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The Boleyn KingPerfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir and Showtime’s The Tudors The Boleyn King is the first book in an enthralling trilogy that dares to imagine What if Anne Boleyn had actually given Henry VIII a son who grew up to be king? Just seventeen years old Henry IX known as William is a king bound by the restraints of t Fine as a Tudor romance but abysmal as speculative fictionalternate history Review to come Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages Reviews25 starsWasted potentialI’m sorry I know reviewers should focus only on what’s in front of them but I couldn’t read The Boleyn King without dwelling on the fact that it does not live up to its premise The selling point of the book the very title is the rewriting of history to suppose that Anne Boleyn didn’t lose her head but instead carried her son to term and changed the face of English history Yet here are some of my notes while reading So far it doesn't have teeth Everything's basically the same just with ‘William’ in place of EdwardReally we rewrote English history for a tepid murder mystery?We're starting to experience some differences from real history but I just can't get over how odd it is to focus on two fictional characters' romance insteadTepid That’s a great word for what’s in store here The author either believes that little would change in history or she’s afraid to dig in resulting in world where England has a boy king and a powerful reagent Elizabeth loves Robert Dudley the Catholics rally around Mary Tudor Mary ueen of Scots is betrothed to the Dauphin of Franceexcept now love interests William and Dominic Courtenay I believe a completely fictional character because I can find no mention of him in other histories lead a skirmish in France How shockingI will say the most effective revision is Anne Boleyn herself though the dowager ueen is in very little of the story I did feel like she was the same woman from England’s actual history just older and wiser I didn’t feel the same about George who’s been reduced to ‘mysterious schemer” It makes his interaction with his sister late in the book seem awkward and out of character The rest of the “real” characters fall somewhere in the middleHowever if we take The Boleyn King not as an alternate history but a mysteryromance between a group of four teenagers in Tudor style England ish country it becomes a perfectly fine historical fiction though not without its own problemsI found the romance to be an extremely standard love triangle between Minuette the real main character despite what the blurb would have you think and William and Dominic The “winner” of which is blatantly obvious from page 11 when the boys whip out their metaphorical dicks to see who gave her the best birthday gift and it keeps right on being obvious for the next 300 pages More frustratingly the resolution wasn’t satisfying and felt deceptive and gross on Minuette's part The overarching plot is the search for a document The Penitent’s Confession that states that William isn’t Henry’s son but George’s thus making him an incest born bastard and Mary the rightful heir to the throne This does jibe with real history and is a perfectly legitimate mystery for the Scooby gang to embark on If only they hadn’t forgotten and ignored its existence for long periods Still the mystery does have an interesting wrinkle in the end but by that point I was so checked out I have no interest in continuing the series to find out if it’s resolved

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The Boleyn King mobi ✓ Kindle Edition read ô laura andersen ☆ Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir and Showtime’s The Tudors The Boleyn King is the first book in an enthralling trilogy that dares to imagine What if Anne Boleyn had actually given Henry VIII a son who grew up to be king?He regency yet anxious to prove himself With the French threatening battle and the Catholics sowing the seeds of rebellion at home William trusts only three people his older sister Elizabeth; his best friend and loyal counselor Dominic; and Minuette a young orphan raised as a royal ward by William’s mother Anne Boleyn Against a I really wanted to love this book as I liked the idea of it so much What if Anne Boleyn HAD given Henry VIII a son and had not been beheaded? That is something that as a Tudor fan I liked to speculate on It would have changed the whole course of historyThe book starts with 17 year old William on the throne His name bothered me because every Tudor non fiction book I've read indicates that Henry wished to name his first son either Henry or Edward Indeed his son to Jane Seymour was called Edward So where the heck did the decision that he should be known as William come from??? When is William EVER short for Henry? And if you are going to call someone William why not just christen him William? None of that makes any sense to me Our new King is a petulant little brat who is incapable of paying attention in meetings never mind running the country something I seriously doubt would happen with the son of Anne and Henry If you look at Tudor history young King Edward was capable of that and he was younger than William here William just sulks all the time and I don't find this character believable as KingWilliam's best friend is called Dominic which again is not really a recognised Tudor name as far as I know and is a copy of Charles Brandon Henry VIII's best friend Elizabeth is 20 and unmarried being pursued by suitors in France and Spain She is not the Elizabeth you expect and seems to take orders from Minuette rather than run things herself Lord Rochford is Lord Protector Then we have Minuette Could anyone be as darn perfect? Daughter of Anne's French maid she is in Elizabeth's household but Minuette always gets her own way in everything She of course is the most beautiful most charming most loved by everyone and is able to get away with anything because she is so admired GAG She is so sickly sweet she makes you want to vomit and of course William and Dominic are fighting for her love Great The darn love triangleThen comes the mystery to be solved A pregnant woman at court is dead but did she fall or was she pushed? Suddenly our four friends decide to investigate This is where the book became like a Famous Five adventure with spiffing fun and loads of ginger beer It was like a YA cozy mystery with the young 'uns sneaking around behind the backs of the adults to solve the crimes and I was not very impressed This is not really a proper Tudor novel We get very little in the way of current world events or the type of intrigue we expect or anything much outside of a plot about four YA friends wandering around Court and doing virtually nothing of interest Where are all the great characters? Anne Boleyn one of the most interesting women in history is reduced to sitting sewing in the background in the scenes she features in This was for teens than adult Tudor fans Maybe it should have been called Five go to Hampton CourtI mean one of them was bound to have a dog

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Tide of secrets betrayal and murder William finds himself fighting for the very soul of his kingdom Then when he and Dominic both fall in love with Minuette romantic obsession looms over a new generation of Tudors One among them will pay the price for a king’s desire as a shocking twist of fate changes England’s fortunes forev I debated what to rate this because once again Goodreads doesn't use half stars This will most likely get three and a half stars on my own review blog Shameless plug? And the main character is the problem But on that later First the plot Anne Boleyn doesn't lose her child but rather gives birth to the son Henry has been longing for The story proper picks up seventeen years later where that son named William is getting ready to enter his majority He is getting anxious to be free of his regent Lord Rochefort his mother's brother George Boleyn while fighting off the Catholics who still support his sister Lady Mary The few people William trusts are his sister Elizabeth and their friends Dominic Courteny and Genevieve Minuette Wyatt The four find themselves pulled into political intrigue when Minuette's roommate is found dead And as they go deeper down the rabbit's hole they find themselves involved in complicated love relationships Elizabeth is drawn to her friend the very married Robert Dudley William takes on a lover while mulling over political marriages Dominic and Minuette start to feel an attraction toward each other and it isn't long before William feels the same How will this effect their friendships? England? And what about that plot?So back to the main character who proves to be Minuette Most of the story is hers though Andersen gives time to the other three as well But the problem is Minuette is a Sue She shares a birthday with William and is good friends with him and Elizabeth She's beautiful and entices many men at court Including William and Dominic who both are fiercely protective of her Elizabeth too She is spirited and does things that would probably get other ladies of the court scolded but she only gets smiles She is as intelligent as Elizabeth and it is noted that when Henry once visited their classroom he was impressed with her and showed her affection rather than his own daughter And Elizabeth doesn't begrudge her that because it's Minuette And that's really where I drew the line over how much I could tolerate from this character And she had nothing else to redeem her Nothing else to endear me to her There were a few hints of something dark happening to her as a child when she visited her mother after the woman's remarriage to Stephen Howard view spoilerIt's a bust in the end though as the big dark secret she couldn't remember is walking in on her mother and stepfather having sex Look I know no one wants to walk in on our parents doing it and let's face it even when we learn about sex we'd still rather pretend we came from the storkcabbage patch But at the rate it was going I thought she had been sexually assaulted as a child by a Howard relation Especially as Andersen wants us to believe Minuette is so desirable hide spoiler