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kindle Ì Connectome µ Download ´ We know that each of us is uniue but science has struggled to pinpoint where precisely our uniueness resides Is it in our genes The structure of our brains Our genome may determine our eye color and even aspects of our personality But our friendships failures and passions also shape who we are The uestion Nobody knows for sure The brain’s wiring has never been clearly seenIn sparklingly clear prose Seung reveals the amazing technological advances that will soon help us map connectomes He also examines the evidence that these maps will someday allow humans to upload their minds into computers achieving a kind of immortality Connectome is a mind bending adventure story told with great passion and authority It presents a daring scientific and technological vision for at last understanding what makes us who we are Welcome to the future of neuroscienc Very basic

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We know that each of us is uniue but science has struggled to pinpoint where precisely our uniueness resides Is it in our genes The structure of our brains Our genome may determine our eye color and even aspects of our personality But our friendships failures and passions also shape who we are The uestion is howSebastian Seung a dynamic professor at MIT is on a uest to discover the biological basis of identity He believes it lies in the pattern of connections between the brain’s neurons which change slowly over time as we learn and grow The conn This book was uite a pleasant read especially compared to some of the other books on brain science I read Seung gives a very clear and well structured overview of his ideas from the concepts and principles of the connectome paradigm basically the idea that a complete map of neuron wiring would allow us to completely understand the brain to the techniues for constructing such a brain model to some philosophical conseuences The reason that I give a relatively low rating is that I found the book uite full of 'hot air' I also thought this of Seung's TED talk Being a bioinformatician myself I recognize the same type of hype that was around the human genome project We can seuence a person for less than a year's wage yet not all genetic diseases have been vanished from the face of the earth Similarly Seung does not really delve in detail how we will use the connectome to read memories or cure depressions Though this might be just me nitpickingIt is also hard to take someone serious who 'mocks' genetics but at the same time claims neural wiring is the holy grail to solve all of our eartly problems literally On the whole this is an enjoyable book but from a scientific point of view it is a bit too 'shallow' A better approach to brain science would be 'On Intelligence' at least IMHO

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ConnectomeEctome as it’s called is where our genetic inheritance intersects with our life experience It’s where nature meets nurtureSeung introduces us to the dedicated researchers who are mapping the brain’s connections neuron by neuron synapse by synapse It is a monumental undertaking the scientific euivalent of climbing Mount Everest but if they succeed it could reveal the basis of personality intelligence memory and perhaps even mental disorders Many scientists speculate that people with anorexia autism and schizophrenia are wired differently but What makes us who we are Think about that uestion for a moment Among all of the uestions we can ask as human beings even with all of our progress and our potential that uestion alone remains one of the most difficult or perhaps the most difficult to answer Innumerable factors are involved when it comes to the inner workings of the mind and how it serves to shape our characters and our behavior We are only just beginning to understand the unfathomable intricacies of the brain this small yet remarkably powerful organ at the center of all that we do Our very functioning depends on it Yet we understand relatively little about the relationship between the brain with its vast network of neuronal connections and the foundation of the genome our genetic “program” which possesses its own complex code That is about to change Of course the genome serves as the foundation for many of our characteristics such as our predisposition to various conditions and our physical attributes It is the framework of our hereditary information the core of traits passed on from parent to offspring developed over many generations However the genome is not home to the memory of our first love or the feeling of pain when someone whom we know has been lost It is not the center of our passion nor is it the basis for our relationships with others These are the ualities that make us truly uniue Every experience we have is linked to brain activity specifically between neurons and synapses which collectively might be thought of as the “circuitry” of the brain The neuronal connections formed throughout our lives are now the subject of much investigation because the relationships between these connections now referred to as our “connectome” may serve to tell us about who we are and why than anything ever before This is where our genome meets the brain's incredible system as it develops throughout our lives relative of course to our personal experiences Here nature meets nurture to form the basis for what makes each and every person truly special As they say you are your Connectome Sebastian Seung is an ambitious and charismatic rising star in the field of neuroscience He has received numerous accolades and currently teaches at MIT as a professor of computational neuroscience Now Seung along with the help of fellow researchers is determined to understand completely the complexities of neuronal connections and their relationship to who we are Connectome How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are is a lucid and exciting read about this exploration and the implications for truly solving this greatest of mysteries Yes it is a book about science but this is not your ordinary science text Seung regarded as a highly effective and dynamic teacher makes learning about the science of the brain enjoyable and the content is accessible You really get a sense of the potential regarding this research and what Seung and his colleagues hope to achieve through such discoveries What would it be like to have a better grasp of the causes for conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder In my opinion this book is right for everyone since it helps to illustrate the intricacies of our inner connections and aids in giving us a clearer sense of why we are just as we are But the book is strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in science especially of the mind and recent developments in the field of neuroscience Connectome is also perfect for any reader with a genuine interest in learning about the brain's impact upon our development as whole human creatures with our capacity for both love and loathing joy and chaos Check out the following website for information about the book and its author