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Ircumspect in introducing new knowledge not too far in advance of the planet’s technology and being labelled a demonAs he adjusts Joe finds that he has be dropped into a developing clash between the people who cared for him and for whom he develops an affinity and a military power from elsewhere on the planet a power with designs on conuestUnaware Joseph Colsco has been poured into a crucible where time and trials will transform him in ways he could never have imagined. Joseph Colsco bound for a chemical society meeting is traveling on an airplane involved in a mid air collision with an alien spacecraft Barely surviving the crash Colsco physically repaired by alien technology is given a choice He can be released on another planet also populated by humans but at a much earlier stage of development or die Not much of a choice but one from which Colsco was determined to do his best to adapt and surviveNow called Yozef Kolsko he becomes a resident of the large island of Caedellium on the planet Anyar at a time in human development roughly corresponding to the seventeenth century on Earth What follows is his struggle to learn the language social skills and to learn to fit into the indigenous society The author has skillfully and imaginatively detailed most of the issues that would confront a person in such a situation to include simple technologies he could teach the residents to better their livesBut all is not rosy in paradise; the aggressive Narthani Empire the Anyar euivalent of Earth’s Roman Empire has begun to subvert the clans of Caedellium with the goal of seizing Caedellium’s resources and enslaving its people Learning of the Narthani threat shocks Yozef but he is able to find the inner resolve necessary to help the people of Abersford and his benefactors at St Sidryn’s Abbey in their struggle against Narthani mercenaries the BuldoriansCast Under an Alien Sun is built upon a large cast of well developed characters who are believable in their roles and circumstances The reader can easily identify with Yozef’ and I felt his actions and responses were reasonable within the circumstances of the scenes The other characters were likewise reasonable and fit their roles I would have expected suspicion of Yozef but his ability to produce simple products and strategies and provide limited but rational explanations keep effectively protect his status and prevent fear among his neighbors Cast Under an Alien Sun is s thoughtful and entertaining read for anyone who loves action adventures While it is science fiction in concept it crosses the line into political drama and historic fiction as well It should be well received by a variety of readers

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Cast Under an Alien SunWhat if you were thrown into a foreign society never to see home again What would you do and could you survive A story science fiction in premise adventure in execution A cross genre adventure with elements of science fiction history hard science epic fantasy time travel romance alien contact and space colonizationJoe Colsco boarded a flight from San Francisco to Chicago to attend a national chemistry meeting He would never set foot on Earth againOn planet Anyar Joe is f. What did I thinkIf you make a world where a human is being transferred from Earth to another planet where some aliens some x thousands of years ago already planted other humans and several Earth fauna and flora have alredy been transplanted kindly avoid that they could possibly have had the same evolution Monotheism Indo Germanic language Minutes as a unit of measuring time while the complete calender is different Abbeys with real abbots Miles as units of measuring distance for god's sake European names A substitute for coffee as in nobody is actually able to get out of bed and something done without having one first Actual christian marriage with only the occasional exception of than one wifehusbandThis is all the grating since the author tried very hard and repeteadly to describe a somewhat different worldplanetAlso once said is enough There's no need to describe MC's eyes over and over neither his history neither his never home again dilemma etc etc etcI'm giving the next one a try Why with only 2 stars I had a clear view of where this is all going halfway through the first volume and now I want to know if I was right

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FREE DOWNLOAD Cast Under an Alien Sun î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ What if you were thrown into a foreign society never to see home again What would you do and could you survive A story science fiction in premise adventure in execution A cross genre adventure with elements of science fiction history hard science epOund unconscious on a beach of a large island inhabited by humans where the level of technology is similar to Earth circa 1700 He awakes amidst strangers speaking an unintelligible language and struggles to accept losing his previous life and finding a place in a society with different customs needing a way to support himself and not knowing a single soul His worry about finding a place is assuaged when he finds ways to apply his knowledge of chemistry as long as he is c. I finished this days ago but honestly my brain cells had perished while reading it so it took me a while to actually write a review I can't even make it a funny review because I'm so annoyed with everything about itThis has got to be the dumbest book I've ever read The most illogical unlikely unrealistic story ever We follow a guy Joe or Joseph who is saved from a plane crash by some unnamed Observers of the universe regenerated for a couple of years and then transplanted onto a completely different planet to live out the rest of his life This planet is a sort of alternative Earth also populated by humansWe aren't told what age this is supposed to be but Joe refers to it as a 17th century New England Joe is found on the beach and ends up living in a monastery among religous brothers even though they are not explicitly Christian they refer to the Great Book that would be the Bible so let's just assume they're Christians This race of human beings cannot pronounce Joseph's name so they call him Yoseph Which is THE SAME NAME That's literally how you pronounce it anywhere else in the world than America Does the author know the origin of the name I guess notJoe then proceeds to learn this alien language pretty uickly and then continues a series of completely ridiculous eventsJoe observes a man who dies in an accident but probably from shock than his wound so he decides to invent ether After testing it on a couple of animals and ONE PREGNANT WOMAN who needs a c section they deem it safe to use problem solved Nothing about any of the side effects like skin and respiratory irritation or vomiting is ever mentionedHe asks about bacteria and they look really confused and when he asks why they wash all their surgical instruments if they don't know about contagions they say it's just an old ritual they've always done Oh wow how incredibly luckJoe then starts a production of ether and earns so much coin the bottom of his drawer falls out and when he asks for a bank they look at him blankly because no one has heard of a bank Suuure Never mind that banks existed at the time of Jesus 1300 ago in this world's timeline never mind that the concept existed in Babylonian times You're saying a society with trade he goes to buy clothes in a shop that actually takes his measurements like a normal 50s shop and they have nowhere to put their money Not buying itJoe invents soap because they only have one soap and it's uncomfortable to use I'm guessing he means lard but who knows But here's the thing They had lots of soap in the middle ages They had scented soaps too In fact they loved soap and had whole public bath houses because they generally liked bathing a lot It's not very likely they didn't have soap but eh Joe starts a soap production because Joe can do it allJoe then invents guano as fertilizer Yes Again never mind that historically this has existed for hundreds of years I'm to believe that this fairly well off society that he lives in which has farming and lots of it doesn't use manure Oh pleaseHe also goes to court to learn about their justice system and we are shown two cases that are so mindbogglingly simplistic a child could have thought it up One is a guy who can't prove he bought a horse because he has no receipt so the other guy can resell the horse That's it that's the case The next is a woman who is limping has a broken arm two black eyes and is covered in 47 bandages She gets up and completely unsurprisingly pronounces that her husband beats her and their kids whereto the husband proclaims he only beats her when she deserves it No subtlety at all here despite the fact that most domestic violence is hidden This is just not representative of domestic violence AT ALLThen Joe's lamp goes out and the remembers that maybe he should invent something else as fuel than animal fats which they are for some reason using He can't remember which plant based oils they have on this planet which is a lie because earlier when he was extracting ether he used the burning temperature of olive oil magically available on this planet as a marker for 410F degrees but that knowledge has apparently left his brain in the meantimeSo he wants to make kerosene and of course this society uickly has the means to be able to extract this Honestly this sounds less like the middle ages and like a present day lazy country town Oh and he also makes gun powder now that he's at it because why not maybe it would come in handy it doesMeanwhile we also hear about some army that's planning an attack on their country and has allied themselves with bandits of some sort who have vague Middle Eastern names and I honestly just stopped paying attention to this part of the storyIt just goes on and on in a completely unlikely way There is nothing believable about this universe the author is trying to portray it has no internal logic whatsoever Plot points are brought up once never to be mentioned again like Joe briefly worry that he will be burned at the stake for knowing all the science stuff he does but that takes two lines and at NO point in the book does anyone ever doubt him but they all eat up everything he says without any uestionThis book also has the worst representation of women I have seen in a LONG time His friend in this new world has a wife who is only there to serve them food where after she disappears so the men can talk When his other friends wonder if Joe shouldn't perhaps start boinking someone they point out various women some underage but you can just wait a few years and one whose name they can't really remember because that's not important of courseWe are treated to one chapter exactly of two women and guess what they talk about getting married and having babies And then we never hear from them again I have absolutely no idea why this chapter was included like at allThere are about a hundred other ridiculous discrepancies in this story Apparently no one could do anything at all until Joe the wonderboy appeared I get that this is fiction but this is such a little boy's fantasy where he gets to be the hero in his own dreamworld that I wish Thorensen's editor had dumped it in the shredder like the trash it is and asked him to stop sharing his self inert fanfiction with the rest of the worldAn absolutely waste of time and space