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Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Ragen Chastain This book is than just the story of a fat woman who managed to win respect and National Championships in the thin obsessed world of dance It's than just a trained researcher's examination of. I realize that I'm often prone to hyperbole but for reasons that will become clear I find that it's justified here This book is life changing Ragen Chastain takes 193 pages to help me look at my life in a whole new way and I feel that in the days months and years to come I will have reason to thank her over and over again She takes the revolutionary approach that we are entitled to respect in the bodies that we have right now simply because we are human beings who live in the World Fat thin anywhere in between or beyond those parameters She also takes the completely out there stance that if there are people in the World who don't like her choice that would be their problem and not hers For this she gets death threats Apparently not hating yourself leads to others hating you in a big big way Ragen Chastain is an athlete a championship dancer and a fat person She places in this book the results of the research that the rest of us and I include myself here are too busy or non detail oriented or just plain bored to do she reviews researches and reveals the pseudo science paid for by weight loss product manufacturers that pushes us to be thin at all costs and as a result supposedly healthy And don't get her started on the abominationabuse fest that is The Biggest Loser I've always agreed that this was a scarily dangerous show no show where a contestant loses 34 lbs in ONE WEEK is promoting health She then explains why weight and health are separate issues and why she has chosen for herself an approach of living her life using healthy behaviors and not bothering with numbers on the scale Did you know that BMI was created as a statistical tool and was never intended to assess a person's health Since height and weight only tell you how tall you are and how much you weigh and using a mathematical formula based on those two numbers only gives you a third number this should be a no brainer but no I thought that BMI had a basis in medical science I was wrong Did you know that three diet drug pharmaceutical companies and a high up in Weight Watchers were four of the experts who determined that the BMI valuation should change thus making 25 million Americans overweight literally overnight Did you know that it's a perfectly valid choice to love yourself as you are right at this very moment and not accept the stigma and shaming that outsiders want to throw on you This is huge to me I have spent uite literally my entire life seeing people in magazines who just don't look like me Being told that my injury inducing workouts and starvation diets would work for me if I just tried harder Never hearing from anyone including myself that I was beautiful just as I was but that I would be beautiful if I just lost 50 lbs Nobody has ever suggested to me that it might be a good idea to eat a balanced diet find movement that I enjoy and engage in that movement and love myself as I am without waiting for some magical later that would come when I joined the elusive 5% of dieters who succeed in their weight loss goals Instead no matter what I'm eating there are food police right there who are than willing to invade my space in order to tell me that those choices are wrong No matter how I'm moving there's always some dimwit who wants to shout encouragement like we all have to start somewhere when I'm on the 9th mile of a 10 mile power walk Ragen tries to shine her light hard won through years of difficult work She tries to give those of us who have been stigmatized and educate those with privilege the information we need to navigate this life There are practical and very helpful discussions of how to handle Flying While Fat how to engage or not in useful discussionsteachable moments when someone either well intentioned or not invades our space and describes how her journey is going and what she faces on a daily basisI am keeping this book I will use this book as a reference and a tool in my own journey I will recommend this book to everyone I love If you have body issues you need to read it because it could help you love your life learn how to choose what you need for health and happiness and retain your lunch money when dealing with bullies For those with privilege and with minds and hearts open to the experience of the 67% of us who have been classed as overweight or obese this will be an education in what we deal with every day of the week as shared by someone with wit intelligence and a no BS style of writing I wish this book and Ragen had been around when my mother was suffering for being born with a large body and I wish it had been written and given to me when I was a teen I might have avoided an enormous amount of pain and heartache and my mother might still be alive Paste my face on Ragen's as you read her words and you'll know the negative experiences I receive on a daily basis Unfortunately at least not right this moment you can't paste my face on Ragen's as you read about how she's succeeded in her life I'm not there Yet At this moment however I know that I am worthy of respect and even love just because I am I will always be grateful to this book and to Ragen Chastain for helping me see this

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Read & Download Fat AUTHOR Ragen Chastain Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò This book is than just the story of a fat woman who managed to win respect and National Championships in the thin obsessed world of dance It's than just a trained researcher's examination of the evidence about weight and health It's a book about l O change your body fight for size acceptance just live your life or understand and support your fat friends and family this book provides the insights aha moments humor and hard facts to help. Ragen's book is a gem full of witty essays on size acceptance and living in a fat body I really appreciate her sense of humor throughout the book and she strikes a lovely balance between sarcasm and facts

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Fat AUTHOR Ragen ChastaThe evidence about weight and health It's a book about living life in the body that you have now and making decisions about what you want in the future and how to get there Whether you want t. I have a special connection to this book because of what the author has done for my life I struggled and still struggle with an eating disorder that severely restricted my health and happiness One of the doctors whom I sought help from told me about Ragen and talked about her regularly during our group sessions When I finally gained the courage to change my perspective I looked up Ragen's blog and began reading and reading I followed her on twitter and added her on facebook Through connecting to her I have connected with so many other Health at Every Size activists health professionals advocates etc Learning about Ragen's struggles and her success completely changed my life for the better I truly believe that she saved my life and I will be forever grateful Her positivity especially her body positivity was so refreshing and it just made sense She is incredibly accomplished and well established in the size acceptance community and I greatly look up to her Now I am trying to pass on my experiences to others through fitness I am now a personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am working on my Corrective Exercise Specialization I started my own Health at Every Size personal fitness training business that grows a little each and every day I am incredibly proud of it because of what I have been through but I am concerned with how I can help others Ragen has set an amazing example of this and I only wish that I can help someone to the extent that she has helped meThis is an excellent book for anyone who has felt a shred of body insecurity As she stresses our bodies are something we have to live with 100% of the time therefore they deserve the utmost respect and gratitude Life is a miracle and I am so happy to still be living itIf you are interested in connecting with me check outMy website wwwSuitableWellnesscomMy twitter wwwtwittercomsuitablewellnesMy facebook wwwfacebookcomsuitablewellness