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Read A Time of Blood mobi ↠ Audiobook Ñ hannahredhead ☆ Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's second book in his Of Blood and Bone trilogy an epic fantasy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell For from John Gwynne check outThe Faithful and the Fallen Malice Valor Ruin WraAcclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's second book in his Of Blood and Bone trilogy an epic From a short distance this book looks like one long fight scene which isn't a bad thing as Gwynne writes very good fight scenes all the way from duels through skirmishes to pitched battlesThere are however a good number of pauses in which character is built and in which the plot is thickened and stirred A significant part of the book is also the literary euivalent of setting out your soldiers something I used to do a lot as a little boy arranging my armies of Airfix troops against each other before beginning the slaughterIn terms of the book this setting up is very worthwhile as it adds considerable emotion to the battles where warriors are scythed down in large numbersWe see the developing conflict from four points of view three on the good side and one on the baddies' side It's true that the dividing lines are not entirely black and white and that the Ben Elim have some skeletons in their closet or in a glade in a forest as it happens but it is still essentially impossible to buy into the mind set of the baddie who doesn't think she is a baddie We're not talking Starks vs Lannisters here it's Starks vs Ramsey BoltonThe main feeling of the book to me is fun not in the Kings of the Wyld comedic way but in the way that I enjoyed the fantasy books of my youth It's straight forward fantasy expertly executed I would say that Gwynne is definitely the closest we have to an inheritor of David Gemmell's mantle and I am a big fan of Gemmell's booksWhen five hundred giants on massive bears charge a demonic army with the Order of the Bright Star screaming Truth and Courage it's hard to be cynical so I wasn't instead I flipped through the pages even faster and cheered them onThe title is no lie It's a time of blood Lots of it And our heroes take a pounding as they fight the good fightIf you loved book 1 like I did then book 2 will not disappoint Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

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Fantasy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell For from John Following on from the catastrophic finale of A Time of Dread this is a high action high tension blinder of a read When you pick it up that first time be prepared not to put it down till the last page It follows standard film seuel rules bigger bolder bloodier There are all kinds of monstrous creatures chucked in perhaps running a little too far with it at times I’m looking at you Ulf and crew Still it makes for some seriously incredible scenes cinematic and deadly Even with all this action the absolute standout was the characters or one in particular Drem He is the heart of this book the one to stand with and cheer for What he considers to be his limitations are the very reason his thoughts and actions are so meaningful he overcomes them pushing through his boundaries to be the hero everyone else knows him to be He feels the most real especially as he’s the one person who genuinely develops in this offering there is real change and growth If there is a Bright Star here he’s itWhich feeds right into the problem with this series for me at least I just don’t love these people anywhere near as much as I do those in the Faithful and the Fallen Yes yes I know how rubbish a reader that makes me It’s like I broke up with someone and can’t move on But the memory of the past is too strong and its influence is everywhere from the battle call ‘Truth and Courage’ to the statute of Corban and Storm that stands outside Dun Seren from the sword dance to the shield wall Details big and small pervade every aspect of this series so much that the story actually relies on it There is an inescapable commemoration of the people and events from the original series it might be history here but it’s far from forgotten The tales of heroism and sacrifice are not just myth they remain in the memories of the long lived and have been passed down in ways which have ensured they form the political cultural and emotional foundations of society Even when negatively framed communities are still constructed as a direct response to the past And all it does is make me miss it Intellectually I know how ridiculous and unrealistic this is John Gwynne can’t write about the same people forever no matter how much I want him to and that kind of thing never works anyway but I can’t help but feel the emotional connection is lacking in comparison It’s exacerbated by the relative lightness of this series there’s not as much time or space for development of new characters again leaving them to be defined in part by the past It circles round and round againIn any case if you know John Gwynne then you know that things end on a pretty dire note And perhaps you also realise how much of an understatement that is I think I can get away with saying that there are insane battles That nobody is safe And that I really hope John Gwynne knows how he’s going to get people out of this goddamn mess because I sure don’t ARC via Netgalley

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A Time of BloodGwynne check outThe Faithful and the Fallen Malice Valor Ruin Wrath Of Blood Bone A Time of Dre ‘“We live our lives by Truth and Courage Love and loyalty friendship and honour are our guiding lights”’John Gwynne must be a sorcerer because A Time of Blood is one hell of a monumental book This seuel leaps straight into the action and begins directly after the climax of the first book A Time of Dread Immediately there is plenty of tension and some bloody and amazing battles which continue throughout I was literally glued to this book and didn’t want it to end All I want to do is shout GO READ THIS⚔️Gwynne makes it harder to define good vs evil in this instalment Both sides have done malicious acts and therefore we cannot help but uery the motives and the decisions made by both the Ben Elim and the Kadoshim I admire how Gwynne took the fantasy theme of good vs evil twisted it and in turn blurred the lines of what is right and what is wrong; which made the reader feel conflicted This is exactly what I look for in my fantasy books where everything is so morally grey“‘War makes monsters of us all’ Fritha said ’And the trouble with war is that it follows you Sometimes there is no escaping it Sometimes the only choice is to choose which side you stand on’”There was much journeying in this book as characters travelled through the Banished Lands to warn of the Kadoshim’s threat or other characters whom serve the Kadoshim try to prevent this from occurring However this never became tedious The pace didn’t really slow as the four main characters faced betrayals hardship warfare and even a variety of monstrous creatures along the way There was always something happening to hold my intrigue In fact my heart was racing throughout the whole book fearing for all my favourites Gwynne‘s novels definitely should come with a health warning⚔️As well as physical journeying there was plenty of character exploration too Once again Drem was my favourite He was portrayed as vulnerable and overwhelmed as his previous sheltered life is torn away and he is suddenly catapulted into a dangerous uest Drem displayed many characteristics of Autism and through him is represented some of the difficulties Autistic people face Despite these difficulties at no point did his character ever give up or lose hope He did what needed to be done even when it was completely out of his comfort zone It made my heart so happy to see a type of disability finally portrayed in a positive way This was definitely refreshing⚔️Drem’s companions Keld Cullen and not forgetting my favourite animal characters Hammer and Rab were all so entertaining I adore the way Gwynne portrays friendship of humans and animals in all of his books and I always look forward to seeing the bonds that they form To cut through the dark themes of the book these characters provided much banter and humour; especially Cullen whom was often completely insane Again this is something I love to see⚔️Riv a character uick to anger extremely stubborn and often immature; and the character Bleda; an emotionally guarded young warrior grew on me so much in this book As the lies unfold and they both learn hard truths their whole world is revealed to be not as black and white as they previously believed Even though Riv retains her fiery spirit she slowly begins to mature and through her close friendship with Bleda we see her gentle side‘Each small step taken for the greater good and then before you know it you have walked a thousand leagues from where you used to be And how do you return to that place return to the person you were’What captivated me the most in this book was the way Gwynne built up the tension the immense threat and created such a dark atmosphere throughout All sides were preparing for war; dark fantastical creatures were coming into existence hatred and the need for vengeance was spreading Then in the last 100 pages of the book BANG everything exploded into complete chaos This made for the most intense thrilling scenes⚔️The whole book felt as though it was building to a truly epic conclusion and I’m scared but also very much looking forward to seeing how it all unfoldsArc provided by Tor UK Pan Macmillan in exchange for an honest review All uotes used are taken from the arc and are subject to change upon publicationA Time of Blood is out now