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Download Storm Cursed Mobi ✓ 384 pages á Hannahredhead Ô In this powerful entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series Mercy Thompson must face a deadly enemy to defend all she lovesMy name is Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman and I am a car mechanicAnd a coyote shapeshifterAnd the mate of the Alpha of theAs viewed as neutral ground a place where humans would feel safe to come and treat with the faeThe reality is that nothing and no one is safe As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae a storm is coming and her name is DeathBut we are pack and we have given our wordWe will die to keep it Read this when you won't be interrupted because it is not put downable I do need to give a warning though there is animal torture in this book It was darker than most of the series and I felt a little sickened by the torture stuffWho the fuck could torture a kitten?I can't little kitty I can'tI need to pet it and love it foreverAnd I'm a dog person To me this felt like the darkest book in the series so far I didn't mind the vampire stuff that was brutal like I did this black magic thing I feel the need to get blessed by a priest after reading itYeah maybe not Better not to take chancesOkay so the story is about witches who are making zombies and causing trouble We aren't sure what their long game is but the story is woven together masterfully A lot of uestions are answered about past events as well as the current ones and there will be trouble ahead We don't have Bran in this one which might be a good thing considering what was recently revealed about him and the controversy surrounding it But we do get most of the other characters that we have all grown to know And best of all Wulfe He is very involved which is awesome because he's such a mysterious character You are never sure what he will do Sometimes he seems good and most of the time evil but he's never boringYeah like thatThe best part of this book the miniature goat zombies I love how everyone keeps talking about how cute they were It's like yeah zombies are bad and want to eat your face but did you see how cute they were? It could have been worse I told the deputy who opened one side of the dumpster lid for me so I could drop my little zombie in with the rest of the adorable blood hungry fiends Awww let's just surrender to him He's so cuteThe book needed that cuteness I think that instead of freaking out a priest I'll just look at baby goat pictures as my brain cleanser

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In this powerful entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series Mercy Thompson must face a deadly enemy to defend all she lovesMy name is Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman and I am a car mechanicAnd a coyote shapeshifterAnd the mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolf packEven so none of that would ha 45 stars for this Mercy Thompson fantasy brimming with black magic Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Storm Cursed the eleventh book in Patricia Briggs’ MERCY THOMPSON urban fantasy series kicks the series up a notch with some clashes with black magic witches and no one is safe Mercy a coyote skinwalker and the shapechanger daughter of the god Coyote is back in the Tri Cities area of Washington state after her hair raising adventures in Europe in Silence Fallen Storm Cursed begins with a seemingly tangential event Mercy has tagged two of her husband Adam’s werewolf pack firefighter Mary Jo and computer nerd Ben to go on a goblin hunt with her tracking down a goblin suspected of killing a policeman She calls Larry the goblin king who we met in Silence Fallen to help What this event discloses about Mercy’s evolving relationship with Mary Jo and about a secret power held by goblins that is apparently uniue among the fae may have important repercussions in the futureIndirectly this goblin hunt leads to a police reuest to help with a bunch of pygmy goats that someone has turned into zombies using witchcraft interestingly the pygmy goats are still adorable even though they’re dead and zombie fied When Mercy calls the witch family of Elizaveta Arkadyevna to help with the zombie goat problem a strange woman with a soft Southern voice answers the phone and tells Mercy that Elizaveta’s family is “all tied up right now” Not ominous at all And then the family that owned the pygmy goats tell Mercy about a woman with a Southern accent who tried to buy the goats and to get their young son to come to her carAs Mercy and Adam investigate what has happened at Elizaveta’s house and where the zombies are coming from they find threats from both without and within their territory Meanwhile the Gray Lords of the fae are reengaging with humans offering to meet with the US government to negotiate a peace treaty but the witch problem is threatening this process as wellBlack magic makes for a compelling but harrowing plot in Storm Cursed Black magic witches are the most powerful of all witches in this world; far powerful than white or gray witches Their willingness to torture and kill both animals and people gives them a far greater boost to their magical powers than white and gray witches can access That willingness to commit appallingly evil acts for the sake of power is front and center in Storm Cursed and Briggs doesn’t pull her punches Sensitive readers are advised to tread carefullyOffsetting this darkness is the moral bedrock and decency of the key characters It’s not just in Mercy and Adam but also in Zee a powerful fae who is Mercy’s longtime friend Zee’s son Tad and several others We finally learn about the mysterious past of Sherwood Post a werewolf with a missing leg supposedly an impossibility since werewolves regenerate Wulfe an extremely powerful but unbalanced vampire gets a chance to shine in Storm Cursed and there are new revelations about his character as wellBriggs pulls in plot threads and character arcs from prior books and takes them in unexpected but logical directions with each new novel in the MERCY THOMPSON and the related ALPHA AND OMEGA series which are so closely interwoven that it’s definitely best to read all of the books in both series in order In Storm Cursed Briggs once again surprised me with her willingness to shake things up No character is safe well perhaps other than Mercy and Adam no matter how long they’ve been a part of the series Storm Cursed was fascinating reading even though it had several disturbing scenes It kept me glued to my chair Sixteen books into the world of Mercy Thompson counting both series Briggs is still writing excellent urban fantasy and finding ways to keep it freshInitial comments SO GOOD I THINK IM GOING TO READ IT AGAIN Black magic witches make for a great plot Mix in some wonderful secondary characters like Sherwood Post and Zee and a little WulfeAlso adorable zombie pygmy goats I can’t evenI really enjoyed this book even though it has some harrowing moments It made me want to go back and reread the whole Mercy Thompson series how did we first meet Larry the goblin king and Sherwood Post the mysterious werewolf again? Thanks to the publisher Ace for the free review copiesContent warnings some descriptions of torture and animal cruelty Sensitive readers tread carefully Also a few scattered F bombsUpdate And now a week later NetGalley finally informs me that I’ve been approved So now I have two copies 😂Initial post Guess what appeared on my doorstep todayThere's nothing uite like asking for a book on NetGalley getting no response slowly losing hope then having a hard copy get shipped to you

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Storm CursedVe gotten me into trouble if a few months ago I hadn't stood upon a bridge and taken responsibility for the safety of the citizens who lived in our territory It seemed like the thing to do at the time It should have only involved hunting down killer goblins zombie goats and an occasional troll Instead our home w A lot of what I know about the witches comes from Wikipedia; it told me that coven had thirteen witchesI get the best spells from Wiki Wulfe said Have you read what it says about werewolves? I keep editing the article but someone and I think it's Bran Cornick keeps changing it backThis made me laugh so hard because I can totally imagine Wulfe and Bran sitting behind their computers and editing the Wiki article on werewolves back and forth for it to fit each of their agendasI finally got some time and managed to read Storm Cursed yay for me I missed Mercy After going on a vacation to Europe in the last book Mercy is back home with Adam and the pack and things are or less back to normal Until reanimated animals start appearing and witches start dying No offense to Sabrina and the Halliwell sisters but witches are creepy as hell Their portrayal in this series is super spooky and disturbing I'm okay with werewolves fighting to death vampires enslaving humans and the Fae killing humans and each other But witches torturing puppies and kittens? Na ah NopeWhenever I re read this series or whenever a new book comes out I get reminded of how well written this story is and how well developed the characters are There were a lot of plot twists I didn't see coming and a lot of new hints I expect will play bigger roles in the upcoming books However when it comes to characters even though I absolutely love Mercy Adam Warren Honey Stefan and everyone else Who really stole the show for me this time was Wulfe I know that he is creepy and convoluted but you can't say he isn't hilarious Whose side of the battle were you on? I askedI don't remember he liedWhy do you have both hands?Because two is better than one he said Twisted? Yes Scary? Yes Will probably turn into a villain eventually? Yes Would I still like to hang out with him? Hell yeahBy the way I'm really glad that view spoilerAdam killed Elizaveta I would hate hate hate it if young Elizaveta became a new villain who tried to seduce Adam Like hell no One of my many favorite things about this series is how solid Mercy's and Adam's relationship is so I'm really glad Briggs killed Elizaveta right away hide spoiler