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ePub ´ Hellblazer The Fear Machine ¶ Paperback ✓ hannahredhead à In THE FEAR MACHINE collecting HELLBLAZER #14 22 Constantine looks for a way to reconnect to humanity — but how can such a man ever find inner peace? Constantine finds himself encamped with a new age pagan group that's tapping In THE FEAR MACHINE collecting HELLBLAZER #14 22 Constantine looks for a way to reconnect to humanity but how can such a man ev An ambitious story that was really good but the ending was a little flat Constantine hooks up with a group of traveling hippies to hide out because he's wanted by the authorities He's being blamed for murders committed by demons from last volume As it turns out one of the hippies is a powerful psychic and is kidnapped by a secretive branch of the government who is basically attempting to bring back an old god Yes think Cthulhu So of course Constantine finds himself in the middle of the conspiracy and it goes for there This was a nine issue storyline one of the longer storylines in the Hellblazer comic most likely I also had two things come to mind while reading this volume 1 This comic was ahead of its time as this type of deep storytelling in comics wasn't very prevalent back then I mean in the mature vein as epic comic storylines had been around a while It just felt unusual to read something this mature that was published then I think the comic revolution of 1986 had something to do with spawning Hellblazer That was the year of Watchmen Dark Knight Returns etc and the year comics really did start to grow up2 Hellblazer deserves credit as a series for surviving through some dark times for comics In the early 90s writing took a big backseat to art and you ended up with a lot of pretty superhero comics with no story Hellblazer managed to make it through that time period somewhat intact so at least some comic readers still had appreciation for storyOverall a good volume but after such a long buildup I thought the ending could have been better I'm still really enjoying the series

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Er find inner peace? Constantine finds himself encamped with a new age pagan group that's tapping into their own psychic abilitie This is the infamous book I borrowed from the Boston Public library approximately a year ago and never returned and now it is listed as missing and I owe them 20 dollars essentially blacklisting me from the library forever The reason I never returned it was out of lazinesstorpor and also because I do not live in Boston and cannot afforddon't want to go up there as much as I used to and also I got a new library card in Providence because this stupid librarian lady did it without telling me and I can't memorize my new library card number and the information that let me borrow books from Boston is not on the new cardIf I could have chosen a book to essentially steal from the public library it would not have been this book It's an okay Constantine story it's been a year since I've read any even though there's too much liberal posturing chintzy language and the artwork is terrible for the first part of the book I re read the book again today I started it a year ago but never finished and it's got some good ideas though as is common with a lot of Hellblazer comics some juvenile macabre bits I didn't much like the ending though which was a little too pat and left too many uestions unanswered Okay story though certainly not worth the 20 bucksAny rate I'm in Boston tonight and I'm thinking about swinging by the library tomorrow and returning the book not that it'll matter this late in the game Will I or won't I? The uest continues

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Hellblazer The Fear MachineS but a defense contractor is out to exploit their powers Is the company's aim just political or is it something much sinister? I enjoy writing detailed reviews for the sake of it but I can't write a detailed review for The Fear Machine because I kinda jumped through its second half rather than reading it I am not going to go back there to recall what specifically sucked about this volume; that isn't really necessary because its entirety was a disasterJamie Delano's bad narration as at its max in The Fear Machine I swear to God those boxes talk a lot but they don't say a damn thing IT IS JUST NONSENSE I have no idea how he manages to write so much text without forming a single meaningful sentence Reading this volume hurt me not only of boredom but it also hurt my brainThis is only the 14th issue Constantine was debuted only a few months ago and he was debuted as the asshole trickster he is today suddenly Jamie decided to experiment with his creation how about turning the self confident demon trickster into a self destructive nomad? if you want to learn how this idea turned out then you should definitely check out The Fear Machine but I urge you not toSPOILERS from what I could recall about the Fear MachineConstantine was for some reason walking alone in the countryside and he was picked up by a telepathic girl The girl takes him to her group of travelers and Constantine the man who wanted nothing but to be left alone in his house back at issue #1 is now a traveler with some people he never met before Sometime later the telepathic girl is kidnapped by some assholes who want to use her telepathic abilities to build the FEAR MACHINE in big bold red letters like a classic horror film Now without using a single magical trick or talking to a single demon or doing anything you expect from Constantine the story is resolved Yep that is all I can tell you about THE FEAR MACHINE Actually I can also tell you that the girl freed herself at the end Constantine didn't even contribute to that unless crying himself in pity counts as something