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Read Mrs Bridge eBook í Paperback ð Evan S. Connell æ In Mrs Bridge Evan S Connell a consummate storyteller artfully crafts a portrait using the finest of details in everyday events and confrontations With a surgeon’s skill Connell cuts away the middle class security blanket of uniformity to expose the arrested deveIn Mrs Bridge Evan S Connell a consummate storyteller artfully crafts a portrait using the finest of details in everyday events and confrontations With a surgeon’s skill Connell cuts away the middle class security blanket of uniformity to expose the arrested development underneath the entropy of time and relationships lead Mrs Bridge's th If you’re like me there may be certain privileged disenchanted types you feel like telling “Get a real problem” I thought for a while Mrs Bridge would ualify for that kind of reproach She had a comfortable life at a time when many did not she had few responsibilities and the status uo such as she perceived it suited her fine Whence the angst then Reading on we see from where very clearly I was no longer tempted to say her problems weren’t real Thanks to Connell’s many revealing vignettes everything about her rang trueMrs Bridge and her husband a successful lawyer who worked long hours at the office lived in Kansas City with their two daughters and younger son The time period covered the twenties up to WWII During much of this time of course the country was in The Great Depression but you wouldn’t know it by them Her Lincoln laundry kitchen and home were well tended At first I viewed her as a kind of numeraire a God fearing Midwestern middlebrow against whom the differing attitudes of the day and uirks of other characters could be measured Then as tiles in the mosaic were put in place 117 short chapters I found that her own nuanced profile had emerged It wasn’t always one we could admire but it was one we could understand She was a recognizable product of human nature and the timesThere are so many examples of Connell’s brilliant character bites that it’s difficult to come up with a representative few that can illustrate These tidbits did not constitute a plot but they were interesting enough in their own right to keep the narrative lively Characters other than Mrs Bridge were profiled too including her family servants and friends We’re reminded of the state of race relations “knowing one’s place” in essence and the role of many housewives in the pre feminist era deferring to the husband in most every way Mrs Bridge was the most fully drawn of course Mr Bridge got his chance in a follow up book Connell published 10 years later She was » not one to speak her mind if it could be construed as poor manners to do so» a careful student of appearances» innately suspicious of change» friends with a woman who liked arts and books but could never seem to follow through with her own self improvements Spanish lessons curtailed after chapter 1 her short lived political awareness campaign yielded the way to Mr Bridge’s pronouncements and books were often abandoned» progressively less successful imparting her old values to the new generation of BridgesWhile it was not always easy to like Mrs Bridge it was no leap at all to feel sorry for her As her children grew independent she had very little to do Companionship from her husband was minimal And the purposelessness she felt really stung To sum it all up Connell’s last short chapter presented the perfect ending view spoilerMrs Bridge was pulling her Lincoln out of the garage when the engine died Her door was right up against the side of the garage and the other doors were obstructed too She was trapped with no clue of how to get out Would anyone hear her cries for help If so when hide spoiler

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Up portrait of a family closely knit on the surface but deeply divided by loneliness boredom misunderstandings isolation sexual longing and terminal isolation In this special fiftieth anniversary edition we are reminded once again why Mrs Bridge has been hailed by readers and critics alike as one of the greatest novels in American literatur This time around I am struck by the fact that the archetype of 1930s intellectually incurious wealthy housewife captured by Connell remains strong now A woman who is perfectly nice to people of color of poor or foreigners as long as they know their place Who will occasionally read a book club novel as long as it is not too upsetting Whose life is guided by the decisions of her husband always Another thing that never seems to change is how kids are crap to their parents when they are teenagers We always hear how in olden days young people respected their elders Clearly a lie This is why I have a job and read books Being buried in and fixated on domesticity and propriety is just so damn soul killing I could have never made it as a 1930s housewifeI wonder what Mr Bridge is like

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Mrs BridgeRee children and husband to recede into a remote silence and she herself drifts further into doubt and confusion The raised evening newspaper becomes almost a fire screen to deflect any possible spark of conversation The novel is comprised of vignettes images fragments of conversations events all building powerfully toward the completed gro Upper middle class woman endures rather than lives lifeThis reminds me in tone of The Remains of the Day A woman named India an exotic name for an ordinary person gets married has three children and watches them grow up Mrs Bridge exists in a timeless place it seems I was shocked when the beginning of World War 2 was mentionedShe loves her children and her husband but doesn't understand them especially the beautiful Ruth her eldest and mercurial Douglas the baby of the family Mr Bridge is sensible and understands and empathize with the children better than his wife but he is never home He is always at work giving them the best life he can little knowing that it is he they want and miss The novel is very very sad and sometimes absurd so that I laughed at Mrs Bridge's preposterous and officious manner Her conventional behaviour is sometimes hard to bear but she is human and never a caricatureWritten in small essays the story is not told as much as built up in layers as is life