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C change in the nation’s economic fortune A rich deposit of valuable minerals have been found in the Hermit Kingdom  Coupled with their nuclear capabilities the money from this find will make North Korea a dangerous force on the world stage   There’s just one step needed to complete this perfect planthe elimination of the president of the United Stat SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW FOLLOWSFor a couple of years now I've been wondering how Tom Clancy is still publishing from the after life It turns out that Clancy's last five books were 'written in collaboration with' Grant Blackwood Peter Telep and Mark Greaney A little snooping revealed that the collaborationists did most of the legwork all of the travel and most of the geopolitical research Now Mark Greaney's published two Tom Clancy books that he's written has another one in the hopper and Grant Blackwood's published UNDER FIRE which he wrote I suppose they're written under the Tom Clancy legacy as well as the estate taking advantage of great characters Tom put in place; Jack Ryan Jack Ryan Jr and John Clark come to mind I was curious as to the 'watering down' effect of the collaborationists but I rated the twelve novels before shared attribution 467 stars on average; the six novels released under collaboration got 467 stars on average Pretty consistent so the students have learned from the master well The only noticeable uptick was Clancy books released before 2003 and I rated those twelve novels got 483 stars on averageFULL FORCE EFFECT is a really great read but Greaney followed the Zen master's MO; the hardcover's 3 thick and 671 pages I don't think that's a complaint because I stayed up one night six hours trying to get through the plot development to see where Greaney was taking it To make rare earth minerals the key to the plot was downright uniue but somehow believable so I salute the plot even though I had to wonder if any deposit of reserves in the world was worth 12 trillion So I'm a Jack Ryan fan though not as much as Mitch Rapp Scott Harvath and John Corey and it was an almost incredible read I was straddling the fence on 45 stars but gave it 5 due to the plot's complex but interesting trio of a North Korean intelligence chief a Mexican billionaire without scruples and a retrofitted MI6 Station Chief I'll put it this way; I liked it enough to read UNDER FIRE in the near futureSPOILER PLOT SUMMARY FOLLOWSThe North Korean Rare Earth Metals Conspiracy North Korea has become the Cold War Hangover bent on launching an ICBM with enough range to hit the US West Coast The insanity of the plan is the US will retaliate dramatically with extreme impact to their South Korean allies as well as Northeastern China Long hampered by the lack of natural resources and UN economic sanctions the DPRK Dae Wonsu Choi Ji hoon has hatched a diabolical plan based on the discovery of proven reserves of rare earth metals from a mine in Chongju valued at 12 trillion The Chinese were mining and refining the ore before a dramatic split appeared and the PRC technicians and geologists abandoned the site With the future value of the much in demand though not easily attainable metals Choi sets his intelligence chief LGEN Ri Tae jin on an impossible mission; obtain an ICBM with adeuate range in 3 years or die Ri's desperation hatches the unholy trio of Mexican billionaire Oscar Roblas and Wayne Sharps to solve the minerefining problem to get access to the cash from the rare metals Roblas commits to 500M in credits via his banking network and Sharps is to find and deliver the refining software and hardware and technical expertize needed to replicate the PRC operation Mary Pat Foley the US Director of National Intelligence is so keyed into preventing the DPRK from obtaining ICBMs that DNI has taken over Operation Acrid Herald also denying its existence Relying on The Campus Foley has the operatives surveilling a former stellar FBI agent gone broke Colin Hazelton at a secret meeting in Saigon He is met by a hot blond former French DGSE officer Veronika Martel but refuses to convey the package of data instead departing he restaurant as DPRK RGB assassins run him down and kill him The Campus guys kill two of the assassins then high tail it out of Vietnam Ri becomes concerned that some agency is trying to interfere with Sharps Global Intelligence Partners and has his agents across the world shadow SGIP operators to provide protection As Duke Sharps pursues and blackmails the UN subcommittee considering additional sanctions Campus kills two DPRK shooters bent on killing an uncooperative UN officer As the UN group vetoes the new sanctions the Campus operatives travel to Prague to find the Czech Foreign Ministry employee who provided passports for Australian geologistsscientists to travel to North Korea They find Karel Skala hiding and scared shitless only to be confronted by a six man DPRK hit team manage to kill four but Skala also dies Shifting uickly to Vegas Jack Jr gets the drop on Veronika Martel there to steal proprietary software for use at Chongju they snatch her smart phone just as the DPRK assassins attack Ri puts a parallel op in play planning to assassinate US POTUS Jack Ryan during a trip to Mexico City When a shipment of critical froth flotation tanks is seized by the US Navy from a freighter on the Yellow Sea Ri becomes desperate that the hit on Ryan succeed Buck Sharps has entrusted the Roblas Account to ex MI6 Station Chief Edward Miller who hired the best Iranian IED builder and sent him to Mexico well in advance The ambush is deadly but Ryan manages to live and escape and now he is pissed beyond reason when the Campus team goes to Mexico two days later and snatches the Iranian from Miller and ten Cuban DGI agents Adel Zarif sings like the bird and exposes the entire DPRK involvement in the assassination attempt Ri promptly commits suicide by blowing his family up at dinnertime but Hwang the Mining Corp Director is now holding the bag his death imminent Deep CIA mole Adam Yao has been at Chongju for weeks and takes Hwang and family to a pickup site where they are exfiltrated via drones Yao eludes the KPA until Ryan makes a trip to Beijing convinces the PRC of the conspiracy and they rescue Yao just as Hwang is making a broadcast to North Korea exposing the conspiracy Choi Ji hoon is dethroned and all is well

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Full Force and EffectA North Korean ICBM crashes into the Sea of Japan A veteran CIA officer is murdered in Ho Chi Minh City and a package of forged documents goes missing The pieces are there but assembling the puzzle will cost Jack Ryan Jr and his fellow Campus agents precious time Time they don’t have    The challenge facing President Jack Ryan is an old one with a terr Not long ago Tom Clancy died Like many of you I read each of his books as they came out I enjoyed the story of jack Ryan as he moved through the ranks of government to the presidencyIt was a sad day when he passed Other thriller writers have gone and their names continued along with others writing their series and or franchisesNow Mark Greaney has picked up Tom Clancy's fallen banner so to speak and he's doing an excellent jobMark Greany is one of my favorite writers His Gray man series is one of my favorites also and I watch for the man's nameThis follows Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan Jr as they continue to struggle with world geopolitics and I truly wish I'd aged as well as John Clark The action is still here the intrigue is still here all of it's here and if anything forgive me Tom Greany is not only as good as Clancyhe may be betterRecommended enjoy

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MOBI » DOC Full Force and Effect 9780553551983 FREE ↠ A North Korean ICBM crashes into the Sea of Japan A veteran CIA officer is murdered in Ho Chi Minh City and a package of forged documents goes missing The pieces are there but assembling the puzzle will cost Jack Ryan Jr and his fellow Campus agents precious time Time they Ifying new twist The international stalemate with North Korea continues into its seventh decade  A young untested dictator is determined to prove his strength by breaking the deadlock Like his father before him he hangs his plans on the country’s nuclear ambitions Until now that program was impeded by a lack of resources However there has been a dramati What Mark Greaney has done to the world of Jack Ryan is nothing short of sacrilege Gone are the carefully thought out and deftly interwoven plots of Tom Clancy gone are the multitude of highly detailed characters gone are the perfect understanding of the geopolitical situation of the Ryan universeWhat's left is yet another standard issue airport techno thriller and if I wanted that I'd read someone I actually like like Dale Brown