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Not long before Robin is relying on Adam for than just his testimonyAs secrets amongst the governors emerge and a second person turns up dead Robin needs to focus less on Adam and on his investigation But there are too many suspects too many lies and too many loose ends Before they know it Robin and Adam are fighting for their lives and their hearts See a. We need to talk about value instant mashed potato no wait go with me here Value instant mashed potato is the beige of the culinary world without a taste or flavour and dull when consumed by itself without anything else added not even a little salt and pepper But Paul I hear you cry why are you starting this review talking about a flavourless potato pap well dear reader it’s not that I have a passion for this sort of cost effective side dish but something elsecould this be a foreshadowing of what's to come You will have to wait and see I have always had a bit of a soft spot for a cosy mystery; when done right you have a classic formula for building just the right amount of suspense and tension with a setting or situation which is normally at odds of the violent murder filled with a tangled web of suspects who nearly always could have committed the vile act; while introducing you to an engaging protagonist or two who are sometimes flawed sometimes the unlikely sleuth or even the obligatory 'little old lady' But so shoot me for starting a sentence with 'but' in order for all of these things to gel you need to inject some personality to allow for the reader to really engage with the story and sadly this is where this book really falls down The MC is Robin Bright a generic detective character with an instant mashed potato personality and even after reading this book I couldn't tell you a physical description of what he's supposed to look like; I also couldn't tell you how old he's meant to be much of this later After being called to investigate the murder at a local primary school and also where the MC attended he meets our second and secondary MC Adam Matthews generic teacher who also happens to have an instant mashed potato personality and again even after reading this book I couldn't tell you a physical description of what he's supposed to look like or how old he's meant to be They start flirting but for the life of me I can't tell you why This book is confusing as I am not sure what the addition of the romance adds to the story; the fact that Robin has a affectionate relationship with Adam's dog Campbell than with Adam really doesn't help The fact that the first peck on the cheek happened at about halfway through the book and then no other real 'romantic' action happens for the rest of the book While this is of a cosy mystery I am not sure what the additional romance is adding to this story if NOTHING really happens with it So let’s get on to my biggest bugbear of this story the age of the MCs I feel like they are supposed to be in the mid 30s to mid 40s but they have been written in a way which feels like they are in their late 60s to early 70s Both Robin and Adam use words and phrases which NO ONE under the age of 50 would use there was a uestion Adam asked Robin about 'when did you come out of the closet' when no one would asked that uestion in that way I am trying not to put it down to the author being a straight mature woman but There is also the uestion of when this book has been set as it could be at any point between the 1980s and 90s However this then leads to further uestions over the openness of the MC about the fact that they are gay I know that it could be seen to be asking too much of a simple cosy mystery but I need to knowI won't go into the mystery part of the book but there again the loose threads which litter this book are also present in the final big reveal and it raises uestions than it answers After reading this book I have come to the decision that while I am a fan of a good cosy mystery sadly this book isn’t one of them If you are looking for a fantastic cosy mystery try any of the Fethering Mystery Series Mrs Pargeter Series or Charles Paris Series by the wonderful Simon Brett or if you're looking for a gay themed cosy mystery try Big Bad Wolf Series by Charlie Adhara or The ABCs of Spellcraft Series by Jordan Castillo Price As for me I think I’ve had a little bit too much value instant mashed potato for the time being to consider going forward with this series

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The Best Corpse for the JobTea and sympathy have never been so deadlySchoolteacher Adam Matthews just wants to help select a new headteacher and go home The governors at Lindenshaw St Crispin’s have already failed miserably at finding the right candidate so it’s make or break this second time round But when one of the applicants is found strangled in the school what should have. 25Oh how I struggled with this one This was work And we all know nothing we read that feels like work is enjoyable But I held on to a little bit of hopeMy hopes Surely the MC's would have time together Surely there was some romance coming Surely Adam would get affection from Robin then he gave Adam's dog Campbell No such luck folksSo true UghThis was a purely mystery driven story which is fine if that is what you knew you were getting when you started it I must have overlooked that part I like my mystery books with a good dose of romance mixed in with themUnfortunately I got next to none of it in this book therefore killing any kind of enjoyment I could have had

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The Best Corpse for the Job Free read ð 108 º Tea and sympathy have never been so deadlySchoolteacher Adam Matthews just wants to help select a new headteacher and go home The governors at Lindenshaw St Crispin’s have already failed miserably at finding the right candidate so it’s make or break this second time round But when one of Been a straightforward decision turns tempestuous as a flash flood in their small English villageInspector Robin Bright isn’t thrilled to be back at St Crispin’s Memories of his days there are foul enough without tossing in a complicated murder case And that handsome young teacher has him reminding himself not to fraternize with a witness But it’s. 35 starsI have never read Charlie Cochrane before However I was in the mood for a good ol’ mystery so when I saw this on Netgalley I decided that I wanted to give it a try I mean murder on a school in a small English village Sounds intriguingDead body count 2 Number of suspects fewNumber of detectives 2Number of love interest 1Number of internal thoughts not related to the murder uite a fewNumber of smart dog 1Turns out this is uite an enjoyable mystery Ms Cochrane presented a classic whodunit mystery by having multiple characters that could be suspects and they all had their little secrets related to the victims Due to all the lies the mystery solving moved a bit slowly – it was like the police had one step forward when they discovered the lies but then two steps back when they confronted the suspects Having said that it was uite believable too I mean not everything could be solved within hours like in crime procedural TV shows right I had uite fun myself trying to figure out who the murderer was By the way I did guess it right probably few pages before Inspector Robin did so not too shabby huhThe story itself was written from both Robin and Adam’s perspectives I did feel that Robin was the fleshed out character than Adam though Being a victim of school bullying back when he was a student at Lindenshaw St Crispin’s it brought uneasiness to him when he returned to ‘scene of the crime’ I found that an interesting back story In addition I thought Robin’s internal thoughts regarding Adam and how he tried to remind himself not to fraternize with the witness as amusing Not always successful but fun to read nonethelessMeanwhile Adam for me was a bit too bland He didn’t stood out compared to Robin and his background Adam was nice love interest – but heck even his dog Campbell ended up stealing the show especially on an important momentTo be perfectly honest I found myself enjoying Robin’s younger detective sergeant Anderson than I did Adam Anderson was fun and had a great sense of humor and he seemed to enjoy doing banters with his boss Robin and Anderson’s scenes were able to make me smile a lot Cheeky little bugger that Anderson laughAll in all it is uite recommended for mystery fans and those who don’t mind that the romance is not on the spotlight – because The Best Corpse for the Job is a mystery first and romance second despite the back and forth flirting from Robin and Adam personal note; meant for ME only view spoilerI did struggle with the tone of the writing It’s definitely my own personal hang up because I am always slightly uncomfortable with stories with British ism slangs tone etc Being an ESL I am familiar with American English due to the way I learned my English Not all British authors are difficult for me to read some of them seem to do just fine probably has something to do with writing style or word choice and sentence structure etc So as much as I like this one in the end I think Charlie Cochrane is not an English author whose writing style I enjoy hide spoiler