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PDF æ BOOK Rumor Has It FREE Î This isn't gritty This isn't glamorous This is real life Real sex Real teensThree Little Words is the irresistible new series of romances for teenage readersThere's always one page each book will fall open atOne scene that gets people talkingThe sexiest most romantic sceneThe kind you don't want to read in publicFour girlIr final year at school This book takes them from November to the New Year with all the attendant parties and pitfalls Extra X rated scenes exclusively available in this ebook edition The synopsis already shows a good level of story and so I will not dwell here on reviewThe author knew very well develop the story and has great ease of writing about the world of adolesentesThe narrative of the book is in first person which usually do not like much The focus is totally on Ashley and Dylan and sometimes I resented not having a bit of a broader view of the other characters For some uite pleased meI think this book is a great entertainment for those who enjoy reading funny light and easy to read I would recommend to young people over 16 years for some bolder scenes which are narrated in the bookbjus

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This isn't gritty This isn't glamorous This is real life Real sex Real teensThree Little Words is the irresistible new series of romances for teenage readersThere's always one page ea A few months ago I read and reviewed book one in the Girl Hearts Boy series No Such Thing as Forever and I was really keen to read the seuel Rumour Has It I thought it would be a direct continuation but instead this story is told from Ashley’s point of viewAshley Greene and her mates Donna Sarah Cass Rich Ollie and Jack live in Brighton and attend Woodside High They all enjoy partying drinking and having fun none so than Ashley She’s confident in her sexuality enjoys having sex with different guys and isn't too concerned about not having a boyfriend Then she meets Dylan who she’s really keen on but he doesn't seem to feel the sameSo in NSTaF Ashley and Donna sort of blended into the one character according to Sarah they enjoyed partying and sex but neither of them seemed too out there imo In Rumour Has It we get to know Ashley a lot better and I really really liked her She’s got a great attitude about life sex friends and doesn't seem to care what people think about her That is until a rumour starts going round school and she ends up on the receiving end of graffiti and name calling She can’t even keep it from her little sister Frankie and has to explain it to herOn the inside Ash does worry about things She and her older sister don’t have a good relationship her mum often takes her sister’s side she worries about what she will do after they finish high school I liked seeing this side of her and wanted her to realise how talented and awesome she wasFrankie was such a fantastic character I loved the relationship between the two sisters and thought it was great they talked about everything and anything and that Ash could give Frankie advice I also thought Rich was a pretty good mate to Ash he and Donna are always there for herI enjoyed all the Brit slang and the music references and found this to be a really realistic look at teens I guess it depends on your personal situation but this did seem real to me there are heaps of teens like Ash and her friends and I really found myself connected to her storyLike NSTaF it did have a bit of an older Georgia Nicolson vibe to it in that they’re boy mad they pepper their sentences with French words and they over analyse text messagesThe story was wrapped up really well and I wish we could get another book from Ash’s point of view but I've read that the next book Three’s A Crowd is from Cass’ POVRumour Has It is a great follow up to No Such Thing as Forever; we get a closer look at the friendship dynamics of this group a better insight into Ash’s world and a lot of fun along the wayThank you to the lovely people Penguin Australia for my review copy

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Rumor Has ItCh book will fall open atOne scene that gets people talkingThe sexiest most romantic sceneThe kind you don't want to read in publicFour girls Three boys They are turning 18 and in the Review originally posted in 'm not really liking the cover like the first book in the series No Such Thing as Forever The legs intertwining are uite typical of a contemporary novel but I guess it's an okay cover for the bookStoryAshley has a reputation for a wild life Will she ever find 'The One'Rumour Has It is the second book in the Girl Heart Boy series While I did enjoy the first book I think I enjoyed the second book Basically this book tells the story of Ashley Sarah's friend The book is written from her POV and ventures her life as 'the player' and how she eventually finds someone she wants to be with perhaps permanentlyThe story plot reflects teenagers' life including parties sex and school However this book is different to the first book or Sarah's story Unlike Sarah's story Ashley actually finds 'The One' which makes me really happy The story itself is really enjoyable and Ali Cronin's writing is easy to relate to The romance is also sweet sometimes frustrating but mainly heart warmingCharactersThe main character in this book is Ashley so we definitely get to know about her than the first book I have to admit in the beginning Ashley frustrates me She acts as though she enjoys being a 'player' although she's not But she keeps on doing so and I want to tell her to stop it since she also likes another guy But as the story develops she tries to better understand herself and finally stops acting as though she doesn't care about what other people are saying about her 'wild life'The main love interest is called Dylan I actually really like him unlike Joe in No Such Thing as Forever who merely uses Sarah for sex I thought Dylan doesn't like Ashley in the beginning since he never gives any signs that he likes her although clearly I'm wrong Dylan is cute and he's completely suitable for AshleyAshley's friends also make an appearance in this book such as Sarah Cass Donna Ollie Rich and Jack I don't really like Cass since her boyfriend is a jerk but she keeps on defending him I also like how the guys are supportive of Ashley and always ready to help herOverallRumour Has It is the pleasant second book in the Girl Heart Boy series telling Ashley's story as she discovers that she's falling in love with a cute guy despite her reputation for living a 'wild life' With realistic story plot and enjoyable characters if you enjoy No Such Thing as Forever then you'll definitely enjoy Rumour Has It too Thank you Penguin Australia for the review copy