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PDF æ BOOK The Scorch Trials FREE î HANNAHREDHEAD ï Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end   Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers But WICKED isn’t done yet Phase Two has just begun The Scorch   There are no rules There is no help You either make it or you die   TheNo rules There is no help You either make it or you die   The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch the most burned out section of the world And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and s Sigh I don't know how to write a review for this book without it sounding like a full out rant So I guess I'll just rantFirst of all I will admit that I only have myself to blame for picking up this audiobook I wasn't a fan of the first one and yet I still decided to give The Scorch Trials a try Somehow this one was worse than the The Maze Runner How so? Let me count the ways1 Character development James Dashner deserves an award for achieving the impossible by being the first author to establish negative character development I cared even less about the main characters than I did in the first book Everyone started to blend together and there was no one character with any distinguishing features ThomasMinhoNewt were practically interchangeable and I swear Teresa and Brenda were the same person Oh I guess Jorge's dialogue was pretty memorable though in the sense that every sentence he said ended with the word muchacho I don't think it can get any stereotypical than that Putting the main characters aside it seemed like Dashner just threw up his hands and said Oh shuck it when it came to giving the other Gladers even a splash of personality view spoilerAt the end of the book when a bunch of the Gladers dieddidn't make it to the Safe Haven Thomas thought something to the extent of Oh well I didn't know them very well anyway Even Thomas didn't care about these people hide spoiler

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Tack the odds against them   Friendships will be tested Loyalties will be broken All bets are off   There are others now Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction and they’re determined to survi Sorry to break the bad news ButGuysYou have to Run AgainNo no not the mazebut hereWelcome to the new TrialAnd Thomas RememberWICKED is Good so shuckin' Wicked فيروس الأيبولا الدموي ينتشر في العالم وظهور حالة بنيويوركالأحتباس الحراري وصل لمرحلة متقدمة وجماعات تنادي بانقاذ القطب الشماليهل مازلت تعتقد ان احداث تلك الرواية مستحيل تحققها في المستقبل؟؟اذا شاهدت واعجبك الفيلم الأول لا تنتظر الجزء الثاني وابدأ فورا في قراءة الروايةتعبت من الجري مع توماس واصدقاءه في المتاهة التقط انفاسك لأنك ستبدأ الجري في متغيرات اخري وتذكرWICKED is Good so shuckin' Wicked جري في انفاق مظلمة مع تهديدات غريبة باشياء قد تفصل رأسك عن جسمكجري في صحراء في شمس في مستقبل ماقد يكون قريبا في ظل كل الظواهر الغريبة التي تسببنا فيها كالأحتباس الحراري لا ترحم بل تحرق لدرجة الشواء كما احرقت مدن قبل ذلكجري في نفس الصحراء في وسط عواصف وبرق شديد ورعد يصم الأذانفقط واصل الجريجري في وسط مدينة كبري محترقة مع تهديدات بوجود مرضي مصابين بمرض رهيب يحيل الحي الي شبهه ميت بسبب الشمسمصابين خطرين مجانين وقتلةولا تنس ان تجري وتجري حتي تصل الي الجبال في الأفق في الميعاد المحدد لك لأنك أذا لم تصل الي هناك سيزيد خطورة المرض الذي تحملهنعم انت ايضا تحمل ذلك المرضاجرياجري لتصل للعلاجاولا الموضوعتبدأ الأحداث الغريبة بعد انتهاء احداث الجزء الاول مباشرةغموض مره اخري واختفاء غامض لتريسا الفتاة الوحيدة بينهم وده بيزيد من حيرة توماس طول الرحلةالرحلة سابقة الذكرلأن المؤسسه الغريبة ويكيد ابلغتهم باصابتهم بفيروس المرض الغريبوالحل الوحيد للعلاج هو رحلتهم الغريبة عبر الصحراء مدينة كبري محترقه حتي نقطة الأمان ليحصلوا علي العلاجوبتستمر الرحلةبيستمر الجري مع اسئلة اكتر واجابات للاسف اتعرفنا علي اغلبها في نهاية الجزء الأول بعضها مكررلكن الأهم الغموض وراء تريسا وتصرفاتها الغريبة الأحداث والأماكن بهذا الجزء متنوعة وشمسها محرقةعواصفها قاتلة وممراتها تحت الأرض خطيرةبالرغم من الملل الذي اصابني في بعض الأجزاء بالوسط للمطارادات والجري الذي لا ينتهينجح المؤلف في اصابتي بالتوتر والترقب في كثير من الأوقات وسط الأحداث بمشاهد نجح في جعلها مقبضة مثلا صوت استيريو اغاني قوي في حارة مهجورة بالمدينة المحترقةصوت خطوات وكسر زجاج غريب في نفق مهجور تقترب من الابطال المفترض انهم وحدهم بتلك الأنفاقوالأهم في ذلك الجزء هو توضيح صورة أكبر للعالم الذي تدور به الأحداثوبعض الحقائق وراء هدف تلك الشركة الغريبةWICKEDوالأهم هو ظهور المجموعة الثانية الموازية لشباب المتاهةمجموعة

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The Scorch TrialsSolving the Maze was supposed to be the end   Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers But WICKED isn’t done yet Phase Two has just begun The Scorch   There are During this entire book I counted how many times Thomas ended up passing out or sleeping either at the end of a chapter or paragraph and did you want to know what the finally count was? 29 29 times this guy blacked out Out of 360 pages Thomas left you with the cliff hanger of and finally he slept 29 times Sounds fun doesn't it?If this didn't annoy you at all reread this book NOT RECOMMENDED and realize that this dude spent most of his life passed out Then try to tell me you didn't notice itAlthough this book was fast passed a lot of it was filler and this book could really just have been shrunken into about 100 pages at the maxI gave this book 2 stars only because James Dashner was able to create such real characters by giving them actual human ualities This is mostly referring to Newt and Minho since they seemed the most real and fleshed out This compared to other characters like Thomas who had about as much personality and emotion as a burnt piece of rat meat on a stick He's also about as smart as that which I don't understand since all the Gladers were suppose to be extremely smart children who where put in the maze from the last book because of their high IsApart from the few inconsistencies in this book the one thing that never made any sense to me was that if everyone in there is suppose to be named after super smart person like Isaac Newton etc then who is Frypan named after? If someone figures it out please tell meEDIT PS I think I get that Frypan is a nickname now thanks