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The Night Circus kindle Á Hardcover read Ø The circus arrives without warning No announcements precede it It is simply there when yesterday it was not Within the black and white striped canvas tents is an utterly uniue experience full of breathtaking amazements It is called Le Cirue des Rêves and it is only open at night But behind the sAnd Marco who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors Unbeknownst to them this is a game in which only one can be left standing and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will Despite themselves however Celia and Marco tumble headfirst into love a deep magical love that makes the lights fli The Night Circus will be a 5 star book for a certain reader This reader likes a lot of descriptions doesn't mind a very slow story and has a soft spot for circuses I am not that reader I prefer imagery to complement a plot rather than substitute itThe plot summary of The Night Circus promised many enticing things but delivered in my opinion only on one lush imagery of a mysterious circus that was a collaborative creation of two rivaling magicians The book was good 80% description of various circus tents performances dinners and pretty visual acts of magic I did enjoy it for the first 40 pages or so but it got old very very uickly It got tiresome it felt indulgentThe remaining 20% were dedicated to a battle between the two magicians that consisted of making up pretty things to impress each other yes you read that right no actual combating of any sorts in this fierce competition and a lukewarm romance that came out of the magicians' fascination with each other's creations from a distance rather than interacting in any meaningful wayMy resulting disappointment with the novel had also a lot to do with the writing style Morgenstern chose to write in present tense 3rd person It worked well for describing imagery but made the narrative distant detached and the characters unrelatable and flat To be honest I am not sure if The Night Circus can even make a decent movie the rights were bought by Summit There was not much drama there or action the story was anti climactic the love was dull and the magic was only vaguely defined and seemed to have no rules and limitations I am thoroughly puzzled by the book's comparisons to Harry Potter

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The circus arrives without warning No announcements precede it It is simply there when yesterday it was not Within the black and white striped canvas tents is an utterly uniue experience full of breathtaking amazements It is called Le Cirue des Rêves and it is only open at night But behind the scenes a fierce competition is underway a duel between two young magicians Celia Wedding cakes are typically the prettiest cakes but they are almost never the tastiest cakes I am not a cake expert can I be one though Is that a thing I can be but it seems to me that the tools necessary to make a cake exceptionally pretty a vat of fondant to start also contribute to the cake not tasting all that good unless you somehow really like fondant which is incorrectDon't misunderstand me I have no issue with cake The right decorations the right frosting buttercream preferably chocolate the right consistency moist but not crumbly the right layering chocolate mousse it is a perfect example of a food that does one thing but does it very well And that's fineBut a gorgeous wedding cake covered in fondant and appliues is only gorgeous until you cut into it take a bit and realize hmmm It's pretty and all but you could do with a bit less artifice and a bit of the good stuff The cake partThe Night Circus is a wedding cake with fondant that goes nearly all the way down It is an exceptionally pretty cake captivating intensely visual ornate and delicately constructed with unruly swirls of back and white and surprising splashes of vivid red But what is underneath Oh there it is a little bit of cake way down at the bottom It's pretty good too Light airy a hint of chocolate and smoke But all that sculpted icing has lodged in your throat and it's kind of hard to swallowErin Morgenstern writes beautifully This is a book about dueling magicians and bewitching enchantments set in the Victorian age circus so you can probably imagine what you're going to read but she decorates her world remarkably well creating magical attractions that are lightly sketched allowing them to grow in your imagination I want to play in the vertical cloud maze and climb to the top and jump into a sea of wispy fluffBut good lord just re read that paragraph Magicians Victorian circus cloud maze sea of fluff Eye roll I've read a few circus books and I should probably get it into my head that they are almost never for me because too much of this stuff can get to be a bit much Insufferably twee I might have commented Did I mention is is also a star cross'd romance With achingly dippily sincere loversI mean whatever that's fine I can handle romance I can handle reading long elegant passages about the sets of various Tim Burton films Just give me a good storyBut I don't think this book has a very good story It is all setting tone establishing a mood The story just kind of sits there down at the bottom under all that decoration It isn't that interesting and certainly not an entirely stable foundation But maybe if it was jazzed up a bit Put some filler in there a framing device a needlessly fractured timeline Does that make it taste better Not really The additional flavors are nice enough They keep you eating reading anyway I can't remember if I am still talking about cakeNow for a paragraph that I won't be able to shoehorn into the strained theme of this review but it needs to be said nonetheless I don't like it when books about magic put zero parameters on what magic can do or how it is The magic in this book is unrestrained and excessive and after a while very boring to read about It powers the attractions at the Circus of Dreams but with no restraints the attractions can be literally anything So why was I yawning halfway through the act This book has received intense advance hype and it will probably be a huge seller Probably But I'm not sure If I wanted to further stretch my metaphor I would point out that you buy cakes at Jewel all the time but you only buy a wedding cake once Addendum to Danielle Trussoni I found your blurb on the back of this book to be as uninspiring as your debut novel Do you really want to be the blurb whore who speaks of a book that is explicitly about magic with phrases like so magical there is no escaping its spell Also enchanting Also If you read just one novel this year this is it Really As long as it isn't your book I guess

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The Night CircusCker and the room grow warm whenever they so much as brush hands True love or not the game must play out and the fates of everyone involved from the cast of extraordinary circus performers to the patrons hang in the balance suspended as precariously as the daring acrobats overhead Written in rich seductive prose this spell casting novel is a feast for the senses and the hea 2019 UPDATE The still breathing film adaptation due from Lionsgate gets a directorof an EPIC flop that raked in a whopping 15MM on an investment of 95MMSounds like a wizard idea doesn't it Simply corking Who better to guide a beautiful book onto the oh so welcoming moviegoing audience's radarRating 6 of fiveSometimes some books just don't lend themselves to an analytical opinionated review I'm reluctant to do that kind of review here and now because the experience of reading The Night Circus was like smelling a magnolia blossomperfect sweet rich satisfying a need I didn't know I had until it was metbut to examine it to handle it even gently risks that somehow the magical smooth gorgeously textured vessel of chastely erotic pleasure that this book is will let it begin inexorably and inevitably to brown and curl and die and becomejust a wonderful bookI'm not ready for real life yet I want the magic to linger just a little longerThe physical book itself was a Christmas gift to me from a GoodReads friend and to him I offer humble thanks on bended knee This was in the top five reading experiences of my life and will most likely remain there for the rest of it I am changed and exalted And it is thanks to you and your gift to me This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License