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Darkest Night Wired & Dangerous #2 Hat means keeping Fiona safe from him tooFiona has spent the past decade on the run Her survival is the single greatest weapon she's had against the men out to destroy her Until Jock Now with him by her side s I was ready to sort of not pursue the issue relentlessly At the end of the day I do understand the differences between what Santino Hassell did and what Mergan Erickson participated inBut no Erickson had to go and prove every single thing said about her to be true Double faced coward unprofessional bully that she isShe has deleted every and all mention of the Santino Hassell exposure from her Facebook Even if her fauxpology is still up in her website it's almost impossible to get to it unless you have a direct linkShe has disappeared from the Social Media were most of her victims are not Hassell's HERS claiming to need space and time away from SM to heal from what? she's the fucking gaslighter But at the same time she's posting away without a care in the world her life and comings and goings on Insta She's deleting every comment left on Instagram that hints or directly asks about her participation in what went downIf she hoped it would all go away just because she's trying to hide what she did she was wrongSo fuck this bookDon't know what I'm talking about?GoYou can start here for infoHead over to Nikki's Twitter over easedropper and get the full story from her and the #nastybirds Start from the bottom you are in for a long readTwitter is also the place to find most of what other authors apart from Hassell did Erickson and Stivali with honourable mentionsPublishers Statementshttpriptidepublishingcoma statemhttpsmobiletwittercomdreamspinnAgent's Statement' Statementhttpaisylumcomstatement2018AisBackground to the eventshttpsthesaltminerstumblrcomposthttpsthesaltminerstumblrcomposthttpsthesaltminerstumblrcomposthttpsspellboundscribeswordpresschttpstwittercomcourtneymilanstahttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowhttpstwittercomimoments9707166httpstwittercomsweetsakuradollshttpstwittercomthisblackmagicsthttpblackmagicbluescomon sarah lhttpsingloriousbitcheswordpresschttpjennytroutcom?p12013httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vxWR2oSearch Santino Hassell on tumblr as well New info is being posted in some accounts over there

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Free Darkest Night kindle ↠ eBook Wired & Dangerous À Bodyguard Jock Bosh has one job keep Fiona Madden safe Safe from the men who've been hunting her Safe from the bastard responsible for ruining her life And with the attraction sizzling white hot between them that means keeping Fiona safe from him tooFiona has spentHe finally has a chance to bring them down But when her enemies make their next move and Jock puts himself in the line of fire Fiona realizes that there's at stake than just her life she's also risking her hea 35 STARS ARC PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEW This is the second part in the series and it can be read as a standalone Mostly I didn't read the first book but I was able to get the hang of what was going on and what happened to the other couple in the previous bookFiona has been running from the people who abused and violated her ten years ago She is always on the run and that has become her new normal They don't leave her alone and keep reminding her what would happen if she told people about what was done to herJosh has been keeping an eye on Fiona mostly since the last book He has been assigned to protect her He is like a robot He gives one word answers doesn't talk if not asked a uestion and has no facial expressions These two start a friendship once Fiona discovers that Josh has been protecting her I had a great time seeing them getting to know each other and Fiona trying to make Josh talk Josh was such a sweet man trying to make Fiona feel good and give her the power to make her own choices when so much of it has been stolen from her Once Josh gets to know Fiona things become way personal for himThis book was written very well I do expect that from the author I have read a lot of her MM books and I have enjoyed them all This was my first MF book by her and it did not disappoint I loved the romance scenes and I loved how each of the character's personalities were well developed The book was funny in many instances and it added a light to the dark story Fiona has not lost her spunk and she is a very strong character The only issues I had was that there was a little too much happening in the book It wasn't difficult to grasp all the dramas and the fights but I think the book was a little too long and while some parts were very fast some parts dragged too much There was also some little chemistry that was lacking between these two characters At some point I felt that these two were better of as friends while sometimes the lust was too instant But overall I truly enjoyed reading the book and I am actually very very excited for the next book I think it's going to be MM book for the next one and I love the author's MM books

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Bodyguard Jock Bosh has one job keep Fiona Madden safe Safe from the men who've been hunting her Safe from the bastard responsible for ruining her life And with the attraction sizzling white hot between them t DNF at 50%While the plot held some appeal the dialogue and dynamic between the heroine and her bodyguard read like KA and I am not about living that lifeNormally I allow myself to rate books I DNF as long as I make it to the halfway point but I know my issues with this are due to a sensitivity if not outright allergy to this style of character and relationship so I am withholding my stars