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Read The Magpie Lord ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ A lord in danger A magician in turmoil A snowball in hellExiled to China for twenty years Lucien Vaudrey never planned to return to England But with the mysterious deaths of his father and brother it seems the new Lord Crane has inherited an earldom He’s also inherited hEal isn't the only thing rendering Stephen powerless Evil pervades the house a web of plots is closing round Crane and if Stephen can’t find a way through it they’re both going to die Warning Contains hot mm sex between a deeply inappropriate earl and a very confused magician dark plots in a magical version of Victorian England family values not the good kind and a lot of sweari. 35 stars I deeply regret to announce that this review is probably going to be all over the place Not all my fault thoughBecause confidence I wanted to write a charm recipe review for this book because obviously this hysterical story called for it or made me think it was a good idea so as I'm not expert on witchcraft understatement of the year of course I thought Hey Google is your friend on this So I gently typed something along the lines of love spell recipe and bloody hell Let me tell you Google knows its job Anyway I clicked on links I started forgetting why the hell I was looking at this rubbish no offense for those who believe in that that's not my fault my mind is Cartesian by essence All of that is to say that unfortunately I won't be able to write a spell review whatever that means They lost me at incoherent crap Repeat this in rhythmic pulses as you stir and combine the ingredients so far Yeah how about no But Good Lord the first adventures of Crane and Stephen were just insanely delicious Keyword being insanely Or delicious I don't really know There's just something so terribly appealing in a story that allows you to escape the real world so uickly In all honestly I struggled to understand what the hell was going on at first but thanks to Crane's wonderful sarcasm it was never a bother Guys GUYS That man's sardonic humor is just fucking perfection Seriously after two pages I knew that I would make a feast of his deadpan retorts As for Stephen except for the fact that the endless repetition of his short and boyish stature annoyed me I GET IT The guy is 5 I KNOW You said it already This is NOT attractive to make him weak GAH well I have to admit that he was full of surprises and I'm eager to discover about him in the seuel If the character development was a little lacking I'm feeling lenient because it was so very short and only the first book I guess we'll see The growth of their relationship was well handled and never overwhelming but uite the opposite there's a curse to unravel after all and a very captivating at that Completely unputdownable This said the villains lacked depth in my opinion I didn't feel anything towards them because I didn't have the time toNow I do have complaints about the sex scenes and it happens in so many books that I'm starting to think that I must be in the minority on this Things go like that Crane I'm going to fck you senselessStephen Oooh yesAnna Crane But I want you to begAnna OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD This puts me off EVERY TIME Look I'm obviously glad that consent is sought and all but all that talking during sex throws me off Less talk action please Moreover I didn't like at all the first rapprochement of Crane and Stephen sexually wise the uick switch between anger and lust made me feel uncomfortable because it is not something in what I believe I know that many many books love relating how close these feelings are but the fact is I genuinely don't get it When someone is mad at me I do not feel desire I am pissed off plain and simple Scared maybe Never ever excited Granted the situation was well handled view spoilerCrane stopped hide spoiler

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A lord in danger A magician in turmoil A snowball in hellExiled to China for twenty years Lucien Vaudrey never planned to return to England But with the mysterious deaths of his father and brother it seems the new Lord Crane has inherited an earldom He’s also inherited his family’s enemies He needs magical assistance fast He doesn't expect it to turn up angryMagician Stephen Day. riotously funny—and also hotbless my molly little stars—this was hystericalthe joy i found in this pulled me right out of my hermit hole and onto a keyboard to go write thingsgingerlybecause this one passage had me chortling so hard the cat sleeping on my belly had to stab me in four places at once to keep from being undulated right off the bed twicethese characters are marvelous dialogue like oscar wilde on absinthenever mind the sexual congress always being interrupted by the inconvenient appearance of some random crofter or parson or hedge witch—the sexual tension was off the chainmy sex drive goes to hell when i'm down but with thisi sprung a boner for the first time in like hundreds of years so recommended i can't even——just go uickly enjoyit's AU victorian ridonk madness and i loved every wordhours and it was wicked haaad too

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The Magpie LordHas good reason to hate Crane’s family Unfortunately it’s his job to deal with supernatural threats Besides the earl is unlike any aristocrat he’s ever met with the tattoos the attitude and the way Crane seems determined to get him into bed That’s definitely unusualSoon Stephen is falling hard for the worst possible man at the worst possible time But Crane’s dangerous app. Written better than all of my B™ reads this is a fun palate cleanser between demanding books Books that I’ve been avoiding for instance including finishing Romano’s well done one on zombies too long too end of the world depressing people Carter and Lovecraft too creepy horror The Light Brigade too wartime Indemnity Only too 1980s sleezy Chicago crime couched in women’s rights Idk I really don’t because I also hate rainbows and kittens “This is the drawing room It probably wouldn’t be so bad without the panelling or the chairs and if it was in a different house”Anyway this is fun fast break from all that Sure it opens with an almost suicide which is a bit of an emotional slap but we uickly find out that is unusual behavior from our extremely self confident lead“But if I can’t find him through any of the clubs we can just hang around all the filthiest opium dens in Limehouse till we meet him”“See” said Merrick “Things are looking up already”I burned through this on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the porch because that’s just about the perfect time and place for a read like this Great atmosphere with the growing threat of danger but there’s some snappy dialogue in there to also provide humor There is an instance or two of uestionable relationship behavior but it’s interesting because the characters call themselves out on it and–this is crazy here–have a discussion about it I don’t know what these modern authors are coming to actually talking out relationship stuff“I don’t think anyone is entitled to exploit his fellows because of an accident of birth You’re an earl I’m a practitioner both of us were born this way and neither of us is entitled to feed off other people because of it”Crane considered that “I’m bloody glad you’re here”“Really Because I wish to God we were both somewhere else”Anyway decent mystery interesting dynamic duo very interesting lead characters including Merrick I’d read from this team and that’s saying something because I’m not usually a fan of this setting Highly preferred over something like Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences etcThanks to Nataliya for trying and sharing this gem I highly recommend her reviewThree and a half spirits rounding up