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PDF À BOOK Hellblazer War Lord FREE Ð JOHN SHIRLEY Ê Englishman and amoral occultist John Constantine has been out of sorts lately disconnected from himselfand this time not from another bender but uite literally as his soul is cast adrift during a fouled up spiritual uest in an Iranian monastery Now rescued and recruiNspiracy For the secret cabal known as the Servants of Transfiguration has set in motion a horrifying plot to raise the ancient demon god known as the War Lord and bring about a last great war that will annihilate everything on Ear Not the best John Constantine story out there but better than anything being foisted on us in the tv version Its biggest problem is simply that Shirley doesn't seem to have his own vision of JC instead writing one that sounds now like Delano now like Ennis now like Carey now like Azzarello while he's clearly read all the comics it feels like he hadn't finished digesting them before he started this book

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Englishman and amoral occultist John Constantine has been out of sorts lately disconnected from himselfand this time not from another bender but uite literally as his soul is cast adrift during a fouled up spiritual uest in an Iran War Lord manages to be shockingly dark and laugh out loud funny in various parts John Constantine is an amusing and fascinating fellow in this book He gives out this vibe of the bumbling ineffectual who could give a flip about anything However his ability with magics and the arcane is inestimable A drunk chain smoker and a bit of a lecher His sense of morality doesn't seem to fit into the boxes that you might usually ascribe characters However he does have a sense of honor just believes in doing things his own way All in all hard to pin down and not one to be taken for grantedThe storyline itself is very harsh It's about war and the fact that many use war to profit That's no secret but seeing it written down on paper emphasizes the wrongness of glorifying in human suffering causing it for one's own ends In this case a dark cabal is stirring up violence to awake an ancient War Lord to bring about the apocalypse so they can rule However that's not going to go over well not with Constantine on the opposite side even if he dislikes the fact that he has to choose sidesI found myself laughing at some of the admittedly coarse humor But it was very funny I loved the side joke in which Constantine remarks about the parallel worlds that exist one in which he has black hair and wears a black coat and lives in Los Angeles That might sound familiar to some folks Some parts are off putting even repulsive The dark magics are rather disturbing in the fact that some folks might choose to go down those roads However those who like reading fiction about the arcane and esoteric might appreciate this book There's even a cameo by a descendant of Aleister Crowley Some stuff went over my head as far as the Hidden World but I'm okay with thatI can't give it a high rating because it has a very slow start and the pace was too uneven in parts Not to mention the fact that the atrocities committed to see the dark purposes of the cabal to fruition didn't sit right with me even though they make sense for this book However it was a good read and I enjoyed it So it's easily 3550 stars

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Hellblazer War LordIan monastery Now rescued and recruited by an agent for the Hidden World the supernatural realm that exists far beyond everyday mortal awareness Constantine and his extraordinary allies are forcibly dragged into a globe spanning co I read this book in 2006 when it came out but saw it on the shelf last week and decided to give it another spin as I re read several Constantine Graphic novels in the last year At the time when this was released I was very excited as Shirley is my favorite author and Constantine is my favorite comic book character Shirley was a great choice to bring this character into the prose world as they have a lot in common Vets of 70’s punk bands Shirley fronted Sado nation and Constantine fronted Mucus Membrane Both are masters of dark arts I think it is clear uickly in the book that Shirley relates to the aging dark magician who has cheated the devil and fought demons for decades in the pages of DC comics since he was introduced by Alan Moore in the pages of Swamp ThingShirley really went to great length to honor the cannon and respect the timeline Even though the book takes place away from Constanstine’s native England there is a neat prologue that cameos major Hellblazer characters like Chaz There are many excellent references to back story which add depth and ground you to the world Constantine lives inThe novel starts with Constantine astral projecting from the middle east you see he has been on a spiritual uest in an Iranian monastery His guru is a two hundred year mystic named the Blue Shiek who is murdered in front of him Constantine stumbles on to a plot by forces from the hidden world who are bent on starting a world warThere is a chapter early in the novel that explores the effect of war through a lens on the Ira war Considering that this novel was written in 2006 it has a time capsule effect that brought me back to the feelings we experienced watching the Ira debacle unfold on the news This chapter is powerful and intense – really could stand alone as an intense look at the conflict It raises the bar beyond base nature of your average media tie inThe characters and settings are really strong Some already existed in the back story but several are new including Spoink This character an astral projecting surfer mystic who has taken over the body of a former terrorist in coma is a very Rudy Rucker ish character Shirley has Spoink even give a nod to Rucker by name in the narrative Perhaps my favorite aspect is the disturbing presence of Dr Mengle being kept alive as a disembodied brain in a jar The scene that introduces this concept on page 104 is great greatOverall I think this novel is a must read for Constantine fans in general Warlord is a great John Shirley novel with a subtle message and as a Constantine novels it expands the character and canvas of the story very well Great stuff