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review Harpoon author C.W. Nicol Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ 19th century Japan where the thrust of the United States has opened a closed land — For a brave and noble samurai warrior like Sadayori this confrontation between East and West means making a choice between the old and the new and fighting to the death for it — ForTween the old and the new and fighting to the death for it For a daring seaman like Jinsuke it means entering the camp of the intruders to learn their ways and being torn between the beautiful Japane. uesto bellissimo romanzo ambientato nel Giappone della seconda metà del XIX secolo dilaniato dalle lotte intestine tra i fautori di un'apertura commerciale ai barbari occidentali e i sostenitori di una nazione isolazionista narra le vicende umane di Jinsuke baleniere giapponese il suo coraggio di fronte alle avversità la sua volontà di apertura all'Occidente la sua caparbietà di vivere e di amare in un momento storico così difficile per tutto un popolo costretto ad affrontare il passaggio dalle tradizioni secolari all'apertura con il mondo esterno così diverso ed emancipato Accanto alla figura di Jinsuke svettano uelle dei samurai Sadayori e Itoh che ben rappresentano le due anime innovvativa e conservatrice e le magnifiche personalità femminili di Oyoshi l'a passionale del giovane Jinsuke e Susan la moglie adorata della maturità

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19th century Japan where the thrust of the United States has opened a closed land For a brave and noble samurai warrior like Sadayori this confrontation between East and West means making a choice be. 11018 Entertaining informative anthropology infused historical fiction set in Japan Have read several times Perhaps my second favorite HF centered on Japan Shogun firstThe opening set in a whaling village depicts a hunting techniue much different from the American type whaling When the tale moves to a international environment some of my interest was lost in the re readsA useful non fiction companion read would be about the Shogun's reluctant ambassadorsShogun's Reluctant Ambassadors Japanese Sea Drifters in the North Pacific The book's back jacket message reads of Welsh extraction lives in Japanese Alps with his composer wife daughter an Irish setter and a pet bear Harpoon is based on research gathered over eighteen years and inspired by Mr Nicol's observation that 'the ocean for Japan was what the prairies are to the United States or CanadaThe below review copied and pasted from Kirkus is a spoiler suggest you get a copy of the book and then read the Kirkus commentary afterword KIRKUS REVIEWForsaking the Eskimo Arctic of his first novel The White Shaman 1979 Nicol forages here in a warmer civilized turf explored by James Clavell in Shogun But while Nicol's lush rendering of traditional Japan and its turbulent response to Western interlopers rings with authenticity the author lives in Japan his plot knots up and then unravels in ways foreign to the slicker canny Clavell Beginning with a sound and fury depiction of a Japanese whale hunt Nicol struts his historical stuff with verve and overdoses of purple prose Observing the hunt in the town of Taiji is Matsudaira Sayadori a samurai with a daring plan to create a navy manned by whalers to combat Commodore Perry's fleet then it is the mid 1850's lurking off the Japanese coast Sayadori admires the skill of a young harpooner Jinsuke; some months later after Jinsuke loses his arm and his self confidence to a shark Sayadori hires him to spy on the Americans When Jinsuke is captured by rival samurai and dropped in the sea to drown he is rescued by an American ship that ferries him to China There tagged with the wonderful name of Jim Sky he takes work on another American vessel and for 10 years sails and whales the Americas Meanwhile after several political upheavals related in a dry history book manner Sayadori is forced to become first a ronin rogue samurai and then a revolutionary who plots to rid Japan of the now entrenched Caucasians When the shogunate main support of the samurai is overthrown a last great samurai army converges An aging Sayadori finds transport to the army with Jinsuke who has returned to Japan as captain of a ship Sayadori dies nobly in battle; Jinsuke moves to Canada Of great sweep and some emotional power but overwritten and underplotted the tales of Jinsuke and Sayadori don't parallel so much as diverge and finally overlap resulting in a disjointed bumpy epic

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Harpoon author C.W. NicSe girl he has loved and left and the American woman he connot resistHere is the most magnificent saga since Shogun an epic of the clas of cultures alive with breathtaking adventure and riveting romanc. Very good historical piece on whaling and Japanese culture in the mid 1800s Met Mr Nicol in Japan at his forest in Nagano Interesting guy great storyteller