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Diva author Alex Flinn characters ä 7 ´ For most people the word diva means brilliant talented over the top and glamorous I however seemed to be trapped in the not very glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex boyfriend issues and a permanent yo yo diet At least until the day I auditioned for Miami High School of the Arts—and Es and a permanent yo yo diet At least until the day I auditioned for Miami High School of the Arts and got in All I had to do was convince my mother the cosmetics salesperson with epically bad taste. This is the seuel to Breathing Underwater but this time we get to see what's going on with Caitlin after the events of Breathing UnderwaterI love that we get to see the after affects of the abuse she suffered and how hard it is to move on from that I also loved the little glimpses into Nick's life and how he's changing but how that's not the focus of the story The real meat is in Caitlin and her choices to be brave and move forward with her lifeI think the new friends Caitlin makes are the kind of friends we should all strive for People who like us the way that we are encourage and support us and don't put us down to make themselves feel better I always thought Caitlin was too good for the people she surrounded herself with in the first book Even her original best friend wasn't really the greatest person for her but this new group of people are where I think she found her true friendsIf you wanted to know about Caitlin and her process in moving on from all that happened to her I think you'd love this book

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For most people the word diva means brilliant talented over the top and glamorous I however seemed to be trapped in the not very glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex boyfriend issu. Caitlin knows what she wants to be and it isn’t a cheerleader or the girlfriend of the hottest guy in high school Caitlin wants to be a diva—the kind who sings opera while being showered with roses She has the voice and the training for it—what remains to be seen is whether she can overcome her shyness and insecurity Readers of Alex Flinn will recognize Caitlin—she’s the abused girlfriend from Flinn’s critically acclaimed first novel Breathing Underwater She makes a reappearance in Flinn’s latest book released this month from HarperCollins Diva It’s being billed as a companion book and not a seuel as it now picks up Caitlin’s story with Nick being only on the periphery We do get to see of his recovery and learn of what becomes of their relationship but this book firmly belongs to Caitlin In some ways it is almost as if Flinn wanted to go back and give her character a happy ending—or at least a happier one She starts out the novel in the clutches of her new friends cheerleaders who obsess over every calorie and are as catty as they come Caitlin rightly decides she needs to escape from both these new friends and from the constant presence of Nick against whom she still has a restraining order She makes the escape by pursuing one of her dreams She auditions for and then attends a performing arts high school where she is surrounded by other kids with similar interests and dreams to herself Diva is a very readable book written firmly to its target teen audience While the talk of makeup and fashion may give it appeal to girls there is stuff for boys as well The book is far about pursuing one’s dreams and healing from past hurts than it is about being a girl The novel’s conflicts are primarily internal with very few real roadblocks put into Caitlin’s path that she doesn’t erect herself There are some clashes with a catty girl at school but nothing that presents a severe distraction to her It is Caitlin who holds herself back The relationship with her mother is complex and interesting It captures rather well the interplay between a teenage girl and her mother neither of whom can uite connect even when they want to The resentments and assumptions that both carry keep getting in the way Flinn does grant them a little bit of a break through but only enough that is realistic for the characters and relationship established Diva explores many issues that are of relevance to teenagers foremost among them the obsessions with dating and weight It takes Caitlin a long time to figure out that 115 pounds is not fat nor is it any reason to panic She keeps a daily record of her weight in an online journal and obsesses over every bite she consumes It’s hard to blame her though when she is surrounded by voices that make her feel like a “fatgirl” Flinn takes a pretty realistic look at the pressures a teenager can get that distort self image completely out of proportion At a book signing Alex Flinn says she hopes that girls who read Diva will take from it that there is something to life than boyfriends It’s a lesson that Caitlin seems a little slow to learn at first showing a willingness to bypass incredible opportunities on the chance that she’ll have time to spend with a particular guy However life continues to throw her curves which make her realize that there are other things in life than just dating a lesson she learns even before her mother does Diva is an easy to read book with a streak of breathy humor running throughout it It’s peppered with online journal entries which I kept expecting someone else in the novel to stumble across Those entries are written in the annoying but realistic Internet speak that constantly replaces “to” with 2 Alex Flinn does an excellent job of writing an entertaining story that gives teenagers something to think and

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Diva author Alex FliIn clothes and men that going downtown to hang with the music geeks was a good idea I had to blackmail her to be able to do it but I'm here a diva in training and I'm not so sure I can cut it Now wh. Caitlin is a sixteen years old girl who enjoys singing opera I mean wtf But anyone who euips opera euips fat singer And our lovely Caith was fat too and that's why she went to a slimming camp Of course she came back completely differentI don't read Breathing Underwater yet but I understood this poor girl has enough bad behind her Which means she has right to act likea goose Sorry but are you sure you'd prosecute your ex boyfriend just because you'll be have that moment with him in the next book I just described CaithBack to the story Caitlin did audition and surprise they took her in high school She'll breaks away from Nick and finally pay attention to what she likes Yeah I guarantee you you'll hear about Nick And speaking about singing we'll seeCaitlin is doing her diary Not in paper form but writes it on the internet She informs us about her feelings how she feels what is she listening and also how much she weigh It's veeeeery important for her And for some reason veeeeery annoying for me Well heck I bought a book I don't know because I want to know something about opera and get this OperaGrrrl online diarySubject All That JazzDate August 24Time 1722Listen to All That Jazz from ChicagoI feel HappyI weigh 52 kg that's not possible I weighed 49 5 on Friday and I'm starving to death Ok But this is no exception OperaGrrrl online diarySubject I sang in the schoolDate August 21Time 1735Listen to Brindisi from La TraviataI feel HappyI weigh 49 5 kg I decided to leave the purse at home so I couldn't buy food at school I'll not comment the purse thing And have you noticed the subject She really sang at school of the art and with four exclamation marksNo this is not thriller It has to be something like a romance so there shouldn't be missed love Love Love Love Please For your own good Don't expect anything of that There's one amazing moment little action but certainly not the one that would somehow satisfy Hmm If I had an age I'd switched to MM books ImmediatelyTo the characters First we have Caith here I've already acuaint you A bit snobbish little princess addicted to others said by character mentioned below She has some problems to maintain an optimal weight She listens and sings opera which is against the grain of all around And if someone reads her diary he had to commit a suicide Yay I finally came up to the reason why no one's commentingThen her mum Selfish bitch Literally She stays alive because of sale of cosmetics She looks young and likes to listening to compliments such as Woah you two You look like sisters‘‘ Friend Gigi Maria Georgina de la Iglesia Corre See Poor girl That's probably the reason why she has piercing in her eyebrow and hear like a mermaid Not that she was like other pierced girls Someone Alex Flinn wanted to make her funny Once again the dining room had the usual rippling lunch snake Gus calls at the forefront Hey diva You were rocked today‘‘ Misty slams him to the shoulder but he leads the snake around our table and returns again Will you go with us sometimes‘‘ he asks me I mean dance‘‘Me No I‘‘ I will not tantalize you Caith will join them You'd think that someonelike her wouldn't be scared from stomping of cabbages ButI liked Sean Very Until he started to palsed with Caithlin He treated her like she was a rag and I liked that Sweet But no He realized he made a mistake Such a cliché After all everyone must bow down to Miss Caithlin rightWe end up with Nick The only sympathetic person Maybe not for most of the people but I adore him He apparently kicked Caith's slim butt in the future Hallelujah He's a clear example of the proverb Like father like son He has tendency to vioence He's a ticking time bomb that explodes once and I wouldn't want to be there when it happens Caithlin was the trigger Summary the most interesting