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Babylon 5 In Valen's Name Free download Î 8 â Babylon In the Beginning線上看 《Babylon In the Beginning》正片資源及Babylon In the Beginning預告和片花Bylon In the Beginning》正片資源?. Ambitious for a three issue story arc but oh so boring There simply wasn't enough time to flush out all these concepts properly and the end result is a fairly confusing mess Since characters spend so much time inside their spacesuits it's sometimes hard to tell them apart and swapping out J Michael Straczynski for Peter David after the first issue feels a bit like a bait and switch

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?Babylon In the Beginning預告和片?. Very uick graphic novel to read glad it expanded on events that happened in the episodes Babylon suared and war without end parts 1 and 2 overall good

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Babylon 5 In Valen's NameBabylon In the Beginning線上看 《Ba. I'd heard legends of the B5 comic books decades ago but never came across them before I randomly found this one and the shadow one randomly at the Highgate oxfam and bought both I'm really glad I did This was a perfect little postscript to the story of Valen and Babylon 4 It read as a wonderful tribute to Michael O'Hare Beautifully written the characters felt and sounded right It was like discovering another little piece of that universe Like Delenn I was close to tears at the end