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Download Mobi × The Complete Dr ✓ Fell Volume I ✓ Hannahredhead ↠ Homeless after his mother's funeral John Fell can't stop mourning his murdered lover Rob and he clings to his goal of fulfilling his and Rob's dream of completing his PhD to become Dr John Fell Looking after his best friThe academic dream that sustained him through the lean years with Rob Time and again Dr Fell is drawn back into the outside world by boys in need and by the irrepressible Charlie who just won't let him be The center of a growing circle of family and friends John slowly returns to life But is all that enough to help him find his 'forever boy'? Will John Fell PhD be smart enough to let his past go and make a new future for himself I have to say that I found Dr Fell a little whiny but he grew on me I was frustrated at how he was stuck in one place and not moving past the death of his partner Yet he kept putting himself into situations that could only end badly for him Again and again he'd get attached to someone else's boy only to have to watch them go back to where they belonged Over all this was a well written book and Dr Fell is a very realistic and well developed character Even though Dr Fell was frustrating at times you couldn't help but root for him and wince each time he let himself get hurt The cast of supporting characters are also well developed and enjoyable who can't love Twink for all his irritations? The natural development of Dr Fell and the community he lived in is great There were no info dumps and the author took time to show not tell Dr Fell's history Over all I think this is a very good collection and while not great it is needed to understand the rest of Dr Fell's story

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Side his doubts he finds solace in helping boys learn to serve their owners and for owners to be worthy of service Dr Fell's poverty pride and loyalty to Rob hinder his uest for a new boy but his sense of duty can't let him walk away from someone in need Forced to confront his responses to abuse and neglect dispirited by the imperfect relationships of his fellow doms and their subs and struggling to make ends meet John gives up Very good writing and intriguing charactersWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 910PROS Very well written Very I probably reacted delightedly toward the abundance of English professor related pithy remarks than most readers would I teach college English but the writing is just spot on I tend to earmark pages that contain particularly clever comments andor well written sentences and I had to stop doing that with this book because there are so many The book is brimming with one sentence observations that are caustic and concise and simply perfect for the situation Funny on a number of different levels The boyspets are ridiculous and cute almost constantly and the Doms’ reactions toward their boys are amusing Dr Fell also provides a running commentary on his own relationships with the other characters and on their interactions with each other and his comments are dry witty and at times razor sharp The story in which he helps out a troupe of young actors struggling through a Shakespeare scene is priceless Surprisingly individual characterizations of a large number of characters The different stories in the book run very smoothly from one to the next although I can imagine being extremely frustrated if I had had to read them separately in their original electronic formats and McGinley is clever in the way he introduces the characters a few at a time For the most part the reader has the opportunity to get to know the current characters fairly well before they move to the background and new characters are brought to the forefront CONS The book is written in present tense This isn’t necessarily a bad thing it provides a sense of immediacy to the story that past tense doesn’t and present simply makes the stories sound different than most other books out there the vast majority of which use past The problem and it’s a slight one is that McGinley slips up just a few times in hisher use of past tense vs past participle to describe events in the past Present tense muddles the already difficult grammatical puzzle of how to relate flashbacks but I have to give McGinley credit for attempting it at all; I don’t have the nerve ever to write fiction in present The book is sad Impressively so I marvel at McGinley’s ability to create a truly heart wrenching story in which the tragedy occurred many years before the story starts I almost cried CRIED several times and I’m still 2 days later a little depressed at Dr Fell’s isolation at the end of the book I’m hoping however that since this is called “Volume 1 Lost” there is a forthcoming “Volume 2 Found” in which this problem will be solved and at the end of which Dr Fell will live happily ever after with his own boy In one of the novellas contained in this volume the number of characters is overwhelming There are 10 boys at Dr Fell’s cabin for one week each of whom has his own Dom and although not ALL of them are referred to by name many of them are and I had to read that part of the book rather slowly to allow my brain time to process the identities of the different charactersOverall comments This is an excellent read despite Dr Fell’s depressing situation and my nitpicky comments about the writing It does contain some heavy BDSM so if you’re not into that stay away But Syd McGinley with this one book has established a place on my list of favorite authors within this genre

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The Complete Dr Fell Volume I Homeless after his mother's funeral John Fell can't stop mourning his murdered lover Rob and he clings to his goal of fulfilling his and Rob's dream of completing his PhD to become Dr John Fell Looking after his best friend's sub Charlie gives him the resources to write his thesis and fight his homophobic father for his inheritance John retreats to his cabin in the woods but pet sitting Charlie has shown him a new path Putting a I wish I were one of Dr Fell's boys ; I treated myself to the three collected paperbacks and dived headlong into the stories Love the world that's been built here It's a fantasy world in a way but a gentle sometimes melancholy one flashed through with humor and beautifully writtenAm I the only one though who wonders if Rob would really have been the perfect boy for Fell if he'd have lived? I'm not sure