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read The Dwarves of Death kindle Á Paperback â William é um rapaz sensível e um eterno incompreendido ue chega a Londres para tentar a sua sorte no meio musical Mas a sua vida dividida entre os clubes de Jazz londrinos e auilo a ue se chama lar é uma longa cadeia de frustrações a bela Madeline por uem está apaixonado mostra se iWilliam é um rapaz sensível e um eterno incompreendido ue chega a Londres para tentar a sua sorte no meio musical Mas a sua vida dividida entre os clubes de Jazz londrinos e auilo a ue se chama lar é uma longa cadeia de frustrações a bela Madeline por uem está apaixonado most Before I start with this review I should declare an interest I love Jonathan Coe Not in any kind of personal way I’ve never met the man but I love his work To an obsessive level I’m fairly sure my writing tutor got sick of reading ‘Why I Write’ style essays when I name him as an influence which is cheeky in itself I really shouldn’t have the nerve to mention him in the same sentence as my writingAnyway all of that makes it somewhat surprising that I’ve never read this book before It’s the only one of his novels that I hadn’t read I also haven’t read ‘Like a Fiery Elephant’ his non fiction biography of avant garde novellist BS Johnson – from what I’ve read about that book it is magnificent but I am highly unlikely to be able to understand it lacking as I am a grounding in literary theory so it was about time I rectified this The book has a plot that is very much about music; unusual in Coe’s novels as music is an obsession that runs through many of them but only usually on the peripheryWilliam is a struggling musician living in London – a failed cocktail bar pianist because his repertoire is far too small and he can’t play reuests and a failing band The Alaska Factory that he is about to leave for a new band The Unfortunates Aptly named since William’s first meeting with his new bandmates ends with the murder of their lead singer which makes William the prime suspectSo far so conventional But Coe doesn’t really do conventional You would think with a novel that starts with a crime that we would be in familiar crime fiction territory but the rest of the book doesn’t really behave like a crime novel until the ‘twist at the end’ bit I found this reminiscent of the climax of ‘What a Carve Up’ which was both a piss take of those old Scooby Doo style mystery in a big old mansion stories and a new exploration of the genre In fact after the opening chapters the murder isn’t mentioned much at all and instead we get an outline of William and his lifeI find his way with characterisation intriguing; it’s not enough for William to just be rubbish with women he has to have an entirely dysfunctional relationship that I’m not sure many other writers would have come up with It is easy sometimes with comic novels for everything to be sacrificed at the altar of the protagonist so that other characters are just cardboard cut outs who only exist as vehicles for the protagonist to get into another amusing set up but Coe doesn’t do that All of the characters in this even William’s flat mate Tina who we only see through the notes she exchanges with him is a fully rounded character with a life outside of the narrative and this keeps the novel flowingOne of the other traits of Coe that I particularly enjoy is his way of injecting what should be bog standard observations not out of place in the set of a mediocre stand up comedian with such fury and elouence that they become something else entirely He does this to particular effect in the Dwarves of Death starting with the premise of ‘aren’t buses unreliable?’ and turning it into an hilarious monologue full of pathos and recognition that goes beyond just comicWhat I most love about Coe and I realise I am gushing now will stop soon is that there are no cheap laughs; everything is well constructed all of the relationships between the characters are complex and everything fits together perfectly I can even forgive the little eccentricities of the book like reproducing bars of music in notation form throughout the text as it probably does add to William’s character and his obsession with him not even realising how absurd it is and after the utterly brilliant but very geeky footnotes joke in The House of Sleep it is entirely possible that were I able to read music I would find a hidden joke in the notes as wellI wouldn’t say this is Coe’s best novel I can’t decide what that would be it’s probably a four way tie between The Rotters Club The House of Sleep What a Carve Up and The Rain Before It Falls all for entirely different reasons but it’s certainly a good read and in my humble opinion better than a lot of books out there by lesser writers that includes almost everybody in my eyes A short novel but not a word wasted

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De heroísmo Porém a monotonia da sua vida vai dissipar se no momento em ue se transforma na única testemunha de um brutal homicídioUm romance divertido lúcido e inteligente como sublinhou o The Guardian ue nos traz de novo uma das vozes mais importantes do novo romance inglês I absolutely loved the House of Sleep so I approached this Jonathan Coe novel eagerly I was so disappointed William is dull and weak his relationship with Madeleine was boring and dragged on and on Even the weird event with the murder didn’t do much to liven up the book I get the feeling that I should have been on edge wondering why the murder had happened and who had done it However I just didn’t care I have another Jonathan Coe lined up to read soon and I hope it is House of Sleep than Dwarves of Death

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The Dwarves of DeathRa se inacessível; não consegue evitar ue a sua banda destrua sistematicamente os seus poemas e melodias transformando os em paródias grotescas e inaudíveis; e o vazio ue sente faz com ue até um simples tempo de espera numa paragem de autocarro pareça ser um desesperado acto Coe characters challenge your own self esteem so directly