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Rascal A Memoir of a Better Era Doc ✓ 208 pages Download ↠ Hannahredhead è Nothing's surprising in the North household not even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home but soon the two are best friends doing everything together until the spring day whenDdenly changes Rascal is a heartwarming boyhood memoir that continues to find its way into the hearts of readers fifty years later This special anniversary edition includes the book's classic illustrations restored to their origi One pleasant afternoon in 1918 eleven year old Sterling North along with his Saint Bernard Wowser and friend Oscar Sunderland were in Wentworth’s woods There in the hollow base of a rotten stump hid a mother raccoon and her litter of four kits Angered and frightened by Wowser’s intrusive digging mother and kits darted to safety but not before Oscar was able to capture one of the kits in his knit cap On that May 15th day young Sterling had no idea that this incident would mark the beginning a very unusual and special friendship A friendship filled with irresistibly shiny things strawberry pop sweet corn music crayfish and a no good rotten bully by the name of Slammy Stillman The next twelve months would be a year that young Sterling would never forget Rascal received a Newbery Honor in 1964 and is Sterling North’s memories of growing up in southern Wisconsin from May 1918 to April 1919 It would be a time marked with his brother Herschel serving in World War I Armistice Day and the Spanish influenza which claimed lives in his beloved town of Edgerton referred to as Brailsford Junction in this book than the war North was the youngest of four children His father was a successful landowner and his mother died when North was only seven In Rascal North describes a time when front doors were never locked neighbors looked after one another family and good health were your most prized possessions and all it took to make young Sterling North the happiest boy in the world were his bike his pet raccoon sitting in the front basket and the wind in your face as you barrel down a hill at top speedSome reviewers of North’s biography call it a story about friendship while others say it is a journey dealing with loss I found it to be a love letter written to two mothers Sterling’s own beloved mother Sarah and Mother Nature herself North is exactingly detailed when he describes the beauty and splendor of wildlife the complexities of the various plants and the science behind selecting the perfect bait when fishing Younger readers may find these sections a bit tedious as they’re probably anxious to read about Rascal than river trout but it is a clear reflection of the awe and respect that North has for the world around him and how these observations directly connect him with a mother that he barely had time to know He sees his mother in every bud and hears her voice with every new discovery Mother Nature is in effect his own mother reaching out and embracing him and these moments are truly heartwarming and comfortingDuring the Christmas of 1918 Sterling’s Aunt Lillie asked him what profession he was thinking about pursuing After discounting his desire to become a doctor his aunt suggested that a writer might be a suitable choice as his mother might have wished this vocation for him After Sterling uestioned her about it she explained “And then you could put it all downthe way it is nowcase weather the fog the lantern lightand the voices of the men—hear them—coming in for breakfast You could keep it just like this forever” Lucky for us young Sterling listened to his aunt and by doing so allowed readers to keep him Rascal and Brailsford Junction just like this forever as well

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Nal splendor as well as a letter from the author's daughter and material from the illustrator's personal collectionEveryone should knock off work sit beneath the nearest tree and enjoy  Rascal from cover to cover Chicago Tribu Rascal is an American classic telling the story of how the boy Sterling found a little raccoon in the spring of 1818 and took him on as a pet While it took me a while to get into due to the very old language style and the fact that an adult was writing down memories of his childhood therefore not feeling very much like a child I can see why this is the perfect book for reading in schoolDue to the setting in 1918 and Sterling having a brother fighting in France World War I and its conseuences are described throughout mentioning the loss suffered by the families and also the wartime economy with even eleven year old Sterling planting and selling his own vegetables The main part of this book however are descriptions of the American and especially Wisconsin flora and fauna Sterling knows a lot himself his Dad teaches him a lot and then there's his passion for observing the world around him My favourite image was that of the osprey On top of all that come two bonus points 1 The lovely raccoon art in the book inspiring you to create your own2 Sterling's love for poetry Nothing is better to teach a young kid how to love poetry than to show him another young kid doing just that I will probably read this a lot of time maybe for the descriptions of the landscape and animals alone In any case Wisconsin could not ask for a better advertisement and I'd love to visit it nowThus 5 shiny little stars that Rascal can steal if he wants

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Rascal A Memoir of a Better EraNothing's surprising in the North household not even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home but soon the two are best friends doing everything together until the spring day when everything su What sweet sorrow when this tale ended I loved spending time with a boy and his raccoon in bygone days