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SUMMARY ☆ HANNAHREDHEAD.CO.UK ✓ Novalis Convivono accanto a tematiche oniriche e fantastiche spunti mutuati dall'idealismo tedesco e dall'alchimia in un singolare connubio un universo il cui senso è costituito dall'uo. This book has one of the best opening seuences ever It also doesn't have any ending because Novalis died before finishing it Dude died at 28 which makes a lot of sense after you read this book whose protagonist Henry is about as sensitive and precious as you can get I don't mean precious in the Annoying Little Twink sense the atmosphere is richly suffused with wonder and Henry's awe makes you want to say Aww For a while at least while Henry and his mother journey with a bunch of merchants the stories they tell some of the characters they meet provide a variety of different fables Once their journey is over though about 23s of the way through the book things get a lot mushier and less urgent and a little bit fatiguing Novalis apparently had a love hate thing with Goethe's work which def comes through This story is said to be a response to Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship in which Novalis wanted poetry to triumph over economy His poetic prowess has much to commend it but it remains pretty ironic that the story eventually loses steam and then just stops I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 3 though mostly because of all the dingdong low balls randos are giving it The book has no pretensions to realism and it's bizarro that people got all the way through the thing without getting that

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READ Ù Heinrich von Ofterdingen ¹ Il tema dominante di uesto capolavoro del Romanticismo tedesco è il viaggio iniziatico alla ricerca di se stessi Per la figura del protagonista Novalis si ispira a un trovatore medievale l'Ofterdingen appunto i cui tratti vengono però trasfigurati e fatti propri dall'autore stesso Il medioevo di Novalis è in real Il tema dominante di uesto capolavoro del Romanticismo tedesco è il viaggio iniziatico alla ricerca di se stessi Per la figura del protagonista Novalis si ispira a un trovatore m. This is the first time that I have finished this book though I have started it many times if that is a good sign or a bad one I would say simply as a traveller I have freuently got lost in the opening lines Novalis was a bit of a Platonist there is for him the world which we see and then the deeper inner world the hero of this book journeys towards himself an impossible destination the longing and urgings in the text tempt the mind to day dreams did I read the book or dream it I'm not sure even rereading is rather like a reoccurring dreamIn this edition there is a bibliography I like bibliographies for me glancing through a bibliography is like being at the departure board of a railway station not a country station with one or at the most two platforms but a major hub with trains going off to famous cities maybe even to the capitals of other countries the distant places that you've heard of suggest adventures that you yourself might have but for the ticket already in your hand and a certain appointment that can't be missed A book is an adventure a journey in thought and feeling and a bibliography a menu promising strange new feastsNovalis died like all good Romantics of TBview spoilerthe song due to an excess of optimism has it the wrong way round though in the end Jimmie Rodgers got thoroughly whipped by that old TB too hide spoiler

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Heinrich von OfterdingenEdievale l'Ofterdingen appunto i cui tratti vengono però trasfigurati e fatti propri dall'autore stesso Il medioevo di Novalis è in realtà l'universo della sua filosofia in cui. Astralis“Who yieldeth himself to love'sdeep madnessFrom its wounds is never freeThe world a grave becomethKeepingThe heart like ashes in an urn”In the art of poetry on the contrary there is nothing tangible to be met with It creates nothing with tools and hands The eye and the ear percieve it not ; for the mere hearing of the words has no real influence in this secret art It is all internal ; and as other artists fill the external senses with agreeable emotions so in like manner the poet fills the internal sanctuary of the mind with new wonderful and pleasing thoughts He knows how to awaken at pleasure the secret powers within us and by words gives us force to see into an unknown and glorious world The language of the poet stirs up a magic power ; even ordinary words flow forth in charming melody and intoxicate the fast bound listenerA mystic token deeply graved is beaming Within the glowing crimson of the stone Like to a heart that lost in pleasant dreaming Keepeth the image of the fair unknown A thousand sparks around the gem are streaming A softened radiance in the heart is thrown ; From that the light's indwelling essence darts But ah will this too have the heart of hearts Part TwoThe FulfilmentEXCERPT“The world a grave becomethKeepingThe heart like ashes in an urn”Sylvester “it is a long time since I saw your father We were both young then I noticed in him the tokens of a great artist; his eyes flashed with the desire to become a correct eye a creative instrument; his face indicated inward constancy and persevering industry But the present world had already taken hold of him too deeply; he would not listen to the call of his own nature The stern hardihood of his native sky had blighted in him the tender buds of the noblest plants;He became an able mechanic and inspiration seemed to him but foolishness”“Indeed” said Henry “I often observed a silent sadness within him He always labored from mere habit and not for any pleasure He seems to feel a want which the peaceful uiet and comfort of his life the pleasure of being honored and beloved by his townsmen and consulted in all important affairs of the city cannot satisfy His friends consider him happy ; but they not know how weary he is of life how empty the world appears to him how he longs to depart from it And that he works so industriously not so much for the sake of gain as to dissipate such moodsMy father with all his cool and sturdy habits of thought which leads him to regard all relationships like a piece of metal or work of art yet involuntarily and unconsciously exhibits a silent reverence and godly fear before all incomprehensible and lofty phenomena”Sylvester “All productions of the earth are its primitive language; every new leaf every particular flower is everywhere a mystery which presses outward; and since it cannot move itself at love and joy nor come to words becomes a mute uiet plant When we find such a flower in solitude is it not as if everything about it were glorified and as if the little feathered songsters loved most to linger near it One could weep for joy and separated from the world plant hand and foot in the earth to give it root and never abandon the happy neighborhood Over all the sterile world is spread this green mysterious carpet of love Every Spring it is renewed and its peculiar writing is legible only to the loved one like the nosegay of the East; he will read forever yet never enough and will perceive daily meanings new delightful revelations of loving nature”