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FREE PDF » BOOK Roman Book #2 The Hunter Brothers Series ☆ L.J. DEE á ROMAN Book #2 The Hunter Brothers series ‘Roman was an enigma a puzzle; wrapped in a hot hard body tormented eyes and a soft full mouth that screamed pure sin Even here where the love for him was so palpable you could feel it; he wEd and histories unravelled turning fact into fiction and changing the course of the future He isn’t there to grieve the man that despised him and his stay will be short lived but lured back to face his past by the beautiful Chastity Roman is determined to take her into his bed The attraction is instant the chemistry electric and he knows if he can get her alone there will be only one outcome Chastity Evangelista usually lives up to her name with a list in place for the ultimate prize she’s determined to secure but she doesn’t count on her dangerous and immediate response to the prodigal brother riddle What the hell I was so not expecting s cliffhangergrrrrrrrrrrrBut boy will I be jumping into book 3 Lots of twists and turns with this group of brothers that has really kept me reading and want to find out who ends up with who who is selling theses brothers out and will Chas finally bitch slap Charlie'sgirlfriend Gotta keep reading

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ROMAN Book #2 The Hunter Brothers series ‘Roman was an enigma a puzzle; wrapped in a hot hard body tormented eyes and a soft full mouth that screamed pure sin Even here where the love for him was so palpable you could feel it; he was distant Unfortunately he was also captivating compelling and impossible to ignore I was here for Charlie Roman had other ideas This was going to be one hell of a weekend’ When the mysterious Roman returns to the family estate in the aftermath of his father’s funeral his revelations threaten the very foundations of the Hunter family shaking it to its core Secrets are reveal I really really wanted to love this bookI loved absolutely loved the previous book 'Lucas' all the characters the humour relationships everything and out of all the characters Roman intrigued me I couldn't wait to start this book and it started well Chastity is heading to the funeral of Silus Hunter she's running late due to a faulty sat nav and the fact that she simply hates the country when she finally reaches the church everyone's gone everyone apart from the most amazing looking man and for the first time ever Chaz is left speechless The amazing looking man turns out to be Roman Hunter and all thoughts of Chaz's list go completely out of her head yes she has an actual list written out a list of necessary ualities she's looking for in a man and while Roman doesn't appear to meet any of them she can't help but be attracted to himWe discover why Roman left and stayed away lies are revealed and the book is looking fantastic Roman is everything I expected and I was loving it Lucas and Jess are building their relationship and we have a front row seat I just couldn't read fast enough but then it all started to go wrong and I can't understand itWithout giving anything away so mentioning no names two of the characters I loved in the last book I grew to dislike in this one the I read the I disliked them in fact I didn't like them to the extend that I'm seriously considering not continuing with this series which would be a shame because the plot is building and it has such potential but I don't know if I can get past this bookAlso while I'm having a moan I didn't like the cover I have a bit of a thing for covers I've been known to read books based purely on the covers in fact 'King' by this author is a good example I loved the cover and also as it turned out the book as well but the cover attracted me initially this one didn't work for me whywell he wasn't how I pictured Roman which I know is subjective but the face was too big taking up too much of the cover the 'Lucas' one however was perfect and that's what drew me to this series in the first placeWhen I'd finished this book I felt disappointed I know all the other reviews are really good but I had to be honest and honestly I felt let down

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Roman Book #2 The Hunter Brothers SeriesD with complexities and sizzling with sex appeal He’s an unknown uantity and she doesn’t do those He’s a weekend hook up and she doesn’t do those He is also the brother of the man with whom she hopes her future lies But when an unforeseen twist changes Charlie’s outlook irrevocably Chastity is left with a choice to make Roman is Book two in The Hunter Brothers series; a collection of full length erotic romance novels designed to be read in order ‘Lucas’ is the first title in the series of this hot new releaseDue to strong language and sexual content this novel is recommended for readers over 18 Sadly Roman is even hotter than Lucas I say that because it’s sad that most woman myself included are attracted to the elusive bad boy then the keeper that Lucas most definitely is Roman is not a gentleman he’s not husband material and he’s no knight in shining armor However for the few days he spent with Chas she brought those ualities out in him and showed him he still has a heart Mostly I enjoyed this book however Chas was not left in the best light I just don’t understand how she could want Charlie over Roman and now she has no hope of that since she fuked Roman I hope Chas’ reputation is vindicated in the next book