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How to Set a Fire and WhyA startling subversive novel about a teenage girl who has lost everything and will burn anythingFourteen year old Lucia is a young narrator whose voice will long ring in your ears She is angry with almost everyone especially people who tell her what to do She follows the one rule that makes any sense to her Don’t Do Things You Aren’t Proud Of Orphaned and living with her elderly aunt in poverty in the Jesse Ball is one of the most interesting writers around PERIOD He is fearless inventive and somehow manages to have a distinct voice although his books all have their own peculiar vibe I just loved the enigmatic Census winner of the Gordon Burn Prize 2018 and rightly so and while it would be apt so say that I rather admired than loved How to Set a Fire and Why the sound of its teenage narrator Lucia intrigued me To write from the perspective of a rebellious teen can easily take a turn for the pretentious and embarrasing but certainly not in the hands of this author Lucia is smart strong and fragile at the same time as she is trying to come to terms with the tough world around her With her father dead and her mother in a mental institution she is living in a garage with her beloved elderly aunt At school she is struggling because she is unwilling to play by rules she perceives as hollow this clever misfit is under a lot of pressure and didn't we all feel like burning everything to the ground at some point? Although still young she has no illusions regarding the workings of the world and feels a sense of futility but nevertheless she believes that people can be kind or at least kinder to each other if they want to but what if they don't? Lucia who always carries her late father's zippo with her joins a mysterious Arson Club and starts to write a pamphlet entitled How to Set a Fire and Why in which she elaborates on arson as a form of resistance against an oppressive system that values wealth and property above anything else This novel is held together by the captivating voice of Ball's narrator while the text itself digresses again and again it's part of the poetic concept and helps to unfold Lucia's worldview but I found it a little tedious sometimes I'm generally struggling with meandering narratives it's just not my thing While it becomes clear that Ball once wrote a book which is at its core dealing with uestions of compassion I found parts of Lucia's pamphlet slightly placative which put me off because the book truly shines in its most edgy passagesStill I absolutely love Jesse Ball and have the greatest admiration for his work and his world of ideas I can't wait to read whatever he comes up with next

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Striking intelligenceThe voice of teenaged Lucia is a tour de force a brilliant wrenching cry from the heart and mind of a super smart funny girl who can’t help telling us the truth a riveting chronicle of family misguided friendship and lossHow to Set a Fire and Why is Jesse Ball’s most accessible novel yet; after Silence Once Begun and A Cure for Suicide the pyrotechnics on display here will dazzle Wow what a book I can't figure out another author who writes like Jesse Ball does He suffuses so much artistry and philosophy into his writing and characters that his books are hard to classify Longer review to come This is a toughie to digest but I am very impressed and highly recommend it

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How to Set a Fire and Why eBook  Paperback ☆ hannahredhead Ú A startling subversive novel about a teenage girl who has lost everything and will burn anythingFourteen year old Lucia is a young narrator whose voice will long ring in your ears She is angry with almost everyone especially people who tell her whConverted garage of a large mansion Lucia makes her way through the world with only a book a Zippo lighter and a pocket full of stolen licorice Expelled from school again Lucia spends her days riding the bus to visit her mother in The Home When Lucia discovers a secret Arson Club she will do anything to be a part of it Her own arson manifesto is a marvellous anarchist pamphlet written with biting wit and This is my third Jesse Ball novel and I have to say I can’t think of another contemporary author who has such an original and inventive voice and style The best thing about Ball is that he’s no one trick pony the only thing his books have in common is that they are each wholly uniueIn How to Set a Fire and Why his protagonist is a teenage girl named Lucia who tells us her story through a series of journal entries The best way I can describe Lucia is like this Imagine Holden Caulfield if he were into arson class warfare and vigilante justice If that isn’t enough to piue your interest I don’t know what to tell youLucia’s father is dead and her mother is in a mental institution She lives with her 75 year old aunt who fully supports her niece’s myriad outlets for teen rebellion After getting kicked out of her previous high school Lucia finds a way to fit in at her new school she join’s a secret Arson ClubI’m afraid I’m making this all sound very dark but it’s not Lucia’s voice is hilarious sardonic and sarcastic She’s smart enough to rationalize her penchant for destruction insightful enough to clarify that while she doesn’t think there’s meaning in anything she also doesn’t find nihilism excitingLucia is a uniue new voice in teen rebellion convinced that what she sets out to do is right and just Most of us have been there before though hopefully not to the point of committing felonies Still it’s hard to feel anything but love for this subversive characterI recommend this book to anyone who is drawn to uirky novels from Chuck Palahniuk’s nihilism and anarchy to Miranda July’s peculiar tenderness