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review Dracula Rekindled Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ The Original Vampire is rekindled for the 21st CenturySome stories should never end Good stories leave the reader thirsty for The best stories can give us legends that leave a permanent imprint on the literary world Count Dracula is just such a legend; spawned countless film adaptatioShe bargained for and a renowned Haematologist discovers his ancestor Van Helsing was master of than just medicineAmidst a series of strange events and horrific discoveries lands are being bought up in Scotland; renovation work begins in a uaint coastal village to restore a medieval castle ruin Does the prestigious restoration and its new owner hold any connection to the dark events unfoldingAs a dark force rises a secret history is uncovered but could it even be believed A desperate hunt for answers leads to the farthest reaches of darkest Europe; has an ancient foe returned to threaten mankind once. I’d read Stoker’s Dracula back in school and enjoyed it very much I’ve always been wary of reading seuels written by other authors Let’s just say that I am glad I decided to buy Dracula Rekindled for my Kindle There is so much to like about this book The writer obviously has put in a lot of effort with regards to research and making sure the continuity remains constant He uses some of the original cast well in conjunction with characters of his own creation In doing this he manages to weave them all together in an engrossing story which held my attention throughout On a personal note I much preferred the sections that dealt with the original cast but that’s to be expected as someone who’s read the original I already had an affinity for them Still the characters that he does create are interesting and each uniue I found myself liking a few over the others The location changes a fair bit which adds to the excitement of the book I’m happy to hear that there will be a follow on to this book and will be picking it up when published Now what I didn’t like To be honest there wasn’t anything to not like in the book I do however have one or two minor nitpicks I found the social media sections to be a little distracting I read them all however didn’t feel like they added a huge amount to the story I would be happy to see these sections reduced in future work and actual writing Still it was a uniue twist and for the most part worked well The author on occasion does overstate things I don’t want to give any spoilers away but there was one section where we were clearly witnessing a vampire drinking “tomato juice” from a glass The author went to great lengths to tell us that all was not as it seemed For me it was pretty apparent that this was the case and I didn’t need so much direction here But as I said minor nitpicks These two points take nothing away from the story The author clearly knows how to write and keep the reader interested I’m a fan and will be back for the seuel for an impressive book

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Sic Dracula Crafted in an epistolary style and sharing the same DNA as Dracula Xander also succeeds in making the read distinctly contemporary This clever suspenseful story builds steadily to draw the reader into a place of much mystery intrigue and horror The ORIGINAL VAMPIRE has been rekindled and Buchan has created a believable Dracula for the 21st centurySYNOPSIS'Not until he cannot lose will he make his move His preparation will be slow and thorough Never again will he meet defeat by the same ends'A young couple find their plans delayed by unforeseen events A student's PhD research digs up than. This is not a complete book Ending with To Be Continued completely pissed me off I felt cheated To my recollection not a single plot point resolved Frankly I'm still too annoyed about the To Be Continued to say much about the rest of the book The books flaws wouldn't have been a problem if the damn story had actually ya know ended

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Dracula RekindledThe Original Vampire is rekindled for the 21st CenturySome stories should never end Good stories leave the reader thirsty for The best stories can give us legends that leave a permanent imprint on the literary world Count Dracula is just such a legend; spawned countless film adaptations inspired the 20th century horror genre and ultimately planted the vampire firmly in popular culture Yet in a world of civilized sparkling vampires Stoker's story begs to be continuedWith Dracula Rekindled Xander Buchan takes the reigns from Bram Stoker with a fresh seuel that remains faithful to the Gothic horror clas. I kept putting off reading this as you shouldn't mess with a classic novel such as Dracula I really wanted to read it but I didn't want to read it in case I was disappointed I needn't have worriedThis novel is set in two time periods 7 years after the events in Dracula and also in 2010 2011 The older events are laid out in journals and letters by Abraham van Helsing and his family members and the modern day events are in emails and texts and Facebook timelines So it follows a similar format to the original just updatedThere are uite a few viewpoints to follow and it can jump about a bit but the story is all building up to Dracula making a reappearance in Scotland after a hundred years of silence He has slowly been plotting his comebackThere isn't too much bloodsucking and murder it is suspense and there are some great homages to the original including a madman in a mental hospital eating flies So if you enjoyed Dracula I think you will enjoy this I'm sure the author's name is a pseudonym but you never know