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SUMMARY Джамиля î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Der 15 jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfrohe Dshamilja den scheuen träumerischen Danijar kennen und lieben Der junge Said erzählt mit den Denn Dshamilja sagt sich von ihrem Heimatort und den alten Traditionen los und zieht in die Ferne Neu mit einem Nachwort von Tschingis Aitmatow Die wahre Geschichte hinter Dshamilj. A short novella that packs a punch A Kyrgyz artist looks back at an episode of great import during his teen years He his sister in law Jamilia and a returned soldier are given a task by their collective to ferry the grain to the nearest train station Jamilia's husband is away fighting in a war against the Germans The returned soldier is a distant person who does not connect with the community But on their daily journeys to and fro relationships form and blossomThe harshness of their lives are seen through the visual awareness of the artist Jamilia's love of life and the returned soldier's love of nature

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Der 15 jährige Said erzählt die Geschichte seiner jungen verheirateten Schwägerin Dshamilja Während ihr ungeliebter Ehemann an der Front steht lernt die selbstbewusste lebensfr. I think the confusion about what this Aitmatov's 1958 short lyrical novella actually is stems from the often uoted remark by the French writer Louis Aragon hailing it as 'the most beautiful love story in the world' It is a love story of sorts but it's not a romance Seeing it as just a tale of two lovers is akin to reducing 'Anna Karenina' to nothing but Anna and Vronsky's affairLove in this novella is far than simply romance It has a multitude of faces; it encompasses everything from tender attraction between two young people to kind familial affection to deeply ingrained love for the uiet beauty of your homeland to the love of art and longing for self expression In 1943 a small Kyrgyz village on the shores of a turbulent river in the shadow of the mountain range was teetering on the edge between old tribal life and the new expectations of Soviet living Tribal laws still held strong but the former nomads were now living in the villages and working in kolkhoz; patriarchal customs were observed but since young men were away at the war the work fell on the shoulders of children and women Sait is a fifteen year old boy teetering on the brink of adulthood the only son of his family not at war a boy doing adult work a boy who never dared to open his heart to the passion of art that lay deep within it what kind of a craft is painting pictures anyway In the naive remnants of his innocence he feels fiercely protective of Jamilia his sister in law whose husband is away at war It is through Sait's naive mesmerized and often confused but yet astute eyes that we get to experience this short lyrical story of love beauty and growing upIt is through Sait's eyes that we see the development of that uiet subdued love that grows between Jamilia his sister in law a young boisterous woman the lively heart of every gathering and Daniyar a wounded soldier uiet and introspective and therefore easily dismissed by those accustomed to domineering and outwardly assertive dzhigits Sweet it may be but there's nothing particularly new in this touching love that the old weary world has not seen before its slow development from sometimes thoughtless teasing its growth from eventual admiration respect and understanding that sings to the souls of those involved This was a man deeply in love He was in love I felt not just with another person; it was a different enormous love love for life for the land Yes he saved this love in himself in his music; he lived for this love An indifferent person could not have sung like that no matter how good of a voice he had What is amazing is the unexpected effect of this love of which he is but an observer on young Sait It is through Jamilia and Daniyar's experiences that he opens his eyes to the overwhelming beauty of the land itself that surrounds him the nature and the history both ancient and present It is through them that his heart opens to encompass the love for his land with which all the pages of this too short of a book are saturated The magic of Daniyar's voice inspired by his feeling for Jamilia uncovers the beauty of the world and allows it to deeply touch Sait's soul This whole world of beauty and unrest was revealed to me through Daniyar's song Where did he learn all this who told him all this I understood that such love for his land could have come only from someone who longed for it with his whole heart of many years; who earned this love through suffering As he was singing I could see him a small boy wandering along the roads in the steppe Was it then that the songs about homeland were born in his soul Or was it when he was marching the fiery miles of the warListening to Daniyar I wanted to fall on the ground and firmly like a son embrace it if only because it could inspire such love in a person For the first time I felt inside me the awakening of something new something I couldn't even name yet but it was something irresistible the need to express myself yes express not just see and feel the world myself but to bring my vision my thoughts and feelings to others; to tell people about the beauty of our land with as much inspiration as Daniyar had I was trembling with unexplained fear and happiness for something unknown But back then I haven't yet realized that I needed to take up a paintbrush And it is through Jamilia and Daniyar through their decision to pursue their hearts that Sait dares to consider his own love and his own desires It is through them that the boy or perhaps now a young man discovers his own passion until then deeply buried under the weight of duty denial and tradition Daniyar's songs open his eyes to the beauty around them Jamilia's determination and courage allow his to see the possibilities before him If I just could to some degree reproduce Daniyar's song It had almost no words; without words it was able to reveal the great soul of humanity I haven't heard a song like that before or since it was unlike either Kazakh or Kyrgyz songs and yet it had both of them in it Daniyar's music absorbed the best melodies of the two brotherly peoples and wove them together into one unforgettable song It was the song of the steppes and the mountains at times brightly soaring like the Kyrgyz mountains at times vastly rolling like the Kazakh steppes This 'most beautiful love story in the world' is such precisely because of this because of the exhilarating all encompassing love and admiration for life and land that stems from every word in it going lightyears beyond the simple romance pouring its soul out on the pages beckoning the reader to look past the familiar and into the heart of real wondrous beauty and to find something wonderful deep inside our souls on this journey I remembered them leaving the village and I had an irresistible desire to set out on the road set out just like they did courageously and decidedly on the difficult road to happiness I look at them and hear Daniyar's voice It beckons me to set out on a journey and so I need to get ready I will walk through the steppe to my village I will find new colors thereLet Daniyar's melody resonate in every one of my brush strokes Let Jamilia's heart beat in every one of my brush strokes 45 stars

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ДжамиляOhe Dshamilja den scheuen träumerischen Danijar kennen und lieben Der junge Said erzählt mit den Augen eines Kindes das zu verstehen beginnt welch eine Macht die Liebe sein kann. Chingiz Aitmatov is a Kyrgyz author who wrote in Kyrgyz and Russian Although Jamila was published in Russian I'm going to count it for Kyrgyzstan for my ongoing Around the World reading challengeSet during the long period of collectivism as a Soviet state in the village where Jamila lives with her in laws her husband is a soldier on the front but is delayed in his return because of an injury and in fact most of the able bodied men are absent for the same reason Her brother in law too young to fight is the narrator of the story He and Jamila harvest wheat together to be sent to the front and he is the witness to her interactions with others He is also coming into his own artistic sensibilitiesAs in most books I have read set in this area the landscape of the steppes reuire a lot of hard work isolation and horses are central to daily life Jamila's father was a known horse trainer so she has skills in that area as well