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Free download Levi Strauss ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Blue jeans are globally beloved and uintessentially American They symbolize everything from the Old West to the hippie counter culture; everyone from car mechanics to high fashion models wears jeans And no name is associated with blue jeans than Levi Strauss CHionBut despite creating an American icon Levi Strauss is a mystery Little is known about the man and the widely circulated facts about his life are steeped in mythology In this first full length biography Lynn Downey sets the record straight about this brilliant businessman Strauss's life was the classic American success story filled with lessons about craft and integrity leadership and innovati. This book was well written on both the man Levi Strauss and his part in the history of jeans in America It also serves as a very informative history of Northern California specifically San Francisco

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Blue jeans are globally beloved and uintessentially American They symbolize everything from the Old West to the hippie counter culture; everyone from car mechanics to high fashion models wears jeans And no name is associated with blue jeans than Levi Strauss Co the creator of this classic American garmentAs a young man Levi Strauss left his home in Germany and immigrated to America He made his wa. Few articles of clothing have been in style as long as levis jeans They were higher uality working man's clothing over a hundred years ago and still are today But also worn by professional men often paired with tailored tweed jackets and even white shirts Appropriated by women young and older Originally designed to resist rips the most expensive jeans are now sold artfully pre torn How did this all come about Lynn Downey reveals the story and it is not an easy one to ferret out The earthuake and fire of 1906 destroyed almost all the company archives and the family did not seem too interested in preserving personal papers Downey must have scoured all available newspapers and public records in Levi Strauss' birthplace in Bavaria Buttenheim in New York where his brothers first established a dry goods business and in San Francisco where Strauss branched out from dry goods to manufacturing clothing She assembles the verified dates then fills in the story from the cultural context that produced businessmen such as Strauss In the process she demolishes numerous myths and apocryphal tales The inventor of jeans with rivets was actually Jacob Davis and Strauss immediately saw the utility of the process got a patent and defended it and established a successful partnership with him in ca 1870 It is the story of San Francisco's rise as a mercantile center the story of California and the Gold Rush the story of Jewish merchants in the West and the story of how fashions develop By all accounts Strauss was a savvy businessman an upstanding citizen a generous philanthropist a wise city father a good uncle and someone who could build a lasting institution He had to cope with shiploads of merchandise that sank fires thieves labor unrest and economic collapses but managed to thrive in good times and bad Downey writes that he somehow successfully ignored the normal demands of his culture that would have expected him to marry and have children but he was very well embedded in the family of his siblings and their spouses and children living together with the Sterns as part of an extended family While he was a loyal supporter of Temple Emanu el he was ecumenical in his philanthropy donating to Jewish Catholic Protestant and secular good causes such as orphanages and kindergartens He seems to have looked for common ground where philanthropy would be good for both the community in general and also for his business That is not all bad San Francisco had its full share of corruption and skullduggery But Strauss had a talent for rising above all that Downey found a couple minor flaws but the picture is overwhelmingly and refreshingly positive

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Levi StraussY to San Francisco and by 1853 had started his company Soon he was a leading businessman in a growing commercial city that was beginning to influence the rest of the nation Family centered and deeply rooted in his Jewish faith Strauss was the hub of a wheel whose spokes reached into nearly every aspect of American culture business philanthropy politics immigration transportation education and fas. Levi Strauss didn't invent blue jeans or denim or even the copper rivets used to keep the pockets from tearing But he did know a good thing when he saw it and was able to market copper rivet pants along with other sturdy clothing throughout the WestUnfortunately Mr Strauss left no heirs and any letters or diaries or notes he may have taken were lost in the fire that swept through San Francisco in 1906 four years after his death Lynn Downey who was the first in house historian for Levi Strauss Co used contemporary sources such as the local newspapers in San Francisco patent documents advertisements and other literature to paint a portrait of Mr Strauss and San Francisco from 1860 1902 She traces his family history their immigration from Bavaria to New York then to San Francisco; from peddlers to dry goods wholesalers to a clothing empire Levi Strauss Co made than denim jeans outfitting even prisoners in FolsomMr Strauss was an integral part of San Francisco society as well including the Committee of Vigilantes and contributed to charities through his temple and other organizations he donated to three orphanages Jewish Protestant and Catholic He employed a lot of women and paid them a decent wage for the time He was a hands on person appearing in advertisements showing up at the warehouse and inspecting samplesAlthough he had no children of his own his nephews and nieces the Sterns and the Haases are still engaged in charitable works in the Bay AreaMs Downey does a good job with the limited material she had What the book lacks in personal inside information about Mr Strauss Ms Downey does a wonderful job capturing what it was like to be an entrepreneur during the early days of San Francisco I was fortunate to be able to visit the historic factory on Valencia Street in San Francisco back in the mid 1990's The factory was no longer making jeans for sale but was used to develop prototypes and test different fabrics The company donated enough remnants of denim along with buttons and thread to make vests for about 150 Cub Scouts at our District Day Camp There was enough left over to use for another craft project the following year and to share with other Districts Levi Plaza on Battery Street near the Embarcadero in San Francisco is a wonderfully landscape park as well as company headuarters an oasis open to all