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17 Gone by Nova Ren Suma characters â 107 ´ Seventeen year old Lauren is having visions of girls who have gone missing And all these girls have just one thing in common – they are 17 and gone without a trace As Lauren struggles to shake these waking nightmares impossible uestions demand urgent answers Why are the girls speaking to LaureSeventeen year old Lauren is having visions of girls who have gone missing And all these girls have just one thing in common – they are 17 and gone without a trace As Lauren struggles to shake these wa. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads45 starsThank you Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or take to alter this review 'The ghosts tonight have already told their stories'Reviews are difficult things Word after word of my thoughts emotions ualms and complaints Yet it still takes time to write After reading Seventeen Gone I realised a problem I had no notes written down ready to write this review Why Simply because I was so captivated and caught in this hazy world I was lost in a bookish paradox So boys and girls be prepared to listen to me blubbering of this enthralling novel that still has me half awake the other half still reading and reading those restless last words Girls of the century Millennium They run away They make plans to go They think it's a joke Funny even It's when they disappear without meaning to it becomes a mystery But only for Lauren Other people couldn't really care less and get the two mixed up The girl disappeared because she ran away Or the girl ran away and disappeared However only Lauren asked a different uestion Why did they disappear How Who Lauren can see these lost girls talk to them and see their past She wants to help them but no one is listening Because no one suspects what she knows Nova Ren Suma's writing is something to bow down to The atmosphere she creates is so thrilling and suspenseful that you can't just help but fall into What I appreciated about Seventeen Gone was the way her research and key messages spoke through the writing It was incorporated with jarring experiences and semi crypticness A self awareness novel even The idea was optimally a mixture of real and surreal Truth and falsity Beautiful and alarming sentences Broken but connected My words cannot even summarise half of this novel But I'll just leave it as; I learnt many many things in this novel and the messages plotted trickily should not be overseen All our characters and supporting characters in here are so divergent and original I loved Lauren Her personality was so thoughtfully driven and clear She wasn't stupid all her motives had a reason and I enjoyed going though her thinking process We also have the collection of lost seventeen year old girls even though hinting a little cliché wouldn't have bothered me Nova Ren Suma has none of that It's all magnificently breathtaking and earth shattering Another gratifying part of this book is that even possible was the romance Not at all dominating it sits in the corner obediently lighting and twisting the mood distinctively every now and again I guess I can't even call this a subplot as it was such a small element but still touching and gorgeous all the same Jamie was so full of character and genuine just like Lauren For my first novel by Nova Ren Suma I know I'll be keen for her other books Seventeen Gone is a chilling novel with impressive writing that's full of character as well as a great backbone meaning that just hits this book home Just a small hesitation about needing plot going through bit other than that the characters and idea were executed flawlessly Recommended to lovers of Pretty Girl 13 and other mystery thrillers

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King nightmares impossible uestions demand urgent answers Why are the girls speaking to Lauren How can she help them And is she next As Lauren searches for clues everything begins to unravel Then a brush. I managed to finish 17 Gone given that it was so boringThe writing is great though but the stories are notLauren sees the ghosts of girls who have disappeared when they were seventeen Some of them ran away some were abducted one was still aliveThe story goes from girl to girl without lingering in one long enough to make me feel sorry for herI feel that the book was trying to get to my soft side by saying things like no girl no missing girl no runaway deserves to be given up on just like I wouldn't want anyone to give up on me I found those type of lines cheesyI didn't feel any thrill; I kept looking to see how many pages were left and how many stories would be added I guess that people who have had somebody missing will love the book because unless you don't have a heart you should feel sorry for missing girls Which I do feel sorry for missing girls that is but this book didn't evoke any of those feelings in me I asked my sister what she thought of the book just to make sure that I wasn't being a total bitch and she said that she found it boring too Alas Looks like we are still in sync now if I could just get her to read Angelfall my work here would be done

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17 Gone by Nova Ren SuWith death lands her in the hospital and a shocking truth emerges changing everythingWith complexity and richness Nova Ren Suma serves up a beautiful visual fresh interpretation of what it means to be los. I spent most of this book confused Like the main character I wasn't sure what was going on or what was going to happen next And then it all came together It's unfortunate that discussing how it all came together is a huge spoiler because it's such an important topic but luckily Nova Ren Suma addresses than one worthwhile issue17 Gone is about in between girls at that in between age They're not legally adults but they left the protection of childhood long ago If these girls disappear it's noted but not particularly noteworthy Expected even Lauren isn't one of those girls She lives with her mother goes to school and has a boyfriend Yet one day she finds herself drawn to a flyer of a missing girl Abigail Sinclair She knows without a doubt that Abigail actually went by Abby She knows this because Abby is talking to herThis is a book that could've easily turned into a public service announcement or after school special but instead Nova Ren Suma weaves her message into a taut thriller Even when I was confused I couldn't put it down The first part where Lauren obsessively tracks down details of missing girl after missing girl was heartbreaking and staggering There's a ripped from the headlines feel because they probably were At one point Lauren wondersI was 17I was a girlDidn't we matterThe second part deals with a topic I wish was explored I'm being purposefully vague but wanting is just a testament to the uality of the writing I expected a straight criminal procedural but 17 Gone surprised me with its creative depiction of relevant and serious issues This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous