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Summary From Buddha to Jesus An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · “From Buddha to Jesus” is currently the second bestselling Christian book of all time in Thailand a 95% Buddhist country Now you can learn the 2 most popular rIssionary in Thailand my dad arrived in 1946 your book has brought new insight and clarified many things and is helping meus immensely in relating to the Buddhists So Thank YOU and Thank GODMarianna Erik ThailandThis book gave me confidence that I had a strategy Because we can start from a place of commonality instead of a place of 'I'm right you're wrong' This teaching releases peopleTim P ThailandA well written book with a clear and bold testimonyCanon James Wong Anglican Churches Singapore“This book has many great insights in it I would use it for our Bible College students” Dr Wayne Cordeiro Pastor of 10000 member church in Hawaii; who grew up with Japanese Buddhism. There are some interesting insights into Thai Buddhism here But Cioccolanti plays so fast and loose with the Bible and with logic for that matter that I have to assume he does the same with Buddhism I can't really recommend it

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Ssed wish I would have had it soonerDorothy H ThailandYour book is one of my treasured collection and I've been reading it again and again I love it so much It helps me to understand Buddha and Buddhism and draw bridges between the two faiths Keep up the good work and God blessMish N“I am a Malaysian Chinese I was a Buddhist I came across your explanation about Buddhism and found that was so true” Sulee MalaysiaSteve's gentle way of sharing his insight suits the Asian audience very well He has also broken some invalid preconceived ideas that Buddhists are closed to the GospelChing Wah SingaporeMy husband and I have been reading it and although I am a second generation m. Five Reasons Why I like this book 1 It helps me to realize that I’m not as good as I think I am I always thought I was a pretty good person didn’t kill anyone didn’t break any nations’s law etc but reading this makes me realize God’s standards and how I need divine help Only the proud cannot accept help 2 I can relate to it I tried to get rid of karma myself I used to attend Buddhist seminars received a lot of blessings from Buddhist monks even going to ceremonies to release birds and animals as part of doing good deeds etc Incense burning was a norm and going to temples All these I did but I didn’t feel any different deep inside of me Reading this book affirms that I am just like any other person no matter how much good I do I can’t reach perfection Only Jesus is perfect3 It helps me relate to Buddhists better I believe that Christians are not against Buddhists and vice versa The story of the Korean helps me to know how to talk to people that I meet and really helps me build a bridge with Buddhists and people of other faiths4 It provides me clarity on reincarnation I remembered attending a seminar where they claimed a certain baby was a reincarnation of a monk because the baby kept picking the toy that belonged to a well known monk I didn’t know what to make out of it and kept thinking what I would be reincarnated as in future Now I’m not confused any and know the real reason behind reincarnation5 It gave me results I freuently travel and meet Buddhists and people of other faith everywhere Reading this book gave me the confidence to go and talk to people and they actually identify and give their lives to Jesus This book provides so much practicality it’s true Buddha was a kind man but he was just a man like any of us and didn’t claim that he was God What I used to do to try and get rid of the karma or sin in me didn’t work only Jesus can saveI find this book non offensive and is well written clear and concise It basically answered all the uestions I had that was lingering at the back of my mind It also provided me with step by step ways on understanding Buddhism and how to relate to them Would recommend that you read it if you haven’t

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From Buddha to Jesus An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity“From Buddha to Jesus” is currently the second bestselling Christian book of all time in Thailand a 95% Buddhist country Now you can learn the 2 most popular religions in 1 book Widely acclaimed by readers who grew up with Buddhism and despised by a few Western converts to Buddhism this book is now in 7 languages Ignore the foreigner’s perspective and get the insider’s perspective on Buddhism the way it’s actually practiced by millions of ordinary folks “I was a Buddhist all my life I grew up in Sri Lanka a Buddhist country Reading this book changed my life” Alyosius Sri LankaI have been a missionary in Thailand for 40 years I read your book and was very impre. A formally Buddhist friend recommended this book to me when I expressed an interest in learning about Buddhism and I am so glad he did As someone from the US currently living in Thailand and only familiar with Western Buddhism I struggled to understand the form of Buddhism I saw around me I found this book very clarifying and helpful for understanding the basics and some of the spiritual darkness It particularly aims to clarify the difference between Eastern and Western Buddhism so the 5 stars I give it really come from a place of gratitude for the clarity I received That said this is not a book to pick up if you want to learn about Buddhism or even contrast Christianity and Buddhism It is a very short and to the point primer aimed at Christians witnessing to Buddhists I'd even argue specifically it is a short and to the point primer aimed at Christians going on short term missions with the intention of witnessing to Buddhists In my opinion this means you take the words with a grain of saltI love the book Peace Child An unforgettable Story of Primitive Jungle Teaching in the 20th Century and have studied the role of Jesus in the uran so for me this book felt like a continuation of my exploration of how the gospel reveals itself in other religions But again this is not really An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity Well it sort of is But it is a very select view with a very specific goal Now I cannot speak for the Buddhist portions but I did hesitate some with the interpretations of Christianity He tends to treat Catholic doctrine dismissively though I understand in the context intends to only address popular understanding and not necessarily doctrinal beliefs and his own doctrinal leanings come across uite strongly in his unualified support of speaking in tongues His approach to evangelism also echoes a certain approach in Christianity that I will not call right or wrong but an approach So with all those caveats I did enjoy this one I found it easy to read useful and interesting But I also brought a lot of my prior understanding and training to the reading so outside of direct evangelism I'm not sure what other contexts someone would want to read this one