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SUMMARY æ Everything Under the Moon Á Born in Missouri than a century ago and raised in a Pentecostal orphanage the creature now calling himself Gelson Verber has changed his name countless times He’s part werewolf and makes his living hunting certain kinds of bad men—criminals rapists thugs—in an often grotesue parody of the natural orderTo identify werewolf hybrids who are then forced into servitude As he falls deeper into the trap that has been set for him his introduction to its evil architect triggers within Verber a string of recollections conversations with the late werewolf hybrid John Jack Bridger Salt Street's trap is masterful but it does have one terrible flaw you cannot cage someone or some thing like Gelson Verbe. No the monster the true monster in Gelson Verber was the ape with stars in its eyesWell this past week has been a good one for me in the reading department How often do you find uniue totally off the wall well written stories that transport you to unimagined lands Not often enough that's for sure And this one is a winnerGelson Verber figures he was born around 1860 Not surprising that he's still around honing his cooking skills and killing an occasional rapist or murderer since he's a werewolf hybrid 18 werewolf he thinks He's not sure because he doesn't know much about his past lifeHe's been in Portland Oregon for a few years and one day finds out that a major corporation knows ALL about him and wants to blackmail him into using his wolfish skills This upsets him to say the leastAnd Gelson's story continues from there I loved Gelson's character plus there were some others that were great fun to read about tooWonderful character development loved the setting of Portland a city which I am very familiar with This is a very sensory driven book as Gelson has heightened senses of smell and sight especially I found myself imagining the wonderful odors of the dishes he prepared I felt the rain on my skin as he cupped his hands and caught drops as they fellThis is also a dark gory story because after all it is a werewolf tale so be forewarnedThis is definitely a keeper for my library Great fun and I highly recommend itI received this book from Soft Skull Press through Edelweiss in exchange for my unbiased review

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Born in Missouri than a century ago and raised in a Pentecostal orphanage the creature now calling himself Gelson Verber has changed his name countless times He’s part werewolf and makes his living hunting certain kinds of bad men criminals rapists thugs in an often grotesue parody of the natural order Verber is clearly suffering from the kinds of things a werewolf would be uniuely vulnerab. Sometimes I like to reuest an Advance Review Copy based on the strength of the book description alone Everything Under the Moon A Novel captured my interest when the synopsis mentioned a serial killer werewolf Yeah so like Dexter but a werewolf I thought Well yes and no Gelsen Verber not really his name is a fascinating character A humanwerewolf hybrid who knows nothing about where he originally came from and is suffering from PTSD from WWII He can also cook a mean green chili stew and tacos and he likes to read He ingests massive amounts of drugs and alcohol trying to stomp out the wolfish effects of his nature and he also likes to prey upon society's undesirables He's good at it Gelsen finds himself mixed up with Salt Street a type of data mining company that knows his true nature and tries to bend him to their will As you might have guessed he's having none of it Here's where things get difficult to describe Gelsen is like no other werewolf that I've read about except perhaps Michael Gallatin from Robert McCammon's The Wolf's Hour Where Gallatin was a handsome MacGyver type spy in WII Gelsen is a handsome stylishly dressed MacGyverJames Bond type in today's world He's always prepared for any eventuality and if things get tough he'll just rip you apart Done dealThis novel was fast paced populated with an entertaining cast of characters Izelle I'm looking at you girl er boy er all of them fully fleshed out and three dimensional At times I felt like the plot was a flash flood and I was struggling to keep my head above water as the current carried me towards the denouement And then BAM straight into the wall of a dam There I struggledwith my mouth hanging open like a fool trying not to drownIn case you can't tell I loved this book Here you will discover completely uniue characters; some drunk some high some master chefs and werewolves but ALL entertaining Here you will find a story that wants to bury you in its darkness at times while at other times making you laugh so hard you can barely breathe Here you will find an ending that takes that breath away AGAIN I highly recommend Everything Under the Moon to fans of horror especially those who like their darkness peppered with humor and occasional poignancy Oh Also recommended to those who enjoy lots of bloody gory werewolf action Come on you know want some Thank you to Edelweiss and to Soft Skull Press for the ARC I received in exchange for my honest review This is it


Everything Under the MoonLe to in the modern world the horror of war drug abuse and isolation in the rain drenched environment of Portland Oregon He has PTSD but in a uniue way often flashing back to his time with a regiment in World War IIHis smooth life as a serial killer takes a turn when he falls into the crosshairs of Salt Street a development corporation running pirated criminology software and Big Data sieves. I'm happy I gave this book a chance because I did have a bit of difficulty getting into it at first I had to restart it a couple of times and I wasn't feeling anything for the main character and the word usage that accompanied the main characterauthor's writing style often left me perplexed But after I got about five chapters into it I began to like Gelson and where the story was going and I got used to the writing style And let me just say that the author has a uniue way of writing that I appreciate The author concocted a masterful novel particularly the last few chapters that I never foresaw happening I think my mind is still trying to wrap my head around how intelligent Gelson actually was and how I partially would like to meet him just to try his cooking that sounds like it would be exceptionally amazing but then the other half of me would want to run the other way the moment I saw him I loved what a sassy rude ass Gelson was He was funny and scary all at the same time I liked how the werewolf aspect was used in this novel The story is real world but it just so happens that the main character Gelson is a werewolf and I love that it didn't feel like a fantasy book at all Often times when you try to mix mythical creatures with realism it ends up feeling fantastical than real but this book did a superb job of balancing it out I also don't think I'll be able to get it out of my head of Gelson digging up stuff he hid in his neighbor's backyard all while being naked because not only is that strange but it also sadly makes so much sense because I wouldn't want to get my clothes dirty either and a neighbor's backyard is a pretty good hiding spot to stash stuff Overall this was a fantastic read