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Jaded By Danielle JamRazed by the power he holds will see them dead first Jade and Michael will fight for each other and they will fight for their families Because destiny will always bring everything full circle ARC provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Vampires Witches Phoenix’s God Heaven Hell Demons Witchcraft The Garden Of EdenWe have never read this type of genre beforeWhat we thought after reading itBloody brilliantJaded is a story about love that was simply meant to beJade a VampireMichael a PhoenixDestined to be togetherThey are matesBut will they get their fairy tale ending Who is out to destroy themAnd whyJaded is s brilliant read As mentioned before we have never read this type of genre before but are we glad we didAn emotional read We laughed and cried It made us mad and angry It made us smile It made our heart melt Oh and made us hot hot hot those sex scenes damnJaded was just all round an awesome read Written so well with such intensity we couldn't put it downWe highly recommend Jaded to be on your TBR list and we rate it 9 out of 10

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Only living phoenix in existence Two very different people one destiny Only one thing stands between the two and their future Stephan the son of Lucifer demented by his uest for revenge and c Jade knew he was coming her mate He just didnt know that yet When Michael arrives he is put through his paces but no one except Jade knows his true value Forces begin to conspire against them but Fate has her plan and it will be seen through one way or another I joined Ms James beta reading group late after Phoenix was released and have not managed to read any of the early books Ms James asked me not to She had a secret book in writing she said and wanted someone who had not read the Fordidden Love series OR The Boston Clan series to look at this book with fresh eyes Of course I said feeling a little daunted by the task ahead of me but excited all the same Jade is Angel and Brea's daughter a born vampire far powerful than anyone else in the house even Gage Michael is Phoenix and Kelly's son the second living phoenix in existance He has his own powers one of which is made very clear very early on Others crop up as the book moves on for both of them Both Jade and Michael are now adults and this book takes place a long time after Phoenix does although its not made clear how old these two are just that they are adults Its very clear they arent teenagers though so I'd pitch them very early 20s All the previous characters appear in this book Angel Brea Sebastian Jessica Leigh Rebel Gage Serena Samuel Azerial Phoenix and Kelly and a few surprises too And I loved that we get to hear from all the main characters not just Jade and Michael Some baddies have their say too nasty pieces of work that they are The book is very fast paced taking place over a few short weeks but so full of action you dont notice HOW fast it flies til you are done It is violent yes but with vampires dragons witches fey phoenix and all manner of paranormal things against an undead army and the son of Lucifer hell bent on revenge thats not surprising Its super hot and sexy where Jade and Michael are concerned and although its fairly tame it still hits the spot All too often you get lots of kinky paranormal sex and sometimes its rather refreshing NOT to read about it all Emotions are the main thing here and they are described in such a way that you get it you really do You get from almost everyone how intenese their bonds are not just to their respective mates but to Jade and Michael once its obvious what they are to each other and the lengths they will go to protect them And they do they go literally across the world and back for them Each one of them would lay their life down for Michael and Jade and that comes across beautifully There are a few twists and turns a few surprises for certain characters that THEY dont see coming and it kept me on my toes right til the end As I said I was asked NOT to read any previous books to look at this one with a fresh pair of eyes I could follow what had happened in previous books not exactly cos recapping 6 or 7 books in their entirety would make this a long ass book but the gist of those books came across loud and clear NOW I will go back and read those books I need for my own personal satisfaction and NOT because I'm missing anything to read them If you haven't read any of Ms James' books before read this one I read it in one sitting did not do anything all day 5 full stars

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PDF í BOOK Jaded By Danielle James FREE è DANIELLE JAMES Â Two souls born thousands of miles apart but destined to be together from birth She was born to a vampire and a human with beauty and power that would remain unparalleled He is the son of the only living phoenix in existence Two very different people one dTwo souls born thousands of miles apart but destined to be together from birth She was born to a vampire and a human with beauty and power that would remain unparalleled He is the son of the I felt so much while reading this book If you haven’t read the Forbidden Love Series then you may not be as excited about Jaded as those of us who have It is Jade’s story and tells of her life after she is “grown” and in the process of meeting her mate Jade is very powerful as a result of being born to a vampire and a human She “knows” things But when it comes to her own life and destiny she can’t see the future She has to live it just like everybody else–with one exception She knows who her mate is She knows who he is and that he is comingI freaking loved this book It has everything you could want in a paranormal romance and then some A strong opinionated don’t mess with me heroine a scorching hot easygoing hero a mindless villain and all the supporting family members one could ever need There are vampires witches fey angels and demons galore I laughed I cried a little and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next It is a standalone novel with a beginning middle and an end so you don’t have to have read the Forbidden Loves Series in order to follow it and fall in love with Jade and Michael But why wouldn’t you 5 Stars for one of the best books of the year