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Khârn AUTHOR Anthony Reynolds Read & Download ´ 104 Ò The Horus Heresy is over and The World Eaters Legion needs a leaderTheir greatest hero Khârn lies in a coma– but will his awakening save them or doom them entirelyDs a leaderTheir greatest hero Khârn lies in a coma?. On the twenty fifth day of Christmas Black Library gave to usa World Eaters novel from Anthony Reynolds Released on Christmas Day as the final part of the 2014 advent calendar Khârn Eater of Worlds is set post Heresy looking at the fractured and damaged remnants of the World Eaters legion in the aftermath of the Siege of Terra Their primarch is gone the chain of command ravaged and rival factions are forming and threatening to rip the legion apart; the only one who might be able unify the legion is Khârn but he lies unresponsive in a coma after being pulled from the battlefield on TerraRead the rest of the review at

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? but will his awakening save them or doom them entirely. Post Horus Heresy look at the World Eaters not always viewed at the perspective of the titular character but different influential viewpoints in the World Eaters legion Kharn coming back form the brink of death is not too surprising wondering if Siege of Terra will respect the lore here or could there be retcons Not too bad of a novel though after finishing it now it feels like not much has happened over the course of those 247 pages

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Khârn AUTHOR Anthony ReynolThe Horus Heresy is over and The World Eaters Legion nee. You can read the full review over at my blog Reynolds has been writing for Black Library for uite a good while now I first came across him with his Word Bearers novels which proved to be a most fascinating and weird read and then continued on with some of his other work as he branched out of writing Word Bearers for 40K and delivered some occasional Horus Heresy stuff as well I haven’t checked out his Warhammer Fantasy stuff however outside of a novella he did a few years back The uesting Knight which proved to be a good decent read But he hasn’t had a full novel published in a while I don’t think which was slightly disappointing as I consider him to be one of the better writers writing for Black LibraryAnd then came Khârn Eater of Worlds a post Horus Heresy novel that looks at how the XIIth Legiones Astartes the World Eaters are degrading down into warbands how the Legion has changed in the aftermath of the failed Siege of Terra and the other changes affecting it now that Angron has gone and become a mighty Daemon Prince of Khorne leaving them all behind to do whatever it is they will Anthony writes a pretty typical World Eaters novel with all the gory violence you’d expect from it and it also presents some intriguing characters especially Khârn himself the most infamous World Eater character ever and also a major lore character Suffice to say I loved this novelThe Horus Heresy introduced Khârn to us as a simple officer Captain of the Eighth Assault Company and euerry to Primarch Angron being the only one who could head off his gene father’s darker moods It was an interesting look at a character who for years has borne the title of Betrayer Khârn the Betrayer most famous for annihilating a force of fellow World Eaters and Emperor’s Children single handedly on the world of Skalathrax soon after the Horus Heresy He is a mainstay of Khornate lore in M41 and has been so for years but for a long time we didn’t get a chance to see how he became that crazed berserker who was the most exalted of Khorne’s mortal ish followersWhen Khârn Eater of Worlds starts off we meet a stricken World Eaters legion that is being hounded across the void by Imperial Space Marines Angron is gone off on his own leaving the Legion behind and the World Eaters are bereft of any strong leadership since Khârn fell on Terra and though his body lives he is in a coma out of which the few remaining Legion apothecaries have not been able to rouse him The Legion needs supplies it needs some fresh blood to replace its decimate ranks And so it is that that the Legion fleet arrives on a world near the Eye of Terror a world that can serve as the base for it to grow again only to find that the remnants of the Emperor’s Children have already laid claim to itGoes without saying that there’s going to be a batter here one of the most brutal such battles in the Scouring era and that though the novel might start off with Khârn in a coma by the end he is most definitely going to be alive and kicking and hungering for some Emperor’s Children bloodAnthony Reynolds established uite a few elements of the Word Bearers’ culture in his Word Bearers trilogy He gave them an identity that was uniue among all of the other Chaos Space Marine Legions building on existing background and creating new one In Khârn Eater of Worlds he doesn’t uite go the same route but he shows very well how the Legion is changing from that of Nails crazed berserkers with a tenuous grip on their lucidity to a Legion of blood crazed warriors Many among the Legion have already fallen to the service of Khorne Lord of Blood and Skulls but a few still cling to the old ways Many have given up the white and blue of the Legion and have taken to dabbing their armour completely with blood to signify their new allegiance Many among the fractured Legion want to leave the unity of the fleet behind and go their own way since there is no one at the top to restore order no Angron and no Khârn