandi Rivers is the main female love interest and she is originally from Turtkleback but left for her master's degree in advertising She is overall a perplexed person especially after she comes back home for her grandmother's funeral and stays long enough to get her house on the market She is confused because she doesn't want to be like her dad but inadvertently let herself become him in ways that Mandi didn't see until she was old enough to understandMandi loves Gray and wants to make it work but she can't deal with Gray lying to her all the time What I like about her is that she is a sweet person once she is in her hometown again Another thing that I like about her is that when Mandi is with Gray he brings out the best in her The one thing that I don't like is that even though she is twenty five she allows her father to tell her what to do  Five Stars Almost a Bride by Rula Sinara is a fantastic book that had me on the edge of my seat reading through the entire story I had to know what happened next and if Mandi would ever find the truth about Gray Granted I won't spoil anything but it's a great read I am giving it five stars and recommending it to anyone that loves sweet romances Not only does it have a cute vet but a guy that loves sea turtles Other Book in the Series Organized by Thank you for dropping by I hope you enjoyed this review of Almost a Bride by Rula Sinara Until the next timeThis review was originally posted on Baroness' Book Trove

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The woman who left him at the altar When a joint inheritance brings Mandi Rivers back to their small seaside town Gray can’t deny that their c MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKMoving back to Turtleback Beach North Carolina Mandy is fighting her attraction to once loved Grayson Zale The they are together the the attraction is pretty clear This is a fun story to follow The character are real and enjoyable for the most part I love that there was a mysterious side to this story as well throwing a nice twist to the story and made it enjoyable for me I love a good mystery Overall I enjoyed this book except for one thing that I had a difficult time with And maybe a Spoiler There was a twist that I didn’t care for and that was a alternative lifestyle the author throws in as an unexpected surprise with no warning which there should have been Everyone has a right to their opinions and I totally respect that but readers have a right to a WARNING when something like this is included in a book And for this reason it saddens me that I will not be reading anything else from Rula Sinara because the previous books I have read from her have been great readsA special thanks to the authorpublisher for a copy of this book I am not reuired to write a positive review the opinions here are mine alone I am disclosing this with my review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255

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Almost a Bride Turtleback Beach #1Onnection is as strong as ever But his mysterious past remains between them; can he reveal the truth without endangering Mandi and their future? This is a new series for Rula I am looking forward to the journey this series will provide I got to be part of her previous series Kenya mid way thru and loved it Having read this one I can't wait for the second one Meeting Grayson Zale was fascinating He had a strength of character forged by fire His character had many layers that you got to know as the story progresses There are important secrets he cannot reveal to anyone Meeting Mandi Rivers was great Rula gave her a depth of character that was kinda neat She was a person you would like on first meeting Watching the 2 working out past problems was great to see Mandi trying to handle her father was good to see for each of us have that issue Its got a great story that gives you a glimpse into witness protection and life I look forward to the next one